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@kissthefloor’s warning to Jacinda Ardern: ‘The Prime Minister that divided the nation’

A poignant message that reflects the mood of the nation

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Popular Tik Tok account @kissthefloor has a stark warning for Jacinda Ardern.

@kissthefloor has just over 160,000 followers on Tik Tok, and some of his videos attract close to half a million views. His videos are a mix of his personal experiences and advice, and have attracted a huge following because he gives an intelligent and insightful view on issues many hard working kiwis from all backgrounds face today.

The video is below but here’s a transcript of what he says:

Your lasting legacy as a Prime Minister will be the Prime Minister that divided the nation, a leader who created the most division and the most discrimination in all of New Zealand’s history. It’s obvious that your ‘Be Kind’ catch phrase was nothing more than just an act. There is nothing kind when you’ve got family turning against family, employers against employees, friends against friends, South Island against North Island, everybody against Auckland.

The traffic light system that you’ve announced, you might as well just call it the segregation system because that’s exactly what it is. To hear the Prime Minister say ‘If you want summer, if you want a haircut, if you want to go to the gym get vaccinated. If you don’t these are the things you’ll miss out on.’

Now when I hear that it reminds me of a moment in history where the German government leader declared that if you’re marked as a jew, you no longer have any access to facilities or businesses. Once upon a time, a society segregated the blacks against the whites. Today, it’s the non-vaxxed against the vaxxed. You’re marginalising a section of New Zealand based on an individual’s personal choice, a choice that is protected under the New Zealand Bill of Rights. This has little to do with COVID, but everything about your freedom of choice.

Let’s say when COVID’s gone in a couple of years time, the government, they don’t care about you, they’re moving onto the next issue. How many ties have already been broken? Friends, they’re no longer your friends, they’ve become your enemies. What’s left for you but to pick up the pieces. What then?

In 2020, Jacinda Ardern said ‘Be kind.’ In 2021? There is no kindness.


Dear Miss Prime Minister #kissthefloor #fyp #foryoupage #tiktoknewzealand #newzealand

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