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‘Let’s Go Brandern!’ Ardern video ratioed on YouTube as kiwis vent anger at PM

A YouTube video of Jacinda Ardern published by legacy mainstream media outlet NZ Herald on 6 November has been seriously ‘ratioed’.

The video, entitled ‘Full speech: PM Jacinda Ardern speaks at Labour Party conference’ was published following the government’s announcement to boost in Working for Families payments for those on low incomes, and a top-up to the Best Start payment for parents of new babies.

But the good news was not received well by the hundreds who left comments, the vast marjority if which were critical of Ardern and what many perceived to be her divisive pandemic policies.

Let's Go Brenda news

The fact that comments were not turned off is sure to surprise many as it has become the norm of late for legacy mainstream media outlets to disable them, a practice many believe suppresses freedom of speech.

Daily Telegraph has copied and reproduced the many hundreds of comments below for posterity before they are removed. Among them one of the most popular posted by a user named ven1111, ‘Let’s Go Brandern!’, a parody of the anti-Biden ‘f**k Joe Biden’/’Let’s Go Brandon’ phenomenon sweeping the USA.

With just 181 likes, 1,400 dislikes and nearly 1,000 comments, the video meets the criteria for being ‘ratioed’, namely highly unpopular. Many commenters claimed the dislikes and negative comments were being removed, so the true level of negativity expressed will never be known. The first five or so comments were positive, but it was all one-way traffic downhill from there.

Comments (user names removed. Most recent first):

Jacinda Arden is a certified psychopath destroying the people of New Zealand. And the media is criminally complicit.

Is this woman mad? Keeping the economy and people safe? This is too insane and I cannot believe we keep allowing it. Shout out for all those great protestors filling the streets, for the hecklers, for the people with the hard questions (which never get answered but at least they are being asked). Compassion for the people who have been forced to lose their jobs and businesses through pointless lockdowns and those who have been forced – yes forced – to take the jab to save their livelihoods. I feel I should hear the rest of this speech but somehow I just don’t have the stomach for it.

How many suicides? Deaths from domestic violence? I feel like you don’t care about that. I thought this was about health. A little confused. Vile creature.

I’m so embarrassed I voted for Ardern… will never vote labour again.

Jacinda “no one will be forced to take the jab and their will be no penalties for those that choose to opt out ” sept 2020 just another blatant lie.

“The truth doesn’t mind being questioned… A lie doesn’t like being challenged!” Nietzsche

I wish I’d never voted for you. I fell for your lies. Kicking myself now as I’m about to loose my job that I’ve done for 11years and absolutely love. How can you sleep at night.

Stand down ????????… this is dictatorship not democracy

Adern will be remembered as the most divisive and discriminatory PM in the history of NZ.

This is pathetic. Can’t stand her tone, her faked smiles, manufactured security nods, her rhetoric. Unbearable, just leave.

‘Given families more choices’…and gave them no jab no job mandates which took away their bodily choices. Not very kind that.

Everything you touch you make worse. Talking to us like kids does not change that.

And the Oscar award for best dictatorship goes to Mrs Edd


This comment section has given me hope for this country again. I wish I could be in Wellington on Tuesday for the protest!!!

She has really shown her true colors ever since she won the majority. She will never get my vote again

If you cared about children you wouldn’t be firing a heap of ppl for not giving in to your coercion, throwing those families INTO poverty!!

What a disgrace of a PM and a government. Please, for the love of God, just go.

Your total lack of compassion and empathy is causing this nation great harm. Totalitarian – leave us!

The Snow Queens grip on the icy prison of New Narnia is slipping.

If you have a thing for watching garbage humans speak, watch the video.

You have lost so much respect and votes. Never will I vote labour again. You’re disgraceful

It’s fantastic how everyone is uniting against Jacinda.

Take your fake smile and get lost

How much longer can you keep up this charade while businesses are closing in Auckland

How has firing all these teachers, healthcare workers and hospo staff saved lives and livelihoods? Can we have an update on the suicide rate please?

This women destroyed many lives. My daughter went into depression without being able to go to school and socialise with her friends, failed mock exams because lost all motivation. And now she can’t go to uni because she has to jab to be able to study And I am about to loose my job of 12 years because I refuse to poison myself.

I lose my job on Friday because I work supporting “vulnerable” people. Could she show me the science that shows people with autism get covid worse. They just make this stuff up as they go along

Step down and into a prison cell awaiting justice.

These comments give me faith in the good people of New Zealand! ????

The great Martin Luther King said, ‘You have a moral obligation to object to unjust rules and rules that make no sense.’” THAT WOULD BE YOU MS ARDERN.

Jabinda, Prime Sinister.

Reminds me of a Tesla quote – “One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” Ardern is quite insane.

Stand down immediately. Give us back out right to live and our ability to work and provide for our children. Your legacy has destroyed our family.


Auckland should be out lockdown it is a cruel and unusual punishment but you would know all about that

People are sharing their vaccine injuries on fb, lawyer Sue Grey has shared a story about Casey Hodgkinson, the poor girl has uncontollable body spasms!!! PULL THE BRAKE ON THE ROLLOUT!!!!!

Gross negligence. You will be held accountable.

Ardern speaking to her accredited audience.

???????????? these comments are amazing!!! The single worst PM in the country’s history. Nuremberg 2.0 is waiting for you………………

Sold your people
Sold your soul

GOD have mercy on your evil soul! You know EXACTLY what you’re doing to this beautiful country !

I’m ashamed to be a New Zealander now. Never before have I felt this sad about my children’s future in our home country. Its time to go Jacinda, the damage and division you have caused may soon be irreparable.

What a load of sucking up as my poll numbers plummet drivel. Let’s tall about adverse reactions, not.

warning this lecture is only suitable for the under 3 yr olds

Jacinda could you please address when you asked if anyone had adverse vaccine effects to share their experience on your facebook and then when it started getting overwhelming you shut it down?!?

We will never take the mark of the beast, nor worship its image. Death to comirnity.

This guy is a terrible actor. They should have got a woman to play the part

I can’t even bear to listen, but all these comments from my fellow NZers are making me feel better. Stalinda, I have never voted for liebour and never will. May God have mercy on your soul.

Jacinda. We the people do not want you. Take it personally. Your government has indeed made more changes than all other governments combined….not in a good way. Have never seen such blatant disregard for NZ Bill of Rights, the rights of the people you are supposed to SERVE – not rule over.

Wish someone could investigate the kickbacks she must be receiving….

Such a funny video. It is a time for PM to move on and leave us for a more capable hands.

Are the schools really going to be “safer” with less staff, or unqualified staff brought from overseas to fill in the positions?
Are the hospitals going to be “safer” after thousands of nurses and doctors get fired?

What a horrendous woman. I cannot believe I voted this party in.

You work for us. We pay you. Unfortunately you are in no way earning that vast amount of taxpayer money. Step down before you are fired.

The genocide of humanity here in Aotearoa will be on all the govts hands. I pray you find peace in your sins and the atrocities you have committed.

No words for this shit

Watch a Tony Blair speech, same delivery same patronizing manner.

Not my leader. Never was. Never will be

I’m not in your team Jacinda! All you have done is created serious damage. Do you care how many people have committed suicide in this last year??about bankruptcies, failed businesses, increase of domestic violence, terrible mental health and people missing on diagnosis and surgeries ….the list could go on!
You know what you’re truly doing, stop patronizing us! Stop the fake and forced smiles! I believe in karma Jacinda, and you’re not exempt…

Would not put my original comments so I will just say this. Lies Lies and more lies. Leave the vulnerable alone, leave our children alone. End times are close people can see through the veneer cracks.

Evil woman!

Do people really know what’s inside the ingredients that’s going into your body. ? Because they have never isolated the very thing that they want to try and protect you against. Isolated properly using the “GOLD STANDARD” from the CDC. So what are they trying to protect you from?

Let’s Go Brenda

What’s the difference between a religious, a racial or an ideological supremacist? Probably the teeth.

It’s amazing how all of these tyrants get on all of Main Stream and never have to worry about getting Banned.

If you are an organ donor, you should think about changing it. They dont want to treat un vaxed people, but they want your healthy heart for the heart failures caused by the poison.

Saying that you have given away heaps of tax payers money doesn’t mean to have improved the situation – the stats simply don’t support a word you are saying! All talk – no walk!

She remembers many of those letters, yet she can’t remember who edits her Facebook page

What planet is she on? If she actually was in Auckland she would see busy roads, busy beaches and parks. Staying home. Yeah right! Front up Jacinda and face the music.

Bet if anyone asked what she thought of Stalin she’d stutter and stammer. He’s her idol.

Mandates are sinister. You’ve lost my vote.

Kiwis wants to reunite with loved ones, but migrants, we also miss our families and we want to reunite with them too!. They are part of the tourist that comes to NZ and we miss them.

You’re even less popular than Covid.

???? “kind” but ignores the pleas of those injured and killed by her wicked vaccine mandate, separating our beautiful country. Disgusting.

Jabcinda, our crime minister/prime sinister/crime sinister, take your pick

This lady has literally told you she intends to create a class based society, where the lower classes have less civil rights than the privileged classes. Using some of the other “democracies” in the world right now as a measuring point, the lower classes will be excluded from the right of being able to be employed or buy food from grocery stores or even access healthcare. If anyone wants to see historically what this is similar to, I invite you to look at the “Nuremberg Laws” page on Wikipedia. These were implemented in 1935.

The ruling class is literally telling you to your face they intend to create a slave class, and they are laughing at the fact that they can be so blunt about it, and yet still many of you refuse to even acknowledge it.

Look at the mood of the comments. You have an opportunity to change the course but you won’t . Your support has all but gone . Not that I voted for you as I know what you represent and you are unleashing it . You were a list MP not voted in and became PM buy default. NZ is waking up .

Jacinda Ardern is a blight upon humanity

The emporer is not wearing any clothes. You will have an ignominious end to your career. Shame on you!

You said that the vaccines would not be forced on us and there wouldn’t be penalties for those who chose not to. That was a giant lie. Now my family members are losing their jobs because of you!

New phase….???? Never let a good crisis go to waste… She is going for it…

The south island should become a sovereign state and form our own government.
We sure don’t need people like this running a small country and getting it so wrong.
We the people disown you.

She needs to stop reading script it’s too blatant

Speak the truth! Unity! Love! Stand together, let’s change the world.

Wow. What a sickening liar. She states she is working for the people… which people is that tier one or tier two people?

I wish people who elect leaders for their country, would be sensible enough to not vote people in based on how friendly they seem. Credentials are very important when electing leaders. People who voted for her have to accept partial responsibility for the choices this government has made.

You’re so unpopular, JUST RESIGN! New Zealanders don’t want to hear you anymore!

I couldnt even finish it. The condescending tone and righteousness just does my head in.

You’ve singlehandedly taken a ONCE team of 5 mill to a divided, hate filled, depressed country. I don’t know how you can smile at the fact you’ve split family and friends, caused thousands to lose their jobs resulting in even more homelessness, and pushed hundreds of people to suicide.

I’ve never seen such a fall from a grace. If you wanted your name to be in the history books you’ve succeeded. It just won’t be for the reasons you were hoping.

What a waste of what once was a great country ????????


Well here’s hoping you’ll read these comments. This was incredibly hard to watch given the damage you have caused dividing and weakening our nation. You are the enemy of the citizens.

Resign, for the good of our nation.

Forgot to turn comments off NZ Herald? Not going to earn more Public Interest Journalism Fund money doing that!

All I hear is bla bla bla. When is this champion for descrimination falling on her sword. No political capital left. She has to go.

Plenty of letters from imaginary friends her narcissist brain demands

I haven’t voted for labour and never will.. You have got to go lady your mandates are going to put everyone on the benefit good luck????‍♀️ you made the bad decision to do your pathetic traffic light system discriminating on the unvaccinated by not allowing them to enter certain stores or fly overseas…. You have got to go lady go out in peace✌????

Reading all these comments gives me a bit of faith in my country. I hope you get to read them too.

Worst prime sinster ever, evil to the core!

“Better times are coming” when your over reaching ass gets kicked out of office, or I might get got for criticizing Cindy. We can comment! What a surprise.

Definitely all Lies. Not one single truth in any of this. It’s so obvious, it’s like she is talking to 2 year olds. How can people not see?

Dear Jacinda. I know you are not stupid, and neither are we, but it seems you think we all are. Perhaps you think most of us are not familiar with our NZ Bill Of Rights or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

What a joke of a woman. Such a disgrace to this nation.

Our sole source of truth spouting ???? again!!

It’s in your fixed stars, huge disgraceful fall from the heights of hype that have carried you. You could consciously just resign to save some face.

And she hates horse dewormer. The irony…


You have brought so much harm to Kiwis and to top it off, you are going to introduce a class system in NZ. You know very well that it’s mostly Maori that are going to become the second-class citizens. Shame on you. Resign Jacinda!

Your a disgrace, I feel sorry for your poor little girl, who will have to grow up with the knowledge that her mother, took away people’s basic human rights. The basic right to be able to work and support ones family. The right to decline medical treatment. Your use of narcissistic tactics is emotional abuse. Also interested to know are you going to get the jab for your child??? Somehow I doubt it.

Lowest unemployment because you have stopped people coming into the country and businesses are closing and those people are taking vacancies elsewhere

My hands are clean! Haven’t voted for Labour since Lange!

If Cindy wants to mother grown ups into eating their greens, or taking her bitter medicine, perhaps I should send her my bills to take care of!!

When the labour party doesn’t work for the workers, it’s time to find a new gig.

How on Earth is the donkey from Shrek running New Zealand?

…and please stop talking to us like little kids. We can see through the fake smile all the lies. We arent dumb thanks.

Why is this funny ? The problem is that big grins and laughs at the start about the depressing subject matter is really strange. Mandated jabs job losses suicides depression anxiety in kids. C’mon PM, a little empathy goes a long way.

She’s a puppet looks like being manipulated

Let’s Go Brandon!!! New Zealand has had a guts full of you! Out you Go!

Love how classic liberals are seeing through her lies and educating the younger ones what damage a narcissist will continue to do to the country.

That is so creepy.

Your not wanted, you are obviously unfit for the position.

Not my prime minister!!! Time to take her out

Give it a rest, Cindy. As a Jafa double vaxxed since June, I’ve wasted 5 months of my life doing nothing but eat, sleep, work and shit. Locking me up hasn’t changed one single thing.

I will name my next shit after this speech.

How much did this video cost the tax payer?

Absolutely no information what so ever just jibber jabber about nothing

What pain have you personally experienced. Pay cut ? Lost a business? A home ? A job ? Suicide in your family from distress ? I know a family that had to choose who would give up their job . You have marginalised and destroyed families . You should hold your head in Shame. The full impact of this trajectory your on will show its full impact very soon .

Your ideas of lockdown has caused more harm than good. There has been a lot of suicides, weight gain and also the opposite meaning anorexia, bad diet habits, people turning to drugs and alcohol, depression and more. Glad I didn’t vote for you and have noticed people rwho did vote for you regretting it.

4:30 – 4:36 she basically said you will get used to her new communist regime. She HAS to go

So fake. Good acting


Down votes are dissappearing…strange there were 1.4K yesterday

The Censorship in NZ these days would make the Chinese blush. I wonder if Jacinda got the real Jab or saline?

The lies they are multiplying

If you are looking for a horse , don’t look further , you found it !!

Right problems, wrong solutions. All I’ve seen is old problems still there, new ones created. And lots of verbal promises with really bad law changes rushed through that don’t align with promises and won’t work. You’ve lost my trust completely!

The Labour Party conference aka The Coven of Witches.

How do you know someone is lying ?
Being vague; offering few details.
Repeating questions before answering them.
Speaking in sentence fragments.
Failing to provide specific details when a story is challenged.
Grooming behaviors such as playing with hair or pressing fingers to lips.

November 9 unmask day! Unmask yourself and unmask the lies!

Wicked witch of the north

Can’t stand listening to that voice. But just know you have blood on your hands.

worst over acting I have seen in a very long time made my eyes bleed and vomit up my dinner disgusting !!!

You need to learn to enunciate Maori a lot better.
never heard a D in those first few words before….Tena Kodo Kadoah, shame on you woman.

I love her humble-brag about saving more lives than an icu doctor.

I have voted labour for 30 years. From a family of generational labour voters. I will never vote for this government again and will find it very hard to vote labour in the future. This is all unforgivable over reach. I am so disappointed in you Jacinda and your party. I agree that it is time for you to go.

Bleh. Awful awful woman. This is so childish.

This video needs subtitles, I only speak English…

Horses lie so well..

Woke up to this dictator years ago

You want to treat us like lepers. Will remind you that Jesus embraced lepers! I have faith in Jesus and will not accept your lies.

Whats the new faze? Liecinda at her finest. It’s out of control. People are starting to wake up and see through your nonsense. Your just trying to make yourself look good for your next job, who are you working for? Nzers or the UN? Sooner liebour goes the better. I’ve never heard so much verbal diarrhea in a few minutes.

The thing about lying … you need to keep lying to cover your previous ones and every new lie sounds even more riduclous than the one prior.

Just resign……

muck around and turn ( f__k Jacinda Ardern) trying to think up a catchy praise could make up a dance to this one any musicians out there feel free to write a jingle to this

You look scared, Jacinda. Maybe you should be, maybe not… time will tell, I guess.

you DO NOT GET THE RIGHT to blackmail us with the company of our friends and family.

these are inalienable rights, NOT privileges at your gift.


STAND DOWN OR FACE THE LAW, to wit the Nuremberg Code

I wouldn’t mind hearing a checky brrrrrrt over ya office.


belongs in jail.

I think there’s absolutely no reason for this fool to be smiling like that from beginning to end. Maybe and that is a huge maybe she would suit well teaching kinder.

Very surprised Herald is allowing comments. Usually shut down, the tide must be turning.

Make Adern go away

You ALL will get your comeuppance..

NZ Debt highest ever where’s the money coming from? Here you are again throwing money everywhere for benefits. Whilst you throw the money out there hard working peoples businesses are failing in Auckland yet you won’t even come here. 13 WEEKS not ONCE!!!!
How many Int bonds did you issue this month.

Our debt is one of the lowest, unemployment is down, wow she sure is ballsey to publicly say that

Freedom Rally New Zealand

Wow, there were so many people protesting today, with such an amazing community feel. Well done NZers let’s not let’s the poor decisions of this govt tear us apart. It seems the more this govt try to divide us the more people come together.

This kind of rhetoric should be enough to wake even the stupid among us, is this the intention?

What did the horse say when it fell?— “I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!”

Repent. Please it’s never to late. Repent and sin no more.

Team of 5 million my ass! That ended when you decided to segregate us into 2 classes of citizens!

Resign now!!

Wow. Thumbs down a lot here. But she dont take it personally.



“Protect lives and livelihoods” ????????

NZ Herald…are you for real. Have you read the comments? Wow….duh

Be gone Satan!

Cringe,can’t stand to look at or listen to it

No one is buying your duping delight Cindy! ????

Never voted for you lot. And never will.

Resign Jacinda

Free New Zealand

Pure evil

Resign now!!

So the whole apology for the dawnraid victims was bull kakas, so you can get our people to like you! Jacinda come on no jab no job what a joke. My workplace is making the vaccine mandatory for all employees . I work as a mechanic in nz. We the employees received a letter basically stating that our employer wants all employees to be double vaccinated . If employees choose not to be vaccinated or cannot show proof of being double vaccinated we will be redeployed to another work site in nz which could be in any town that our employer has a workshop and if we don’t take up this new job or if it is not possible to be redeployed because we are not vaccinated we as an employee will be terminated. What happened to our human rights and the freedom to do what we feel is right. Each day we are being stripped of our rights and people still don’t see it. If you want to be vaccinated or unvaccinated that’s not your choice it’s jacinda and her band mates choice and if you don’t follow what she says good luck moving forward . Life’s hard now but you bet your life she’s gonna make it even more difficult. Good luck everyone.

R E S I G N !!!

What about Israel? Too much damage done there.

I’m sorry what! Tax payers will be sending 1.3b off shore to help others become more Green… Can I offset that carbon in my tax then.

If Ivermectin works, this one (the smiley/smelly) is the horse I would try 1st

Jacinda … please tell the TRUTH!

How come when she mentioned all the top vaccinated countries, she left out Israel?

Why is this even on Youtube?

I know understand why discrimination occurred under the the banner of apartheid in South Africa. The cry of freedom marched thru that nation. Cry freedom is now what is heard here in New Zealand.

“Welcome fellow comrades”

Jabinya Armdern

Please, @ArdernJ I am not and never will be one of your 5 million.

My dislike from yesterday has been removed so will do it again

what a dragon

Fine example of virtue signaling. Well done Cindy.

A protege of Tony Blair,that says it all!

Why is she talking about car doors?
Come out of woods and talk to people…

Jacinda, I hope you are preparing yourself for a long jail term!

Seriously Jacinda? There are a lot of people that are seeing through your theatrics now.

Will she be smiling when Trump comes back? Criminals will pay.

May you live in interesting times Jasinister


Time to repent PM. You know it’s never too late to do the right thing. You know this is wrong. And people would rather hear the truth now before this gets worse. If you really care about Aotearoa, do the right thing for your country. God defend NZ ????????

Speak about Freedom of Choice!

You global young leaders should make a nice short clip and run it twice daily in tv to educate people how to not waist electricity etc. Instead catch up pay billions what nobody can track and that nothing is changing. A short clip to tell people to save power and resources would be better then all you you politicians have done.

Average/ Good speech, lots of glitchy references though, thought the PR machine would have put something better than that together, interesting to hear the comments on Auckland when you haven’t been or seen. Been hard to watch business after business shut, droves of people begging and becoming aggressive to others, I feel for these people, losing jobs and family members, not sure $20 will cut it in the real world, that can’t even buy 4 litres of petrol. Hope they lift their game for the people, might need to turn the lights on to see that the people are leaving the cinema in mass


Open up the country!!!!!!! I haven’t seen my sister for 4 years

Down with babylon

She crossed the line

That’s a man, baby!

Good chance to examine the finger lengths ?

How do they get it to talk like that, do they put peanut butter on its lips or something? ????

Treasonous little troll.

You had me fooled. I voted for you and I regret it with all of my heart. Having a baby the same time I did. I feel sorry for your daughter. I hope she has not suffered from your abusive self or partner.

You need to make kids that were born in NZ to be citizens again it is not their fault..

See all these angry comments cindy? Better tighten up your security or you might not wake up the next morning.

We are NOT your people

Why do you want to poison the ignorant?

Evil beach

The thumbs down count tho ????????

Go away jacinda


Such a liar.

Has her nose gotten longer?

You are EVIL!!

What a leader. You can really tell how sincere and genuine she is. There’s no way that I need to double check what she says, our little kiwi government always has our health interests first and money and authority never as the foremost priority.


Have you read the letters written to you by the real doctors?

Eat Chit An Dye

This is the only video we can comment of her

Rat ears

Suicide death rate 60x Covid death rate…But remember it’s about health. I hope the next government are not sociopaths….(sic)

100% phony

I’m just here for the comments.

Your a monster!

Surprised comments are not censored

Blah blah blah de blah LIAR!

What’s it like being a man at the top. Do you stand for men or do you sit for women?

Look how fake it is


Casey Hodgkinson

stand down! your out!

Let’s Go Brandern!!!

Oh Please

Reminds me of play school presenter, comparison vid on my channel

Stand down.

sick to my core yuck lies

Its kz7 the plastic fantastic

Blah blah blah…….you talk absolute lies

I think everyone is so tired of her!

???????????? Sorry can’t watch

I miss what?? Remits??

So patronising makes me sick

Faaaaark up


Adams apple much?

I’m just here before nzherald take down comments. Anyway…..that’s all thanks


Bad acting. Creepy


Fark off


No way lock you up

Wicked Liar! Waiata 37v14. Kua unuhia te hoari e te hunga hara, kua piko ta ratou kopere, hei turaki i te rawa-kore, hei kohuru i te hunga e tika ana i te ara.

Car door ????

Horrible person!


seen her smoke crack

Tone Deaf


She is so fake.

muck around and turn ( f__k Jacinda Ardern) trying to think up a catchy praise could make up a dance to this one

1.3k ????????????????????????says it all.

Thanks for the discussion Pm . Would you please roll out the strategy for rapid antigen testing for citizens, health providers, businesses. This would make better times for people. Thank-you in advance and we would all appreciate.

Bye ????????

Lock her up

Patronising tw@t

Out of all my time while keeping in touch with the news especially in my Auckland region…… And this clip on YouTube ……

I’m just flabbergasted……because I watch the whole clip, something I must have done something GOOD for once……churrr ????????????????

I feel for everybody that she controls


i just want this lockdown to end!

Out With Jacinda

Jax every last Vew and secure a future for White children

Thank you Jacinda you have been like a mama to us all and keep us safe and save all our lives. I am sure all your critics are wrong and that giving us all a free vaccine that has been tested so that it is safe for us and won’t harm any of us. We are grateful that you are not a communist and those people who showed you are are definitely wrong. After all our free press would have told us the truth of what you are really about. You and your government are wonderful people looking after all the interests of us your humble subjects.

Hail jacinda

Oh my God a place where people are actually allowed to comment. And you have sign language for the Maori! When is the government going to be open with what rules they have to follow from the globe. When can I get the John and Johnson vaccine? It’s traditional like every other vaccine we have had the privilege of choosing to have. My sister isn’t allowed to enter the school her kids attend because she hasn’t had the vaccine due to health complications. I’m talking about South New Zealand. What is the real plan here? Why are the Spanish government open with how the solar cycles coincide with virus outbreaks in history, out of the 24 solar cycles, 16 cycles out of 24 of them during heightened solar activity also matched periods of pandemics and virus outbreaks. We are now in a heightened solar cycle, supposedly the strongest in recorded history of cycles (11 years per cycle). This is available information from many trusted sources worldwide. From the same scientists we are forced to abide by now. Can we get some more transparency there?

<Smiling> Buetiful <♡> ????champion Jacinda <Thinking> Your Àé historical Priminister. I believe you should be acknowledged by the Queen for a merit.

Jacinta trump,

Appreciate you Jacinda. Much love. ❤️

Much respect to you and your labour team Jacinda Kia Kaha

All governments faced very difficult choices when the pandemic was discovered. None of the choices were easy, and at least our government was brave and smart enough to lock down quickly, and hard. We have helped set a new smart standard for how to deal with a pandemic. Now with most of our population vaccinated, it is time to do what other countries did earlier without available vaccines, and millions perished; 5 million to date elsewhere. So we are the lucky country in so many ways and I am pleased to live here, rather than USA, Brazil, Russia, UK, Europe, India, etc….I am grateful that of the many horrible choices, our government chose one of the least horrible. Nevertheless many NZrs suffered greatly and this must be acknowledged. There was never any perfect solution without major suffering from the onset, but it could have been a great deal worse. Thank you NZ government.

Im tired of judgement to jacinda you go girl u have done more for us than any other prime minister

To those people who gave a thumb down, please understand that every country in the world is facing the same pandemic situation. Our Government is doing their very best to help people in NZ. We should thankful that we are living in a country with a less number of deaths. We should be grateful to the medical front line staff and all the people who had vaccinated. No doubt the PM and her team have all contributed their best effort. I will strongly support this government because I see that at this stage, I could not find any other political parties who can do the job promisingly, not to mention National or Act.

Yes, no one likes a lockdown or vaccine mandates, but we are incredibly fortunate to be in a country where lives and livelihoods have been prioritised. And soon we’ll be relaxing restrictions with very high vaccination rates with relatively low numbers of Covid cases in the community. Let’s not forget how privileged we are.


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