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Listen: Kelvyn Alp of Counterspin talks to Michael Laws on The Platform

Kelvyn Alp newsThe important interview gave listeners a chance to hear Alp’s views in the wake of the state-funded legacy media hitpiece ‘Fire and Fury’.

Alp and the team at Counterspin Media have been an instrumental driving force and inspiration for the new media landscape that has developed in New Zealand through the ‘COVID crisis’.

Former National MP Michael Laws interviewed Alp on The Platform yesterday.

Laws asked Alp why he started Counterspin.

‘Because we wanted to give people a voice who we never hear from – the ones mainstream media don’t go out and talk to. These are the farmers, these are people who’ve lost businesses, or have been mandated out of jobs, you name it. We wanted to take the platform to them, have them stand up and through their own words, instead of manipulation through mainstream media, have their own voice heard.’

Alp explained how this process was ’emotionally very taxing.’

‘Me, I’m not usually one to be emotional, but I tell you what, some of the stories I heard, the physical carnage that we saw, it definitely came close to breaking some of us.’

Alp credits his mother with instilling him with strong values, especially the need to ‘question everything’ – believe nothing blindly, question everything, especially if it comes from someone in authority.

Talking of his earlier political career, Alp said ‘I sorted of dabbled with politics for a while because I had the foolish belief that politics would be the answer if you could get decent people in with a good heart, that they would then do what they’re meant to do, which is to take the common will of the people into parliament and to do what they want to have done.’

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  1. Poor Michael, I actually feel quite sorry for him.

    He’s going to be so angry when he finds out these so called conspiracies are actually true.

  2. Counterspin’s production quality is amateurish, prone to technical issues, and they often ad lib their way through stories and butcher words (taking the time to laugh at themselves when they do). It’s one of the best things about them in my opinion. Just ordinary, fallible human beings trying to do some real journalism for the good of everyone else around them.

    Contrast that with the high production quality, the expensive flashy studios, the sleek graphics and insufferable smarminess of Simon from 1news as he eloquently prattles off the evening’s government talking points, his gelled hair and fancy suit bought and paid for through a nefarious “public interest journalism” grant.

    No question who I’d rather put my faith in.

    • I listened to today FM while I was in my car this morning and I just about vomited with the wokeness feely feels.

      Bought to us by Dominic Bowden from Los Angeles and his last guest was Petra Baghurst who had just returned from Vietnam (rolls eyes) where she was doing something with poor children. Cripes guys how about helping some of the poor people here in our own country first????

      These people are out of touch self entitled pseudo celebrities (in their own mind). There is nothing relatable or genuine about them. Furthermore they are.dirty big hypocrites flying all over the world because you know “climate change”. Not interested in listening to them unless I want to lose my lunch. Yes I didn’t last long listening to them, just turned the radio on to see if anything had changed.

      So yes I have enjoyed listening to Counterspin from time to time. Good on them I say. Bringing the truth out there even if it’s too hard for some poor sheeples to get their heads around how truly evil the world is. Trust me, once you know the plan, and come to terms with it the sooner we can all get busy on pushing back on these self labelled elites and their useful idiots (like the MSM) and really shame them into disappearing from our lives for good. There’s more of us.

      What can we do to start? Turn off the radio and TV for a start. Listening to them is feeding them.

  3. Disappointing interview. I use to think Michael Laws was an erudite commentator but not anymore.
    Question is are people like him willingly ignorant of the truth , as there seems to be a spirit of stupid and deception amongst so many of our “leaders” currently

    • There’s a term that’s prevalent on most of the (remaining) free speech platforms: to be red-pilled.

      Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, it has nothing at all to do with racism. The term actually means “to be awakened/to see the true nature of the world”. It’s a reference to the Matrix, which I know is just a movie, but it’s filled with a lot of fantastic allegory and symbolism. One line in particular is something every red-pilled person has experienced first hand:

      “You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it…”

      It’s one of the truest things to ever appear on film, a statement as accurate and relevant back in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Maoist China as it is in the west today.

      And yes, it can be irritating encountering seemingly wilful ignorance and sceptics like Michael, but that scepticism is exactly what we need, it just needs to be turned around and aimed in the correct direction for a change.

      We NEED people to start questioning what they’re told, we NEED more calls for open and honest debate. Even when they laugh at us and call us idiots for believing a group of Bond villains in Davos are trying to take over the world. Eventually as the evidence continues to stack up, there will come a point where even the most ardent sceptics will say to themselves “hang on a minute here, is there something to this?”

      The incremental decreases in the jab and booster figures are proof this has already happened for a lot of people.

      Sceptics and doubters are good for our side because even if we can’t wake them up they still give us the chance to get our points across over the airwaves and fibre cables. Unlike the militant government bootlickers, we aren’t terrified of our ideas being criticised, we don’t scream for censorship to protect our frail little worldview.

      Have some patience with Mr Laws, even if he never comes around at least the conversation is being had

  4. Well said, but with those hanging on desperately to the system for obvious reasons, is rather like one clinging on to the anchor chain of the titanic and refusing to let go. And the band played on…..


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