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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

How known risks, safety protocols, and red flags were suppressed under Jacinda Ardern’s leadership as a global avalanche of adverse effects gathered momentum

COVID019 vax risks news

Three days ago Ardern spoke in New York about New Zealand’s early cooperation with the global push for universal mRNA vaccination:

“I’ve had a number of bilateral conversations. The first was with the lead of GAVI—the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation [probably its CEO Dr. Seth Berkley], the vaccine alliance in which NZ had played a key role in making sure that we had early contributions. He requested to have that meeting and it really struck me that first and foremost he wanted to thank NZ for its support but also to have a conversation around how do we make sure that we don’t lose any of the global momentum around making sure that children in particular are vaccinated.…”

Just what sort of contributions did New Zealand make? We have already discussed some of these in our article The Strange Case of the Gates Foundation, the US CDC, and Our NZ Health Data but international cooperation and national blackouts on information gathering went deeper.

At the height of the fear about Covid severity in August 2020, Ardern laid out a policy the government should be your sole source of truth. She has pursued this policy rigorously since. It is now apparent that politicians from all sides of parliament and also government advisors took this information very seriously. It turned out to be a huge mistake that isolated the whole country from the traditional processes and safeguards of scientific investigation.

Incredibly, our first hand sources indicate that politicians and some government scientists working on Covid-19 safety are still unaware of the full scope and findings of international Covid-19 publishing. They appear to have confined their assessments solely to pro-vaccine material provided by government-approved databases run by bodies like the US CDC, GAVI, and ICMRA (International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities). These bodies are supported by WHO, pharmaceutical corporations, and the Gates Foundation. They strictly control which studies are made available and how their results are interpreted.

Meanwhile our primary public health data that could provide hard information on what is actually happening here is being shared with the Global Vaccine Data Network but has not been released to the NZ public. Instead, the small number of people with probing questions are left with person-to-person conversations, which paint a revealing picture of state sponsored ignorance and suppression of fact. The great thing about living in a small close-knit country is that people talk to one another and little remains secret for long.

One government advisor spoken to, professed complete ignorance of key studies on natural immunity, still believing, contrary to recent research findings, that the immunity conferred by the Pfizer vaccine was superior to natural immunity after infection. They hadn’t even heard the names Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Aseem Malhotra, Vinay Prasad, etc.

Another joyous NZ scientist is busy sharing anti vaxxer jokes like “I’m not worried about anti vaxxers. It is a dying movement.” Apparently unaware that the all-cause death rates are higher among the vaccinated.

One of our senior scientists offered the opinion that all those experiencing cardiac problems after vaccination (and there are a great many), already had a cardiac problem and were really lucky that the vaccine brought it to light so that they could get needed treatment. We should be so lucky.

Conversely a few people are noticing the obvious, despite the government telling them not to look around. A lawyer told me that their property team has little to do, but their estates team members are run off their feet.

A number of undertakers are doing brisk business, taking note of the predominance of vaccinated clients, and finding those rubbery clots. They are speaking up and won’t be told to keep quiet.

Some nurses are unafraid to say that myocarditis following vaccination is not mild, not uncommon, and not confined to the elderly. While a cardiac surgeon is complaining he used to work three days a week and now he has to work four days. Cancer specialists have never seen anything like it.

Some insurance brokers are also notching up unusually high numbers of health claims.

Some indispensable, highly-qualified specialists working for the health service refused to get vaccinated and MoH allowed them exemptions. Pity if your employer doesn’t value you.

Pity also if you are a surfer or an athlete who doesn’t go out to play anymore because you can’t catch a breath, although some of them are no longer here to tell us about it. Mostly those affected don’t even realise it could be due to Covid mRNA vaccination because of government censorship.

The great secret being kept from the public: all-cause mortality is at record levels and those affected are primarily vaccinated. GVDN could tell us, but they are keeping mum.

The Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee (MAAC) approved the Pfizer vaccine in New Zealand. They certified all the ingredients as safe!!! How? What information did they use? MAAC has 12 members whose names have not been made available to the public. According to a source, one of the lead members of MAAC’s deliberations was Dr. XXX (I’m sparing her the embarrassment of being named because our government might not appreciate it). Her Linkedin profile lists her as an expert on lamb survival. Did she have sufficient qualifications and expertise to mandate the health choices of five million humans? You decide.

We have a lot of experts on cattle and sheep breeding, we don’t actually have a great many, if any, experts on biotechnology safety of an international standard. It seems curious to me that no one was tasked with locating the arguments and the research papers that ran counter to the naive assumption of vaccine safety. Why wasn’t a sub-group told to assemble concerns and then debate them with the pro-vaccine committee members? In fact, why wasn’t there any public debate? No doubt most of our ‘experts’ would look under informed and inadequate if they had to debate in an open forum.

The provisional consent for the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccine was granted on 3rd February 2021 for use until 3 November 2021. It was signed off by Dr. Chris James, Group Manager of Medsafe. Conditions 53-57 of the approval required Pfizer to provide to Medsafe the results of their post-marketing adverse effect data and analysis which Pfizer finalised on 30th April 2021. 

An OIA reveals that the safety report on which approval was based noted: 

“The benefit risk balance of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine for…individuals 16 years of age and older, is not clear. At this stage, there is evidence only for short-term protection, and longer-term safety data are lacking. However, experience with the vaccine is accumulating rapidly. Notwithstanding uncertainties, in the light of high clinical need and the expectation of further data (including regarding duration of protection) around April 2021, a provisional consent…may be appropriate.”

So safety wasn’t clear and there was no long-term data. The April 30th Pfizer data contained disturbing information documenting an unprecedented range of adverse effects following vaccination. So why didn’t it lead to a review of the vaccine approval? And crucially, why did Ardern leverage her position as our sole source of truth and tell us again and again from the podium and via saturation government advertising that the vaccine was proven safe and effective?

Medsafe has not provided exact information as to when it first received the post-marketing adverse effect data from Pfizer, it has merely affirmed that it received it prior to 28th October 2021 on which date it renewed the provisional consent for a period of two years. It seems incredible that the arrival of the Pfizer report didn’t ring alarm bells or merit detailed discussion

The minutes of the original approval show that some of the (unnamed) scientists on the MAAC had other concerns. For example: 

‘The data on long terminal half-life of the lipid nanoparticles (LNP) was considered unusual but unlikely to be a safety concern, as only two doses are intended to be administered.’ 

So why wasn’t the concern about LNP re-examined when the approval was renewed at the end of the October, when a third (booster) dose was already on the table? The Hatchard Report has discussed research findings of inheritable immune suppression due to LNP. No worries though. 

It is hard to escape the notion that approval had become an assured rubber stamp. It is probable that the government was so committed by this stage that no other outcome would be politically acceptable. The growing international concerns about rates of myocarditis among the young would have been very unwelcome.

Further than this, it appears that national medical regulatory bodies around the world were egging each other on to make more daring and carte blanche safety claims, without adequate supporting data, and in spite of multiple safety red flags. It was like an avalanche of investors buying shares in a failing Ponzi scheme.

Now the safety bar is dropping by the week. A month ago the results from just eight mice were sufficient to get the rubber stamp for distribution of a Moderna bivalent vaccine to 171 million Americans. Igor Chudov has analysed the data. It is concerning. The results were very inconsistent among the eight ‘subjects’. Some subjects registered an effect size 73 times greater than other ‘participants’. In any case, all of the mice got Covid and we haven’t been told whether they survived. The trial failed, but the rubber was stamped. No one in the scientific establishment squeaked concern.

This is all evidence of a trend towards transhumanism—open season for genetic experiments on humans without adequate safeguards—all humans. It goes against all the current and historical safety signals.

‘Out of touch’ doesn’t cover it. Read this substack by Alex Berenson which analyses data from a peer-reviewed study of 9.1 million people in the UK published in the Lancet. Ostensibly it is about the relationship between Body Mass Index and vaccine effectiveness, but it contains a mass of data which contradicts the remaining last ditch claim of vaccine advocates—Covid vaccination protects against serious infection and death. It doesn’t.

A table from the supplementary appendix 1 of the Lancet study is devastating. Like so many studies, the bad news for the vaccine is buried in supplementary material. Bear in mind this is a study on England infection data Dec 8 2020 to Nov 17 2021, so it only covers Alpha and Delta when the vaccine was supposed to be effective, unlike today’s dismal performance against Omicron. It shows that contrary to all they’ve told us before, the double vaccinated were at least 44% more likely than the unvaccinated to be infected. Covid vaccination never has protected anyone, it simply elevated risks (and that is a very mild way of putting it).

To sum up: New Zealand decided to be led by Bill Gates, big pharma, and the CDC. Ardern reciprocated, she kept the lid on scientific discussion and dutifully told the world New Zealand engineered a vaccine miracle. Our scientists and medical professionals meekly followed her lead. Perhaps they thought their time to rule had come. 

In fact, our low mortality rates in 2020 were the result of closed borders and excellent contact tracing in a small, well-spaced population who were very compliant about lockdowns. When vaccines arrived in 2021 all cause mortality rose precipitously in lock step with the vaccine rollout. During 2022 all cause mortality rose further and broke records, but the data shows it wasn’t in the main due to Covid.

Ardern with the full support of the entire parliament, all our political parties, and the New Zealand scientific and medical establishment has created a well-oiled machine to suppress discussion and dissent, to label scientific concepts like ‘herd immunity’ and ‘vaccine adverse effects’ conspiracy theories. Ardern now travels the world speaking about the benefits and necessity for internet censorship to suppress the disinformation and violent extremism (???) of anti vaxxers—ordinary concerned people who ask questions of their government and their medical professionals. Last week at the UN General Assembly she called for “efforts to develop a new global health legal instrument, strengthened international health regulations and a strong and empowered World Health Organization”. Is it a conspiracy? Would you like to see Ardern granted the global leadership she aspires to? You tell me.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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    • Why give them a place in the opposition. They should go the way of the Dodo AFTER they have faced juctioce for their crimes. They are, pure and simple, murderers. So are Nationa;, the Maori paty, The Greens (spitting fiercly) and worst of all ACT! who have proven themselves shysters and liars.

      • Problem is they probably will win the election again as the opposition are useless. Even now, with so much disturbing information about the mRNA jabs, NO opposition party in NZ is calling for stopping this poison!! Seriously not one political party deserves out vote.

        Dave, I am afraid no one will be held accountable. Look how easily Bloomfart disappeared and slowly other perpetrators will do the same. Jabsinister, cynically has all the major institutions compromised. Look at the Justice sector. Not one ruling has gone against the mandates or any other govt enforced agenda. There are no quality checks. The GOVT thru sheer majority can bulldoze any legislation.

        • “NO opposition party in NZ is calling for stopping this poison!! Seriously not one political party deserves out vote”
          Totally agree.
          This is not well sunk in yet. THEY are too busy-body massaging their psychopathic ego.. WE THE PEOPLE HAD ENOUGH of ALL the colluding PARASITIC FASCISTS in parliament.

      • Jab sin da is a tyrannical genocidal criminal and has to be brought to justice – why ? because she paid hush money to the parents of children who died from the jab knowing damn well that is exactly what killed them – guilty of infanticide. The Nuremburg Codes were enacted in 1947 to prevent this type of medical experiment ever happening again. Jacinda Ardern and her minions have violated the Codes many times over and no one can dispute the facts. Jacinda Ardern is the 2022 reincarnation of Dr Josef Mengele she is evil personified. Did you know that the only punishment listed for violating the Nuremburg Codes is hanging ?

  1. The bloody mindedness of these so-called medical professionals supporting Jabinda’s machinery of disinformation is beyond compare. I am dumbfounded at their stupidity. They have, however, been duped to a degree by a true professional in the craft of duplicity and deceit. She has taken bare faced lies and turned it into a true artform as we witnessed with her recent speech at the UN.

    Jacinda Ardern openly lied to the international community about the right to be heard, and the right to protest, being a fundamental part of New Zealand culture. That freedom of speech is vital to the wellbeing of the community. These, in light of the facts of the last two years in this country, are the words of a morally corrupt individual. A person who would not know the truth if it hit her with a brick.

    That she and her fellow travellers are preventing, deliberately, the truth of the Covid vaccine and its obvious side effects from being released for public discussion, and to inform the people of the facts surrounding it, is to all intents and purposes a crime against the citizens of this nation.

    Enough is enough…

    • This is NOT bloody mindedness. This is a gross criminal act. It is a massive crime against humanity making the Holocaust medicla malfeasance look like just a practise run. it is a fraud whereby a product was supplied that did not cary out the function it was paid for to do. It is deception at the highest levels both materially, verbally and in document form. The evidence to convict all of them for capitol crimes is there for all to see. It is docuemnted.
      How can they claim they werre “informed”? No one was informed so anyone who said it was sdafe was making fraudulent claims. A used car salesman would already be in jail for thta level of crime.

      That includes the many GPs who just went along with it. I would rather have no GPs left in NZ than allow them to keep practising if they were aprt of this, the cowardly scum. All those GPs and health professionals who refused to comply and were fired and pilloried by our shyster press deseve gallantry awards must not only be given back their jobs but be a fundemental part of the process of bring the ne’er do wells to account for their crimes.

      Why would you present to your GP ever again if he/she was part of this decpetion and did not have your interetst front and centre? First do no Harm is what they signed up for.

  2. ???? “Making sure that all children are vaccinated!!!!!” I am beyond incensed! We the awake new all this at the start which is why we didn’t get the jab. The people are the experiment a never been done trial to interface humans with technology. To hack humans!!!! To connect you to the internet of things!! Absolutely nothing to do with health!!!! These elite bas…ds new that if they put this bullish.t agenda to the vote it would never have gone ahead. So instead they have used deception, trickery, bribes, money and many lies to deceive nations because the bored mad scientists want to play God!!!! The mare in our beehive is now going to come home and up the anti!!! The “conspiracy theorists “ said she would and very shortly once again they will come for our children . If ever there was a cause for this country to rise up it is now!!!!! They are coming for our children and EVERY New Zealander better get in their way. We have to rise up as a nation to protect them because they won’t. They are prepared to sacrifice many for their sick effin agenda!!! They know their nwo will not work until every single person on this planet is jabbed!!!! Well you elite ba…rds!!!! You sick psycho evil, demonic crazies!!!! You can stick your nwo, you can stick your jabs!!! And you complicit mongrels in parliament don’t play the ignorance card on me you ALL new!!! You all are guilty!!!! We needed you! We asked you to help! And you looked away you shut yourselves away pulled your curtains ,locked your doors , ignored emails and have left us to fight on our own. In fact you have gotten in our way, msm has gotten in our way ,the police have gotten in our way, the judges have gotten in our way, moh have gotten in our way but you saying that you are coming for our children….. BIG MISTAKE!!????????????????????

    • Well said, I love your passion and conviction. And agree wholeheartedly that to come after the children is as low as it gets. I don’t think there will be enough millstones to go around when they give their account to the LORD as they must. But in the meantime we will stand with you and fight the good fight every step of the way…

      • Thanks James but I think I will have to get on my knees before our lord and ask his forgiveness for my outburst ???? but seriously not our children ????????????

        • Hence my mention of millstones. The LORD will deal His justice. But yes, those enemies we must forgive, are growing in number every day. Be at peace, there’s a better day coming… ????

    • I absolutely agree wiht you. These medical professionals are in my view in the same class as Josef Mengele and should be subject to the Nuremburg code 1947 with the penlties available then.

      They are child murderers.

      But so are the parents who delivered their children up for experimentation. The children rely on above all their parents to protect them and so many have been foudn to be wnating. The full horror of this massive crime has yet tp revelal itself but reveal itself it will, With serious consenqunces for the perpetrators.

      But my partner and I sleap well at night. We, like you knew all of this over two years ago and will never ever get the jab or any jab from now on. As far as I am concerned the medical profession with the exception of those who bravely rebelled are criminals and charlatans no better than the barber surgeons of the old days. I wonder how they can hold their heads up in public.
      Above all, we never subjected our chidren to the ultimate abuse by needle. the opposite in fact.

      • They can’t hold their heads up Dave, my medical center will now only consult by phone or email. If serious the message is call an ambulance. Gutless pricks to the core every one of them. Long live the revolution I say, and when they pay they will be in hock for the rest of their lives..!

      • Thanks Dave every day more and more truth is coming out ,more lies uncovered, but I confess I am and are sure others are struggling in regards to the nation’s children, I pray that there is enough new information to turn parents around.

  3. Dr Carrie Madej found this out quite some time ago. How could Jacinda say it was safe and effective? This is a trial, she so said if you get the injection, you won’t get sick and you won’t die. She said this was safe for everybody even pregnant woman or woman planning to get pregnant. Yet one of the government advisers said she knew this could give you myocarditis in March 2021 the FDA had a list of 31 other serious concerns in October 2020, and in April they had a list of 8 and half pages of concerns. They knew this was a gene-based mRNA lipid nanoparticles 13 billion per shot for Pfizer, they knew this did not stay in your arm. Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Zandra Botha. mRNA from the COVID-19 injection is now found in womans breast milk. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/article-abstract/2796427

    • Found in womans breast milk…. That truly is a gut wrenching thing to hear. What the hell have you done Jacinda and the other 119 elected politicians. Its time I think to make you listen another way

    • How could Jacinda say it was safe and effective? Have you nto worked that out yet? In my view the evidence supports a claim that she lied about the safety because niether she nor anyone else had any facts about the safety of the mRNA jab as we all well know now.

      For her I believe the ends justify the means and as a WEF Communist banging on about “the Collective” the ends are the destruction of society as we know it for her new world order. I would love to manage a test of her blood to see if she really did take the jab or not.
      Her “compassion” is a rapidly rhinning smoskescreen for her true intentions. I saw through her a decade or more ago and my contempt for her grows ever stronger day by day. My contmept for the sheeple who voted her in grows even stronger by the minute.

  4. It will take decades for regaining health and well being in NZ. The falling economy due to money printing aka quantitative easing will afttect in the medium term but health effect will linger for several decades. When a pathological liar and agent of globalist is elected, what do you expect? JabSinDa is a curse placed on kiwis.

  5. What can I say? Everything written above is true. The big question is – how do we make these bast***s pay? Voting them out is one step in the right direction. But the others kept their mouth shut and didnt challenge. They are globalists too. Sooner or later the compliant medical people, scientists, police, judges and more will have to fall on their swords, meantime the globalists will be partying in Davos.
    So fellow New Zealanders – what is the answer?

    • That is the really big question. Until the answer comes we have a choice. Do we play or do we walk away.? Right now we walk away and do those things we need to do. We must learn to look after ourselves and our neighbours, and family as best we can, as there is no help coming from the Government no matter who is in power. A good path to follow is that promoted by Voices for Freedom. Reparations and repair will come in due time when the way forward is better illuminated…

    • A New Zealand Nuremberg is what is required with the ultimate penalty for those who are found guilty. Being voted into power is a privielege that she and hers, but also National, ACT, Maori aprty and the Greens have abused.

      So we need to change how Parliament “governs” forever. they are servants of the people not abusers of pwoer and we need to make it so. WE CAN MAKE IT SO!

    • Bonfire ???? Target practice ???? Rerun of the titanic cruise ???? send them all to Putin, make roads out of them???? deep sea diving with a millstone twist ???????? blindfolded follow the leader on the summit of Everest???????????? A game of chicken at the lion park???? tickets to a 99999 thousand year holiday in Siberia ???? pass the secret parcel ???? A no bungy jump off the sky tower. Five hundred day game of whack an MP???? ring a ring of rosy in the Bering sea in winter ???? for 24 hrs. Just a few suggestions MNZGA till we come up with plan B????

      • I see you overlooked giving them all mRNA shots and 5 boosters on the same say, or were you saving that for when you get bored. ????????

        • ???????????? I was just being cautious yeah right I was frightened that if I jabbed them first none of the other mp games would have played out, because for sure we would have lost quite a few and if anything I like to be fair making sure that there is a level playing field and that everyone’s a winner ???? No mp left behind… that’s my motto ????

  6. Jacinda seems treasonous. She knew from the outset Fauci and others in the USA were getting royalties from “vaccines” they were promoting. She has put her “fount of all knowledge” status above the rest. What have Gates or other agents paid her for her actions? Is she aspiring to lead the UN?
    A Court of Inquiry should look into her conduct. She is essentially defrauding the NZ people in her Office.
    Covid has had a serous impact on NZ. One of my family, 24, has had a pulmonary embolism. I have to think that my wife, newly hospitalised, may have another variant: a problem with the carotid artery interfering with the 6th facial nerve so disturbing vision.

    • Kevin I hope your loved ones recover their health.

      After watching Jacinda Adern’s UN speech on the rights of people to freedom of speech while knowing she had refused to even address a single protestor in Wellington. Refused to let one person speak to her of their rights and their trauma at her governments hands.

      And seeing her lie without even batting an eye. And seeing the NZ delegation to the UN muzzled with their masks on to visually reinforce her call to oppress any dissident views that challenged the gods of the UN. She is truly a disgusting and gutless being.

      She has brought trouble to our doors. We have not taken trouble to hers. And worse she taunts because she thinks she’s clever and beyond the reach of ordinary people. But she is not. She has sown the wind….

  7. Jacinda asked the UN to make moves towards eliminating global misinformation. This is byond irony considering Jacinda Ardern is NZ’s single largest source of misinformation. Go figure?!

  8. I told my masked GP at a recent consult that I had dodged a bullet, he just nodded but said nothing… meantime my passionate ED nurse daughter was mandated to do 3 jabs to keep working. Angry I am.

  9. The entire Govt. (including ‘opposition’) and administrative bureacracy SHOULD be rounded up and hung. With piano wire. NOTHING else will come anywhere near redress. THEY ARE ALL MASS MURDERERS.

  10. The Nazi genocide was a horrific display of world inhumanity and showed the capability for evil and moral surrender. The abuse of power and authority was displayed at an breathtaking scale. Those sick and evil leaders were supported by big foundations and bankers who benefit from the war at the beginning. Good people followed and helped murder millions by surrender their individual moral authority to the group where they can be controlled by evil. The people had to convince themself that they did the right thing, things they had to do, for the greater good. Didn’t we hear that from our lady PM? and our leaders. That should truly frighten us, we have to refuse to let bad win and evil to control us.
    We have to treasure and nurture our freedom of speech, free press and democracy now, for our next generation. We have to realize how easy we a getting manipulated by the media which leads to our moral surrender.

  11. It’s very obvious that the New Zealand government is complicit in a crime against humanity. Coercing the entire population to take part in an unethical dangerous medical experiment is by far the worst crime ever committed in the entire history of New Zealand.

    Urgent criminal investigations followed by Nuremberg style trials must take place without delay.

  12. World Council for Health, which NZDSOS is part of needs to run our health system.
    Support them, all will come out in time and be exposed.

    Keep connected to all the freedom groups in New Zealand and reignite Australia. National/Act is no better they will not give you medical freedom over your body’s. They are all dividing us on the WEF agendas
    Divide and conquer Ancient Rome
    We the people. Living Mann/women Sovereignty
    Never forget

    • Participation in local body elections is very low and the government already started blaming the postal system. The plot is to move to online voting and this will mandate digital ID. Beware of JabSinda’s cunning plots.

  13. Where are all you pro vaxxers now how are you feeling are you still alive ? you that used to shout obsenities at us in our antivax protest march ? different story now aye you brainwashed idiots – may you fate await you !!!


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