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Latest poll: Labour and National tied

The Taxpayer’s Union Curia poll also shows a big jump in ‘favourability support’ for new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins.

Full results:

  • Labour – 34%
  • National – 34%
  • ACT – 12%
  • Greens – 8%
  • NZ First – 2.9%
  • Māori Party – 2.1%
  • TOP – 2.0%
  • NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party – 1.0%
  • DemocracyNZ – 0.9%
  • New Conservative – 0.8%
  • Vision NZ – 0.2%


Meanwhile Luxon’s favourability rating (the percentage of voters with a ‘favourable’ opinion less those with an ‘unfavourable’ opinion) has tanked, dropping four points to -5%, while that of Hipkins’ has jumped to 27%, 28 points ahead of Jacinda Ardern’s last rating.

A full breakdown and analysis of the poll is available on the Taxpayers Union website.

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    • A good question, one we should ask frequently. Transparency, because we don’t know.

      I read there is an Israeli company whose sole responsibility is to determine the outcome of elections in different countries around the worlld . and not to mention the German system.

      How ’bout fair media coverage. Or Is that simply asking to much?

  1. I find it hard to believe that people are still so stupid as to say they want more of the same. A jump in popularity for Chris chase ’em down Hipkins is simply unbelievable in my books. Am I missing something?
    I ignore most polls as being just more propaganda to convince people to throw in their lot with the majority, not to waste their vote on outlying parties, yet the Taxpayers’ Union Poll is one I would generally expect to give a reasonably correct reflection of the general populace.

    • Mate, I think you are on the right track.
      First: Yes, you are missing something. It’s that most people are sheeple. Wake them up. THAT is your task from now on. The gloves are off!
      Secondly: The non-sheeple…would they really want to waste time on answering any agency polling their ideas? I see a tsunami coming in November.
      The established megalomaniacs and their delusions of grandeur will be replaced.
      WE THE PEOPLE want real representation.
      AWAY with the merchants of debt !!!

  2. Who are the muppets still voting for labour? And national for that matter…..or the greens?

    I note James Shaw has spent the most on flights of everyone……hypocrite

  3. The only way freedom parties can do this – the only way – is for them to put their differences and egos aside and collaborate together for the good of this country. If they don’t, as seen by this poll, then the freedom vote is lost. Also interesting to note that Luxon’s limp-wristed approach as opposition leader has caused him to tank, along with the Nats. Can someone please tell him, his job is to oppose – not appease – the government!

  4. NZ is a sick and divided country
    Through the criminality contained within the echelons of the one party political state control apparatus
    Two sides of the same coin not a dimes difference
    New lies for old
    With no immediate prospects of change in sight
    The first thing to do is get rid of MMP
    That everybody was brainwashed into accepting
    Which allows adverse corrosive minority group fringe elements into the parliament
    As for co governance
    Well that’s a joke
    NZ is two different countries
    North and South

  5. Yes, Labour and National should be tied.
    Tied not in a poll, but TO a pole.
    And then let the NZ people express, what these shysters deserve. They wrecked NZ for generations to come, just to satisfy their psychopathic megalomania. AWAY with these parasites, who have NEVER worked a productive day in their parasitic life!

  6. I wonder if any of these Parties are going to know how to fix the impending energy crisis ? do any of them really care ? I dont think closing down Marsden Point was a real smart idea. Apart from a volatile oil market, ocean tanker transport in some parts of the world has gone up 400% due to a tanker shortage. Where are the dumb as dog s..t advocates for closing Marsden Point now ? could it mean $ 3.00 plus a litre petrol coming to a place near you soon ? I think it is going to get worse before it never gets better.

    • Maybe it needs a 3 $ or even 5 $ for petrol, to get some people to look up and research, who advocated for Marsden Point closure.
      Karma might take a while, but it IS catching up, one way or another. 😉


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