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Jail time for shooting pictures of politicians

Christchurch man Nathan Raureti Symington was sentenced yesterday to 2 years and 6 months jail for distributing ‘objectionable material’ and possession of a firearm.

Symington posted a video online which contained footage of him shooting images of politicians, including then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, with various weapons including a crossbow and firearm. The video was 1 minute and 42 seconds long.

Symington was also accused of distributing material related to the Christchurch mosque attack suggesting it was a hoax.

The 38-year old had since made a connection with local muslim community, and one member was in court to support him.

In sentencing Symington, Judge Kellar said the video was objectionable because it depicted acts of ‘extreme violence’. He said the harm caused by Symington’s actions was ‘deeply traumatic and disturbing’.

Despite mitigating factors such as Symington’s guilty plea, remorse and time spent on bail, Judge Kellar sentenced him to 2 years and 6 months imprisonment, and ordered destruction of the objectionable material.


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  1. Or- a female news reporter in the U.S. showing the decapitated head of Donald Trump…which was gleefully passed around the various Globalist / Zionist-controlled media sites…!

    Since when is shooting at a target ‘extreme violence’??? Or-deemed to be ‘deeply disturbing’ without audience input?

    Unhoo is absolutely correct; the system is full of exploitive, post-Covid, post-Christchurch Mosque multi-million dollar politicians who have used tragic events to further their own and their master’s agendas.
    Hypocrites indeed…!

    Or- how about the illegal prosecutions of Billy T.K. and Vinny Eastwood? Jail time starting on Monday?
    Probably…but no charges for those who punch elderly ladies at gatherings protesting the globalist agendas that further wreck humanity…!

  2. A man dressed as a woman that hits a real woman gets no jail.
    A police minister that drink drives crashes evades the scene.. no jail
    Countless meth dealers and users ..no jail
    Those who commit Domestic violence..no jail

    • The truth is Sean is what I would call a You Tube eunuch
      And ham strung by the fact that he cannot say what he really thinks
      Even if he wanted to on that platform
      Sean knows once he does this he has crossed the Rubicon and will incur ‘strikes’
      And may invariably incur the loss of his channel
      This may explain his vehement unrelenting attacks on those who he dubs ‘anti-vaxxers”?
      This may also be a cover story for having rushed out blindly oblivious like a good sheeple
      And being injected with a toxic possibly debilitating substance
      Towing the official narrative
      For a virus that has never been proven to exist
      Maybe he just wants to make the right noises?
      Nobody likes to be called an idiot
      Who would know

  3. Incredible how gang members who actually physically maim and traumatise innocent people get home D, but shoot up some pictures online and you go to jail? The system is screwed!

  4. Unbelievable. Crimes that hurt/kill or maim innocent people go unchecked but when someone makes a pollitical statement jail time is dealt.

  5. Democracy and free speech is well and truly dead in New Zealand. Keep supporting the mainstream media and mainstream political establishment and it will stay that way.

  6. We have the names of politicians that sold us out, now we need to record articles of this sort of judges, lawyers, police and any other authorities that empower evil and suppress freedoms. Hold them accountable to make good their deeds. FCK the NWO.

  7. Greater Sanhedrin – Nasi the Speaker
    Lesser Sanhedrin – Nasi the Mayor
    Judicial Sanhedrin – Nasi the Judge
    Its all J*****
    Political Economic Religious

  8. And yet, it’s OK for the Government Intelligence Agencies to sub-contract the photographing of ‘suspected terrorist citizens’ in public without their knowledge or consent, or a court order-FISA or otherwise!
    Such entities are;
    Able Security-
    Thomas Clarke Investigations-
    Planitir Technologies (linked w/ Israel via the Pegasus Software)-
    SST Pacific-
    Cubic Defence-
    Government Alphabets like:
    The ‘5-Eyes Spies’ pass info on about a person even if they leave the country that is documented to have harassed that person who has never been charged with any crime whatsoever, but based on their ‘political and social profile’ in the PRISM System, and the bullshit continues resulting in mobbing, gaslighting, disenfranchisement, social isolation (resulting from government agents visiting and warning friends and family away from ‘The Subject Under Permanent) Investigation and marginalisations.
    That’s what government is best at doing- just look at the CBDC system and Social Credit…
    Do NOT trust your relatives, the Churches or the schools, as these are great information gathering entities that gets passed on to belligerent governments.


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