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Joe Rogan Podcast: High Profile ‘Big Pharma Shill’ refuses vaccine debate with RFK Jnr

Peter Hotez news

Dr. Peter Hotez was a face of COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy propaganda on legacy media at the height of the COVID ‘pandemic crisis’.

Controversy continues over a proposed high-stakes vaccine debate between Hotez and Democratic Party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jnr on the Joe Rogan podcast.

The challenge from Rogan went out to Hotez over the weekend, with the podcaster offering Hotez US$100,000 to appear with Kennedy on his show where they would debate vaccines. The offer came a week after Rogan’s highly popular interview with Kennedy in which Kennedy explained (among other things) corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and the link between vaccines and ill-health. Rogan pledged to donate the money to a charity of Hotez’s choice.

Hotez’s claims and predictions about the ‘safety and efficacy’ of the COVID mRNA gene therapy have repeatedly not played out as unexplained excess deaths around the Western world continue to rise together with the number of boosters recommended by health authorities.

Other independent media players and medical freedom proponents uppped the ante with further pledges of money for the debate, which now stands at around US$1 million.

Hotez initially refused to take part claiming it would only provide a platform for Kennedy to amplify vaccine ‘disinformation’. Instead he offered to appear on the show with Rogan only.

To date Hotez has not accepted the challenge but appeared on legacy media MSNBC to describe the problems with debating RFK Jnr about ‘the science’, claiming that science is not something that can be ‘debated’ but was a discipline conducted by peer-review and presentations at scientific conferences and meetings.

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  1. There will be no debate, it doesn’t matter how much money is offered or discussed. None of them are willing to be challenged by someone well versed on the subject matter in a setting where their every blatant lie and establishment talking point will be met with a swift, “Jamie, can you pull that up real quick?”

    If (and it’s a big IF) there ever is an actual debate with any of these motherf*ckers, it’ll be under the strictest of terms:

    1) All questions are to be submitted to them WELL in advance.

    2) The debate will be held on CNN and moderated by some insufferable leftist c*nt who interrupts, mocks and generally shills on the establishment’s behalf on a constant basis. Joe Rogan (and anyone else for that matter) can forget about getting anywhere near it.

    3) Under no circumstances will the debate be long form, they reserve the right to cut and edit whatever they want as much as they want.

    If it ain’t rigged, the leftist can’t win it.

    (This principle applies to basically everything)

    • False, that’s not how courts work and that’s the only way we are going to get them to talk, in court, and the leverage will have to be ‘the last rat to talk takes the wrap’ and Hotze will be one of the first to rat.
      They won’t talk under any other conditions unless it is sanctioned talking points and accusations against your integrity.

  2. Surely the messsage is getting into the heads of people with children now. The evidence is in front of them, day and night. Why they ever let their children be jabbed with something they must know by now causes autism is beyond my comprehension. Are they that stupid?
    The allopaths who have gone along with – and promoted – the programme must know as well. I will never accept that for the past five decades they were ignorant of what they were doing. They have participated in the destruction of the young for money. They will never escape what lies in wait for them.

  3. Dr Hotez? Never heard of this guy. Rogan schooled him on proper nutrition, he left the show actually knowing something.

  4. Vaccines …

    Most children are given vaccines in the USA. 1 in 10,000 had autism in 1970 which increased exponentially to be 1 in 38 in 2018 (5 years ago). The statistics I have seen I believe are from the USA. Who knows now how bad it is now in 2023.

    Amish children do NOT have vaccines and have no autism.



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