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Kirsch calls for criminal charges against Ministry of Health leadership

Steve Kirsch news

Tech millionaire and prominent anti-jab campaigner Steve Kirsch accuses NZ health authorities of ‘criminal negligence’.

Kirsch’s comments follow the release of previously unseen Ministry of Health data by whistleblower Barry Young (acting under the pseudonym ‘Winston Smith’). The data and Young’s analysis were revealed to the public in a video interview with New Zealand Loyal party leader Liz Gunn over the weekend. Smith has since been charged with accessing a computer for a dishonest purpose.

In an article published on his Substack Kirsch called for charges to be laid against NZ health bosses.

‘The NZMH [New Zealand Ministry of Health] has a duty to investigate the leaker’s allegations by doing a simple analysis that anyone can do. It takes about 15 minutes of effort. I know that because I’ve done it myself on the NZMH data. It shows the vaccines should be immediately stopped. The NZMH officials chose not to spend the 15 minutes and not to look. There’s a term for that; it’s called criminal negligence.

‘They’ve been notified of a serious problem and they chose to look the other way. It’s time for criminal charges to be brought the leadership.’

Kirsch also accused the New Zealand legacy mainstream media of ‘being asleep at the wheel’ as they were ‘parroting whatever the NZMH officials say and not asking any questions.’

‘The New Zealand press should be asking the NZMH for the cohort time-series analysis so they can do their own independent analysis of the data and determine whether the NZMH was telling the truth or not.

‘Instead, the New Zealand press simply accepts ad hominem attacks with no data.’

Smith appeared in the Wellington District Court today to face charges relating to the leak. He will reappear on 18 December to enter a plea.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been edited since it was first published following release of the Employment Relations Authority decision in ISV v ZCM & Others [2023] NZERA 718.

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  1. The Ministry of Health facing criminal charges yeah? What about the Ardern’s and the misery they caused on Tokelau Islands and the rest of NZ? and those other lying through their teeth apologies of the human form Hipkins, Little Bloomfield, and their cohorts? You see they knew the damage the jabs were causing that is why the paid off the parents of the poor innocent little young ones that parents took to be (‘Vaccinated’} murdered, because of the fearmongering propaganda. At the Nuremburg Trials in 1946-47 they even hanged the media and those that pushed the propaganda. The same should be happening to all those involved in this War Crime the biggest mass murder in NZs history of its citizens even after counting all those lost in world wars. Remember us ‘antivaxxers’ that were keeping you ‘unsafe’ us ‘conspiracy theorists’ that you locked out of your Cafe’s? well for those that ostracised us we should be suing you for shedding on us. I don’t like to reiterate but ‘WE TOLD YOU SO THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO WHAT THE OUTCOME WOULD BE!!!

    • Yes my son and I were remembering just yesterday how people were excluded from attending university, from playing sports etc. I cut my husbands hair (big ups to hairdressers lol – that’s a hard job).

      I will NEVER forgive our medical professionals who didn’t stand up, I will never forgive the media, I will never forgive the Ardern Government and the majority of National who also didn’t stand up. They all breached our human rights and proved themselves gutless while those of us who remained unvaccinated for a variety of our own personal reasons were ostracised treated like scum.

      I will never regret my decision not to take that jab. I am so grateful I saved my son and husband from it. I can rest knowing that when they go out into the bush, or do physical work that they aren’t going to suddenly drop dead, that they aren’t going to mysteriously die in their sleep. My 2 older kids didn’t listen and were arrogant and unfortunately they may pay the price for not listening. It has made me realise that they don’t really respect me as a mother and ultimately that they are weak. It’s a tough pill to swallow but it is what it is. At least I saved one of my children and praise the Lord for that.

    • Overall population numbers have remained static because of the high immigration numbers. The population is being replaced by a more subservient one which is a UN agenda. Wake up NZ.

  2. The midwit groupthink bureaucrats running the M.O.H must now be regretting their decision to ride roughshod over fundamental human rights, medical ethics, informed consent and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.

    I’ll bring the popcorn.

  3. Good, it will be easy to prove that the charge is false.

    1/ Barry was authorised to access the data
    2/ all data released was anonymised
    3/ to prove this, a court case must now be taken against the Ministry of health for not raising alarm bells at concerning data that proved the vaccine was NOT safe, nor was it effective. This will enable Barry to ex-one the data before a judge and jury. Let’s see how corrupt our legal system is shall we?

    Barry is a hero. Thank you Barry for having a conscience which is more than 99% of politicians and our medical professionals in this country. It’s time our gutless doctors stood up and said something. I don’t trust any of them. Don’t mention the media. Disgraceful bunch of bribed sellouts. Defund the media, stop watching them and their bent narrative.

  4. If the courts don’t act, it’s time for another‘filthy river’ to the upside down or inverted barf bucket I.e. the fleehive

    • I have had friends and family who have died directly from these poison jabs how can that be a laughing stock? I hope you have had all your boosters – may your fate await you.

  5. The MoH had it all worked out during the roll out, vaccinators were told to listen to the publics concerns, credible ones, then the vaccinators were scripted convincing replies, unbelievably convincing.
    It’s a sad day that so many have been harmed or killed by pompous health workers who spread the lies from the ministry of health and you get trolls commenting on here who only have the most basic primitive thought processes that they think it was all true.
    The recent trolls are lashing out purely because that itchy hunch they had that the vaccination was too good to be true were right and now regretting it.
    I would be drowning in guilt if I had pushed my loved ones into taking it right now.

    • Eh, pay no mind to the trolling. I know it can be irritating as hell, but it’s very likely just someone working for the government trying to run interference and sow doubt in people who are angered by these recent revelations.

      They do this when they come across a website they cannot censor or have shut down. Next option is to poison the well by filling the comment sections with cheap insults and opinions so dumb they induce eye cancer. I believe that’s what’s happening here, it seems to only be the stories on this Te Whatu Ora leak that are affected, all the other articles on this website have been left untouched. That’s the dead giveaway. This brigading used to happen often on Reddit (before it became an exclusively left wing echo chamber) as well as on Twitter (before Elon rolled out the community notes), so it’s blatantly obvious to me.

      So yeah, don’t sweat it too much, let them make their stupid comments. Hell, try to have some fun with it if you can. There are so many ways to be an immature jackass to annoying leftists, you don’t even need to use bad language (sometimes). And it’s more fun than ANYTHING on TV right now.

      • Curious… what would you have to see to be open to the idea the vaccine killed more than four people? Serious question.

        There are almost 4000 pieces of research to date (most are credible, I.e. peer reviewd etc.) that show everything from the vax not working as advertised to it being the most deadly vax ever rolled out (61 times more deadly than the polio vax – so far). So serious question, what would you need to see?

        I showed an on-to-it mate a 470pg doc put together by a world class group of Australian experts last week. He thought like you but only because he’d never looked outside of msm and once he saw this his position changed to a more well rounded “hmm there might be more to this”.

        Happy to send it to you if you are willing to take a look. Likewise if you have anything compelling send it through.

      • 20 000?? From what??
        You’d have to vaccinate 20 000 to save one life yet, the vax has a death rate of 1 out of a 1000.
        You jab-junkies really are clueless.

          • And your heart muscles and arteries can stew in spike protein while you stay hypnotised by The Single Source of ‘’Truth”. God, you certainly have never read a peer reviewed paper in your life. A typical Low Informational, only believe what the authorities tell them. Its your ilk who empowered the Nazis. What an idiot!

  6. Still amazes me that Jab Junkies never noticed that flu cases went to 0 whilst the renamed flu went around doing its usual thing.
    Personally I was forced to have the jab as I would have lost my job and not been able to support my family and now I have heart damage. No doubt the jab junkies will blame everything but the jab for that, even though the jab is the only thing that was different in that time, beside the stress of a nut job coalition of chaos.

      • “GoT a LiNk fRom a mAiNsTream SoUrCe cOnFirMing tHeir GuillT?! Nope, didn’t think so! Checkmate!!!!” 🤪

        Lol, you d***

    • It’s true and it is tragic that people felt they were forced to choose between jab and job.
      HOWEVER, on MOH website is a legal disclaimer which (basically) states they do not guarantee the accuracy of information given on the site. NOBODY LOOKED THERE?

      So – on the one hand, whilst they were verbally saying the jab is “safe & effective”,
      on the other hand they DID NOT guarantee it , legally absolved themselves of any responsibility. (Suggesting even to get legal advice)
      Of course this shows the crafty & duplicit nature of what we call ” Govt”. today.
      It is merely a BUSINESS CORPORATION . The public have not awoken to this fact .

      I do wonder if people should have used this govt legal disclaimer to challenge their employer ?!
      Maybe getting legal advice on this could have prevented loss of job??? !!!
      Any thoughts anyone?


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