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Hundreds of British police officers suspected of sex offenses – Scotland Yard

UK police news

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley also revealed all 45,000 Met staff would be rechecked for possible missed crimes.

London’s Metropolitan Police are looking into allegations of sexual and domestic abuse involving approximately 800 officers, Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has revealed. The statement came shortly after a member of the force, David Carrick pleaded guilty to 49 such offenses, including dozens of rapes.

Rowley revealed that 1,633 cases of alleged sexual and domestic abuse over the past ten years are currently being looked into. On top of that, all 45,000 Met personnel will be rechecked to see if any past offenses were missed, he said.

Carrick, whose case has brought a spotlight on the problem, admitted to six more counts of sexual abuse on Monday, bringing the total to 49. The officer is believed to have committed the crimes against 12 women across two decades.

Commissioner Rowley apologized to the victims for the Met’s failure to investigate Carrick for so long, adding that the latter “should not have been a police officer.”

“We’ve let women and girls down, and indeed we’ve let Londoners down,” he said.

He added the force is aware that the high-profile case has likely shattered the trust in Met officers among many women in the British capital, something 10 Downing Street also said, on Monday.

Rowley admitted the police force has not “applied the same sense of ruthlessness to guarding our own integrity that we routinely apply to confronting criminals.”

Questions were raised after it was revealed that multiple complaints against Carrick had in fact been filed with the police from as early as 2000 all the way to 2021.

Accusations previously made by the man’s former partner also did not prevent him from successfully passing the Met’s vetting procedure back in 2001. He even faced claims by another ex-partner during his probationary period – but the mounting complaints did not get in the way of Carrick’s subsequent vettings.

Britain’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman described the revelations as “sobering” for the Met and “the whole policing family throughout the country.”

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Source:RT News
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  1. What a surprise. In any case in my view cops lost all credibility during the COVID scam. They don’t represent democracy or even the law, they simply do as they are told.

    • Any and all respect I had for their profession forever crumbled as I watched the two year power trip unfold.

      The cops in Australia gleefully strangling unmasked women, pepper spraying 80-year old grannies from Darwin, grabbing teenagers by their hoodies and slamming them into the floor so hard their sunglasses shattered, marching through public parks terrorising people trying to get some exercise and take in some fresh air, running down a mentally handicapped person with their squad car and slamming their boot down onto their unfortunate victim’s head, faithfully doing the bidding of twisted creepy circus mutants like Gladys and Uber-douche Dan Andrews (two of the ugliest biological organisms to have ever walked this earth).

      And over here it was barely any better. Getting caught infiltrating the parliament protests wearing an ear piece (I know there was some MSM BS attempting to debunk this – STILL not buying it, sorry 🤷🏼‍♂️), starting fires deliberately so they would be allowed to unleash all their pent up rage on citizens exercising their (apparently) legally protected right to protest.

      And don’t even get me started on the recent shenanigans of confiscating a baby from his parents in a hospital ward in order to please an unhinged quack and an authoritarian dickbag judge who apparently can’t read or interpret the big complicated words on the Bill of Rights.

      The police used to be an honourable profession, not anymore. They’re the government’s boot on your throat now, nothing more. You’re supposed to see them and be reminded that the powers that be WILL use violence against you if you do not comply.

      Utter criminals, and the other crims out there recognise it too. Why else do you think all the ram raids and robberies and rapes have been ticking up lately…

      No one protects us anymore. Instead they target us with traffic fines, taxes, bylaws and complaints about our social media posts, while ACTUAL crimes run wild like Hulkamania.

      If you’re a good person and still part of such a corrupted excuse for an organisation my advice is get out ASAP.

      Rant over.

  2. Truth be known, there probably is a strong indication that this is probably an indication of more corruption inside the UK Police by the Freemasons, and their gang connections that traffic drugs, humans and launder money out of Cyprus, Switzerland and the British West Indies…
    Operation Tiberius confirmed this in 2014…
    Appointed London Mayor Sadiq Khan (who has more $$$ than the Royal Families combined, and is strongly influenced by Masonic / Globalist / Zionist Powerhouse known by itself as ‘The City of London’), has stated that he will NOT be inquiring into the memberships of Police who are in the Masonic Lodge(s).
    What does that say about compromised integrity?
    Prince Edward is the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodges of both England and Wales…(U.G.L.E.)
    The Judicial Systems of the ‘5-Eyes Nations’ will insure that ‘Justice’ will never be served to those who are not ‘in the know’ and considered to be ‘unenlightened and profane’. Masonic criminals and gang members who are working hand-in-hand with the Masonic Police will almost never be charged, and if they are, rest assured that such sentences will be ‘Home Detention’ or ‘Probation’, with the arrest record / criminal charges later expunged!
    A person defending themselves against bodily harm, or threat to life and limb are treated WORSE than a murderous gang member, and given lengthy sentences…despite the fact that many of these Masonic Police Nations signed on to the UN Charter that protects self-defence (UN Charter Chapter 7, Article 51, confirmed by the UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet)!
    Julian Assange, who has never murdered anyone, is treated worse than a murderer, with deliberate high profiling and the denial of proper justice, for exposing the Zio-Communiost Masonic Operations while murderers are once again out on probation slashing victims in public!
    The UK Police even have their own Masonic Lodge…similar to the ‘Fraternal Order of Police’ in the U.S., which is a Masonic cover-front.
    But, then again, look at the WEF this past week in Davos; trafficked female escort services were booked solid!
    Expect the same behaviours from the Masonic infiltrations of ‘Law Enforcement (Praetorian Guards) despite the fact that Common Law under the Magna Carta assigned no such entity, and was years later over-ridden by ‘Policy ie Police’, or Politi. This was done to keep the Peasants, Serfs and Servants under control, and to prevent uprisings (of which the Peasant Uprising had limited success…)
    Sheriffs were later appointed to uphold Crown Law, but only for the purpose of taxation, land evictions of the peasants & serfs, and ledger roll inspections in ‘banking matters’. Politi later encompassed the Sheriffs, and merged the two together circa 1310.
    Stay prepped, stay armed, and avoid the legal systems in the 5-Eyes’ countries!
    And- NEVER call the cops; you’ll end up on a trumped-up charge in the event you do not give any of the ‘Secret Masonic Signage’, despite you being the victim of a crime!
    In other words, they’ll turn it in on YOU with using the word ‘onus’….


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