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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: Journalists are not the right people to dispense health advice

Scientific journalism news

More revelations this week about behind the scenes manipulation of public opinion.

Melissa Fleming is a journalist who was appointed United Nations Under Secretary General for Global Communications in September 2019 just in time for the pandemic. In a recent talk Ms. Fleming spoke about her use of invasive behavioural science techniques at the UN to encourage support for the official WHO pandemic narrative (to view Ms Fleming talking, pick this video up at 47 minutes).

She reported on her UN program Verity which trained 100 scientists around the world to flood social media platforms with what Ms Fleming called the UN-owned science and to discourage circulation of material counter to the UN/WHO position. Ms. Fleming implied that bare facts of published science papers are uninteresting and need to be nuanced in order to give them the required impact.

Ms Fleming is no stranger to public relations journalism having previously been for eight years Head of Press & Public Information at the International Atomic Energy Agency. She represents a new brand of science journalism which seeks to reshape the narrative of modern science to facilitate public consumption and acceptance.

In so doing the obvious linchpins of the scientific method and process have been sidelined. Science is a process of experimentation and progressive testing of theories leading eventually to verification. There are many stakeholders in this process which often involves competing ideas, interpretations, or paradigms (scientific genres). It also quantifies degrees of certainty and conversely large areas of uncertainty.

Fleming outlined a brand of public relations/journalism which seeks to portray absolute scientific certainty, where actually there is doubt and a high degree of risk. The purpose is to satisfy the commercial or power and influence-seeking objectives of their employers. The ultimate aim is to garner public acceptance for products through promotion of an aura of scientific infallibility and inevitability.

No subject could be more unsuited to this modus operandi than Covid pandemic policy.

Biotechnology was well known to involve unprecedented levels of irreversible risk. The pandemic involves an evolving disease trajectory that was possibly created as part of a bioweapons program and a vaccine that derived from experimental gene therapy with a history of spectacular failures and adverse effects.

Describing the pandemic response as fait accompli science that was somehow owned by the UN and the WHO amounted to a take over of science, medical ethics, and human rights on a breathtaking scale—modern journalism allied with methods of social manipulation and control that were completely discredited by the revelations that followed in the wake of the Second World War and the end of the Soviet Union.

To pursue this agenda it was necessary to quash the actual process of scientific evolution by silencing even highly qualified scientists urging caution. Such was the success of the combined forces applying the new PR methods, including pharmaceutical giants, government agencies, social media behemoths, and international forces like the UN, that their agenda has snowballed out of control and the narrative has completely lost touch with the evolving process of real pandemic science assessment and evaluation.

Most of the world’s population have come to believe in the safety, effectiveness, and profundity of the new biotechnology vaccination processes because of the apparent massive endorsement of the science, but it was not actually science, it was journalism allied with behavioural manipulation at work.

I am beginning to feel very sympathetic towards the vaccinated. They have been the unwitting victims of the psychic numbing promoted by the UN, WHO and the global pharmaceutical PR machine. Actual science is trying to catch up with the hyperbole, deception, and control managed by media and government overreach, but we have almost arrived at a situation where catch up is out of hand.

The truth about this disturbing Orwellian agenda has come at a time when the weight of science has found that not only do Covid 19 vaccines not actually work but their long term effects are unhealthy. More to the point, an increasing number of scientists are admitting, albeit in some cases reluctantly, that the true extent of adverse effects is not only misunderstood, but may be far more serious than any previous worst case suspicions.

As we reported last week, immune imprinting resulting from Covid vaccination limits the capacity of physiology to respond to the new BA4/5 variants. It shouldn’t have been unexpected, studies completed way before the pandemic indicate that viruses evolve to bypass vaccines, especially if the vaccine is not that effective at stopping transmission.

The truth is that a lot of established science was simply forgotten during the process of formulating pandemic policy. The involvement of unscrupulous commercial interests and power seeking political bodies was in no small measure to blame. Unfortunately the push for the pharmaceutical/biotechnology vision of universal mRNA vaccination continues regardless. All the while the real basis of health is ignored. It has become a runaway train sustained by journalistic imagination and the wilful doubling down of medical hacks and governments devoid of the safeguards of traditional science.

In contrast, data shows that the unvaccinated are increasingly enjoying enhanced herd immunity following Covid infection with the mild Omicron variants.

As rates of cardiac events and all-cause mortality rise in highly vaccinated populations, it is increasingly obvious that the vaccinated will need a lot of help to get their health back on track. Early on in the pandemic a few studies indicated that taking care of your own health naturally is highly effective at preventing serious Covid outcomes. The implications of these studies urgently need to inform government policy

A lighter diet, a regular exercise regime, adequate rest, and some traditional anti-inflammatory medicinal herbs and spices all help. The help they provide is not marginal, it is stunning. I have reported on these effects in earlier articles. For example a study found that there was a 71% reduction in Covid hospitalisation rates among vegetarians.

If you have been bewitched by sophisticated techniques of behavioural manipulation into thinking that a pill or a jab on its own will guarantee health, you have been misled. Those with unresolved health issues have been most at risk from Covid. Many prevalent chronic conditions are caused or complicated by diet and lifestyle choices which can be reversed naturally and safely with the right advice. 99% of our health results from our own management of lifestyle, diet, and behaviour, but always remember, if you are feeling unwell, to also take professional advice in good time. A stitch in time saves nine.

Each successive generation innovates, but at the same time some vital areas of knowledge are lost due to the passage of time and the gap between generations. In this case discredited techniques of social control have been rediscovered and misused in a modern context. The profit motive has been allowed to overturn standards of medical ethics and risk assessment. Biotechnology innovation has come to threaten the basis of life itself.

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  1. Three jabs in one year is not a vaccine, it’s an IQ test. One which an alarming number of people failed.

  2. The psychological manipulation of the populace continues. My personal favourite was the use of fear of possibly not being able to get an erection if you caught covid.
    With 1.2 million or so cases so far, it would be interesting to know if comirnaty has miraculously stopped this from happening in all the vaccinated males.

    As you say Guy, the promotion of healthy habits towards ones own health was non existant in government saturation advertising. But hey, you could get some free KFC after vaccination in some places.

  3. West has removed any association between wealth creation and productivity. In the name of “greed is good”, the global economic system has beome a gambler’s den. So it is not surprising to see top-level appointments are made ignoring all basic necessary qualifications.

    NZ examples.
    1. If two people work in the same job, a person living in Auckland will be wealthier than a person living in Mastreton. Wealth is sytematically shifted to big cities and thse who are already wealthy.
    2. House prices are beyond the reach of many. Grand Robber created fiat dollars and robbed all genuine savings and shifted the wealth.
    3. Rowdy Trveor Mallard who should have been removed from the public scene is able to shine and is even going to become a NZ envoy to Europe.
    4. Public services are being cut and the outcoes are poor; child poverty, health etc. But the amount of money spent is growing beyond the rate of inflation for many years.
    5. Given the dire situation, immigarion should not have occured at a high level but it did. per capita producitivity has been falling steadily.
    6. Jabcinda has turned into a tyrannical poltician but Luxon is not condemning manadates and other policies. He will do the same thing.

    The examples can go on. NZ is just a colony to US like Australia.

  4. My heart sinks when I read this. How can we expect anyone in our society to act with integrity, honesty and openness when the elected government behaves like this. We may think we have somehow voted in a corrupt government but the government sets the standards and is the cornerstone of our society. What we are witnessing is the complete breakdown of our society and this is evidenced by the violence we are experiencing, ram raids, yesterdays blazer robbery of a jewellery shop in Takapuna and so on. The government sets the cultural standard and we have got what they project.
    It is beyond appalling and is representative of Putin’s regime and Nazi Germany. People will say this is a stupid comparison but wait, we are just at the beginning of things. Stealing our water assets and giving control to a small race based group – Puntin did this with his oligarchs.
    How could we let this happen? How could the people we elected do this to us? Oddly we pay them a lot of money.
    To have an agreement which endorses a fabricated treaty concept of partnership when such a concept has never been endorsed in a court of law or discussed openly is outrageous at best especially when it is such an important pillar of our society going forward. It is a huge, huge lie perpetrated by our own government.
    I now understand how a good, honest hardworking German must have felt in the 1930s with the rise of Hitler which was based on lies and subversion.
    And my heart sinks

    • Your reference to Putin are incorrect and probably influenced by the MSM propaganda. After the collapse of Soviet Union, russians were in misery. Oligarchs were holding power. View this short video https://rumble.com/v17uaz5-what-was-1990s-russia-like.html

      Putin slowly decoupled the control by Oligarchs and improved the economy and scoiety as a whole. Russia is on a self sufficiency path after Putin; the society is now more normal than most European countries. Most cities are very clean and people are more religious than the West. Free health care and education to all. Even though the interest rate is high, public are not burdened with debts at all. Per capita income may be only US$10000 but cost of living is not high. Russia is yet to ctach up its mana fully.

      Putin views the ciuntry as a cultural state; economy is open and not controlled. Oligarchs make money like in US or China but it is the question of who controls the real power and whether they work for the people or not. Putin’s rating is high within Russia and also Xie’s rating within China.

      You will be surprised NZ is rated worse in terms of safety of women travellotrs when compared to Russia.


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