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Hipkins to become next NZ PM – legacy media

Hipkins news

Legacy media outlet NZHerald reports that Chris Hipkins is set to become New Zealand’s next Prime Minister.

According to the report, Hipkins was the only nomination put forward for the leadership position at the time applications closed at 9am today.

Grant Robertson is set to be replaced by either Kiri Allan or Carmel Sepuloni.

Hipkins is not expected to make a public comment on the issue until after he is endorsed by Caucus tomorrow.


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  1. Haha this is hilarious! What an embarrassment! A manchild with a proven record of lying. Chippie.

    As for deputy- Kiri Allen – you mean Kiri ‘this is how you avoid OIA’ Allen? Oh! Another dishonest Labour MP? Quelle Surprise! 🤣

    One thing is for sure, us NEW ZEALANDERS are sick and tired of having people in parliament lying and running roughshod over our rights and selling our sovereignty and national pride out to the UN Zane the WEF. We don’t vote for THAT.. We ran Jacinda out of town and we WILL do the same to whoever is next AND their enablers. The National party won’t be spared either.

  2. Oh! I have just seen he was the only one standing for leader! That says it all. A bunch of underwhelming overpaid grifters and no hopers with only the person who drew the short straw to lead them! Absolute gold! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. God please no! he is a murderer. We need a snap election to get rid of those in the wasps nest. They are dangerous and a bunch of sheep. The have no credibility watsoever. hipkins is a disgusting excuse for a human being HELL TO THE NO, NO, NO

  4. This just reads like an episode of “The Weakest Link”! 😂😂😂😂😂

    I can just see Willie Jackson scheming to put forward someone with no backbone so that Willie and Mahuta can bully them.

    Careful Willie, you and Hoota have to walk the streets too and we aren’t afraid of you…..😉

  5. Napkins lol the man that stands in when a minister screws up the portfolio, jack of all trades master of none. Labour is self imploding, watch the rats desert the sinking ship

  6. Governments are all slave masters who work for the WEF (Claus Schwab), George Soros, rich bankers, big pharma and so on. We are the slaves and get treated as such by giving given orders and penalties if we do not follow them, for example, get vaccinated or lose your job.

    Governments should advise, not dictate!

    This truly is the time of revelations where the truth of what our society is and what our leaders are, is being revealed. Quite disturbing, but we have to know that there is a problem before we can determine how to fix it.

    I want to see politics abandoned all over the Earth and have direct representation of how we run our counties. For example, let’s have average people who do everyday jobs meet and discuss the trajectory for our society. Like in ancient Greece, “Demos Cratis”.

    • For such a system of governance to exist, it would require a high degree of national unity.

      This is exactly why they’ve spent decades eroding western religions, traditions and value systems. It’s why they import millions of third worlders into our countries under the lie of “diversity is strength”. Diversity is NOT strength, it is (literally) division – the precise opposite. UNITY IS STRENGTH, which is why everything being flooded into the culture about racism and intersectionalism and transgenderism and all the other ism’s, is all about dividing us up and keeping us fighting amongst ourselves while the bankers make off with the loot. They literally had the entire god damn planet fighting two world wars a hundred years ago for the same reasons. Same playbook over and over and over.

      Direct democracy is not going to work unfortunately, not after decades of selfishness and pseudo-intellectualism being promoted in every corner of our culture, not with the normies all stuck in their current state of MSM and university brainwashing, not with the drug and vaccine addled groupthink and stupidity permeating all corners of social media, television, radio, films, gaming etc.

      We may already be long past the tipping point IMO.

      • You are absolutely correct in my opinion regarding the “division game”. It is just like in the Roman Empire: Divide and Conquer! They get you to notice differences, and then they insert the hatred whilst pretending it is love.

        Everything done to us is done in order to polarize us so that we fight and conflict with each other rather than seeing the people who are the real problem.

        * Race against race.
        * Man against woman.
        * Hetro against Homo.
        * Religion against religion.
        * Culture against culture.
        * Country against country.

        And now the latest is vaccinated against unvaccinated. Someone from the WHO has recently stated that “the unvaccinated are a major killing force”.

        I think that we are being shown a movie in a sense. For example, we have recently seen “The Elite” flying to Davos in their private jets whilst they want to ban us from private car ownership. They specifically ask for unvaccinated pilots on their private jets whilst all commercial pilots were coerced to take the vaccine. They eat the best and most expensive food on Earth whilst they want us to eat bugs. They live in the largest and most expensive mansions whilst they want us to live in “pods”. They hire prostitutes whilst if we did that there would be flashing red and blue lights following us. In short and using a colloquial, these “Elites” are “taking the piss” out of us. Some of them have referred to us as “useless eaters”.

        The thing that “The Elite” fear the most is people metaphorically joining hands and not caring one iota about differences. What is happening now is that people are waking up to the manipulation and the “mind games” (the psychological operations) that are continually being played on us by our governments, media and social media.

    • If he wants any attention and respect he needs to come right out and demote both of them and send a clear message that New Zealanders of all creeds will not tolerate co governance and we will not stop until it’s GONE. The only question is how many will fail before they finally realise we aren’t having it?

    • My thoughts exactly. Mahuta and the Maori caucus will have a free reign. Watch for more racist policies agenda before elections.

  7. Not my Prime Minister!😂 I didn’t vote for him. Hipkins ,Labours dead in case you haven’t noticed or heard, your party flatlined a long time ago, but hey if a little boy from the hut wants to do cpr on a bunch of corpses, then you go right ahead. You are an unelected fill in. You know, a bit like pus under a scab. You stay in your lane boy, you can pretend to be in charge till October, live out your little fantasy of reviving the dead soulless bodies that surround you, then come October, we the people will tell YOU! who we choose to restore our nation. Then you will leave.

  8. Covid Response Minister Hipkins – wanted to employ the Mongrel Mob to hunt down non-vaxxed people and forcibly administer an experimental mRNA gene therapy by injection to them in their homes.
    I’ll bet the farm Hipkins has not had the injection he is so willing to force on others.
    In October 2021he sent Northland into an 11 day lockdown because three women crossed the Auckland border. Remember that farce?
    Charlotte Bellis, pregnant, stuck in Afghanistan, would still be there if Chris Hipkins had his way.
    Watch him. Behind that baby face is merciless little creature – the perfect Davos tool. He wasn’t made Covid Response minister for no particular reason.

    • 100% Jayden I agree. I watched archives of past parliament protests and front and centre was hipkins with a megaphone 😂 he said he was hit with police batons and spent the night in jail! My shout out is to nz police gang… if you twatted the little shit then… you can do it again 😂

  9. You better stick to running the country hipkins. Any and all moves you make to encroach on our personal lives, our farms, our businesses, our medical choices, our freedoms, and our children will be met with fury. That goes for the rest of you power tripping inept bas…ds down in the barnyard. Your repeated lies have ensnared you, we see you for who you really are! Wind your necks in!





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