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Hunter Biden Was ‘Drunk’ When He Brought Me His ‘Laptop From Hell’, Repair Shop Owner Recalls

Hunter Biden laptop news

The notorious laptop allegedly belonged to the US president’s son and contained emails detailing murky money-making schemes. Joe Biden claims his son did nothing illegal.

Apple repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac has recalled his encounter with Hunter Biden when the latter dropped off the so-called “laptop from hell” on a Friday evening in April 2019.

The excerpt from Isaac’s upcoming memoirs “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth”, which is to be released by the New York Post, detailed how a six-feet-tall man reeking of alcohol stumbled into his shop minutes before closing and asking the owner to extract data from three MacBook Pros. When Isaac registered the client, whom he described as radiating “an air of entitlement”, he called himself “Hunter Biden”.

“I then asked him for his last name. He paused and looked at me funny, as if I were from another country and how dare I not know who he was? ‘Ah, Biden’, he responded, with a sarcastic edge”, Isaac recalled.

Isaac went on to explain that he noticed a Beau Biden Foundation sticker slapped on one of the MacBooks, realised that Hunter lost his brother several years ago and concluded that he probably wanted to extract some of his memories from the laptop.

Driven by what he described as “misplaced compassion”, Isaac claims to have checked the laptops on the spot despite the late hour. One of them had sustained irreparable liquid damage, the other simply required an external keyboard to enter the password. According to Isaac, the drunk Hunter could not recall his password, saying that it was “f–ked up” and was something like “analf–k69”.

The shop owner reported that he proceeded to lend Biden a keyboard so that he could extract the data himself at home and sent him away before sitting down to work on the third laptop. However, when he was previewing the files that were being copied to an external drive, he reportedly came across some more confusing and “embarrassing” content than mere memories of Hunter’s late brother Beau.

Lots of Porn and Naked Selfies

It took only a few files before Isaac started spotting pornography being copied from the laptop’s drive. Used to seeing this content on clients laptops, its existence came as no shock to the shop owner, however, the sheer quantity and the fact that it was left on the desktop still “amazed” him, he claims.

At one point, Isaac recalls spotting a photo of the customer posing practically naked in only a jock strap, a red scarf and sunglasses (at night). “‘How embarrassing!’ I thought. ‘Who on God’s earth would feel comfortable with this lying around on their desktop?” Isaac wondered.

As the files continued to copy, the shop owner had the pleasure of seeing more photos of naked Hunter Biden “attempting to look cool while taking a naked selfie”. Some of them featured women, but more often than not it was just the president’s son, “as if he was having a love affair with himself”, Isaac wrote.

After several such photos, the store owner decided he had seen enough of his new client. Nonetheless, one last file caught his attention before he finished working on the laptop that day. It was named “income.pdf” and had a purple dot mark used in Macs for organisational purposes. This seemed especially strange to Isaac considering his client’s apparent lack of organisational skills. The file reportedly contained Biden’s taxable incomes between 2013 and 2015, showing that he had made as much as $2,478,000 in 2015.

“I was blown away. All that money and this asshole couldn’t spring for a backup drive!” the shop owner writes in his book.

What shocked Isaac even more was a note in that file saying that Hunter “couldn’t have lived on $550,000 a year” and hence decided to borrow money in advance, apparently from his own Rosemont Seneca Bohai investment fund, labelled as RSB in the text.

The laptop files were eventually seized by the FBI upon conducting a probe into Hunter Biden. According to media reports, the investigation is looking at whether Biden violated tax codes and money laundering laws. The repair shop’s owner, however, made a copy of the drive (since it was abandoned by the customer and became his property) and later handed it over to Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who later sent it to several media outlets.

Journalists later found evidence on the drive that Hunter Biden actively tried to capitalise on his father’s name and then-position as US vice president in his business endeavours. Joe Biden, however, has repeatedly insisted that he never discussed business with his son and expresses belief that the FBI investigation will find no misconduct.

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  1. Biden’s new “Ministry of Truth” has ruled that the laptop saga is misinformation and disinformation that creates threat to the “democracy” lol Empire has no clothes. Shameless propaganda and lies form the narrative.

  2. Yesterday the gateway pundit said the repair store owner who Hunter gave the laptop to said the password given to him by Hunter for the laptop was,,,,,, Analf-uck69


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