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Irresponsible and Dangerous: Comparing not wearing a mask to drunk driving – NZDSOS

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In a press release today, NZDSOS respond to the government’s reintroduction of mask-wearing in schools.

Full text of press release:

In its response to the high C-19 case numbers, the New Zealand government has doubled down on mask-wearing.

Is this because it is aware that any other covid-19 measures it would consider, would be opposed by New Zealanders?

Lockdowns hurt the economy and the covid-19 injections are still being pushed but only now mandated for healthcare (with increasing calls for these to be stopped too). They are of course still ignoring innate and natural immunity and not discussing ways to improve overall health. We suspect that the Prime Minister does not believe her own department, given her multiple appearances without a mask in the midst of throngs of people, both in New Zealand and overseas.

The only thing that is left in this charade of avoiding the virus at all costs is masking.

NZDSOS, after researching the medical literature and expert opinions both in New Zealand and internationally, has concluded that the risks of mask-wearing far outweigh any benefits. Has the Ministry of Health (MOH) undertaken a similar assessment and if so, may we discuss their findings with them?

Furthermore, we are aware that the MOH has not engaged a bio-ethics panel to discuss covid-19 interventions. What sort of government would mandate an intervention which does not fulfil its supposed purpose but which does cause harm, especially to the vulnerable (elderly, children, infants, hearing-impaired, those suffering from anxiety and PTSD) without engaging in a robust bio-ethical debate with all affected groups.

NZDSOS immediately calls on the MOH to pause the mask mandate until a full and open discussion can be had.

The mainstream media also continues to push the government’s narrative, wheeling out their chosen “experts” who spout the usual word salads about covid-19 and masks without providing an iota of evidence to back up their claims.

Surely, we’ve all seen masked drivers, often alone and with their windows up? The combination of raised carbon dioxide and lowered oxygen levels will impair concentration and could be just as risky as some drink drivers! Such idiocy and cluelessness and announced by a doctor for goodness sakes. This desperate gambit reflects poorly on all doctors, but we’ve had to get used to that from the government.

Journalists, masks don’t work can be harmful. What are you doing to New Zealanders, how can you sleep at night? Your Faustian pact with the government is being called in.
Educate yourselves.

Check out the resources on our website, tear them to pieces if you can. We would love to discuss all the evidence with you.

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  1. My son won’t be wearing a mask on Monday. The govt and the school (if they decide to police this) can get ????. I can imagine more absenteeism if they have to mask up again. Who can blame them. The last 2 years have inflicted a type of trauma on our kids they may never recover from academically and mentally.

    People need to widely circulate Coronavirus Plushies “jacindas manky mask” video to see really how disgusting they are.

  2. Also my son is turning 18 next year and guess who he ISN’T voting for?! Haha! Yes Labour will lose a lot of the youth vote LMAO.


  3. Jabcinda & Co are heavily drunk with power. They are driving the country now and we all what is happening to it and awit for the deadly crash.

  4. A preprint dated July 8, 2022, titled ‘How; long and effective does a mask protect you from an infected person who emits corona virus-laden particles: by implementing physics-based modelling’ concludes:
    Facemasks play an essential role in limiting the number of exhaled virus-laden aerosols in the environment, decreasing the risk of infection for healthy people, and reducing the risk of a pandemic. Based on our results, when the infected person wears a fully sealed FFP2, the number of emitted aerosols and viruses was reduced to 1/600 and 1/3500, respectively. Therefore, it clearly increases the protection time for the wearer. The difference observed in reducing the number of aerosols and viruses implies that besides the overall filtration efficiency, it is important to consider filtration of particular particle sizes to be highly relevant for virus transmission. Additional to the facemasks, the activity level of the infected person affected the emitted aerosols drastically. Based on the result, as the activity level of the infected person increases, the total emitted aerosols in the environment might increase up to 2500 times. This increase in the number of emitted aerosols affects the protection time, which is 300 times higher for the very low activity level than the very high activity level. This drastic change via activity shows the importance of additional safety measures in environments with highly active people. In the last step, we analyzed the effect of leakage on mask performance. Three types of masks were analyzed: surgical mask IIR, community mask, and FFP2. Based on the experimental input, the drop in the apparent filtration efficiency for surgical mask IIR is more drastic than the other two, leading to lower protection time. This result revealed that, despite the high filtration efficiency of the surgical mask, the leakage could diminish its performance. Besides the surgical mask IIR, the leakage for the community mask and FFP2 was considerable as well and reduced the protection time considerably. This result showed that as much as the filtration efficiency of a mask is important, the fitting of the mask on the face can also play an important role. In addition, the result of this study shows the impact of hygienic measures such as wearing masks and ventilating the rooms on protecting the people at risk of infection and their relevance for different types of rooms. The use of such a physics-based model to quantify the protection time of the wearer can be instrumental in evaluating new mask designs.”
    See: How long and effective does a mask protect you from an infected person who emits corona virus-laden particles_ by implementing physics-based modeling.pdf

  5. So my son tells me he walked into class today, everyone else bar 2 others were masked up. When they saw my son walk in maskless and the teacher say nothing, most of the others in their class removed their masks and remained that way for the rest of the day! power comes in unity kids! The best lesson they learned today.

    Cindy can get ????

    Maybe her parents didn’t read her the story about the boy who cried wolf? Could have been a good lesson for her.

    These Liars can’t scare us anymore. We’re onto you lot.


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