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Little to attend ‘Ukraine Defense Contact Group’ meeting in Germany

Ukraine Defense Contact Gourp news

Defence Minister Andrew Little departs today for a trip to Türkiye, Germany and Jordan.

First stop for Little is Türkiye where he will attend the ANZAC Day commemoration in Galipoli. This will include the Dawn Service and the New Zealand National Service at Chunuk Bair. He will also take part in a special ceremony of rededication and remembrance at the New Zealand ‘Maori Pah’ site on the Gallipoli Peninsula where an information panel will be unveiled.

‘It has now been 108 years since the ANZAC Corps landings during the First World War. Of the 17,000 Kiwi soldiers who fought, almost 5,000 were wounded. Almost 2,700 never came home,’ Little said.

‘Gallipoli also represents an eternal reminder to all of humanity to strive for a more peaceable and secure world. In the immortal words of modern Türkiye’s founding father, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, ‘there is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here’,’ he said.

‘Ukraine Defense Contact Group’ meeting in Germany

Little will also attend the regular Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Germany, consisting of ministers and chiefs of defence from around 50 countries actively supporting Ukraine’s self-defence efforts.

He is the third high-ranking New Zealand Minister to recently confirm attendance at a Ukraine-related meeting, with Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta overseas earlier this month to attend the NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, and PM Hipkins confirming yesterday he will attend a NATO summit in Lithuania in July.

The final leg of the trip will see Little visit the New Zealand Defence Force deployment in Jordan, as well as meet with counterparts in that region to discuss regional security and stability.

He returns to New Zealand on 1 May.

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  1. Ukraine is the biggest money laundering cesspit in Europe…what business is Little doing there?
    What interest has Labour to lengthen the war and the agony of the Ukrainian people?
    Are we fighting to the last Ukrainian?
    For whom?
    For what?

  2. Yes New Zealand the US, globalist, NATO, miniature poodle….I’m tired of paying taxes for more of this sh*t, its just embarrassing…

  3. Little will squander more of our resources on NATOs proxy war,in return for kickbacks to him and his cronies..Just like they did wirh Pfizer and the covid scam

  4. These idiots make me laugh all the aid NZ could not afford to give alongside with all the NATO countries that are currently freezing to death attending a Defense meeting all the time not being able to do nothing to stop Russia pulverising all their aid and whats left of Ukraine as a Country to dust and oblivion. All the sanctions against Russia have backfired and made them stronger and those who imposed the sanctions weaker. These fools are like Joke Theatre.

  5. Dear Mr…’Little’…;
    You WILL NOT commit New Zealand into the war against Russia and China by lending troops, support and money to J3wi$h-led Ukraine, which has committed genocide and war crimes against the ethnic Russians living in the Donbass region for 11 years now, and which had robbed taxpayers from many different nations due to their extended ‘Israel First’ policies as per Talmudic Zionist Ops (which includes bribes and blackmailing)under Noahide Law.
    Zelensky, like the J3wi$h President before him in 2014, are operating as an extension of Israel under the Mossad’s control that are trying to re-establish ‘Greater Israel’, specifically, Khazaria!
    (Source; Rabbi Schneerson Chabad 1994 and Henry Kissinger).
    This is the same group that in the last century murdered 65 million Russian Orthodox Christians (source; Aleksander Solzhenytsyn) and 210 million globally via World Wars One and Two, along with proxy wars that benefitted the J3wi$h-owned Banks (Reserve Banking Systems) and the Israeli-supervised ‘City of London’.
    We WILL NOT stand by and allow for Noahide Law and Israeli-trained Police to over-ride and cancel our Rights under New Zealand and International Law, as has happened in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe as a whole.
    Labour, based on it’s past actions over the last 4 years, will be leaving Parliament, hopefully never to return!
    Based on the fact that Labour has bankrupted the nation and natural disasters have led to delays in timely repairs to the infrastructure, giving money to Zelensky and cuckholded NATO is NOT in the interest of our country.
    Labour, National, the Greens and ACT can disappear into the event horizon, never to return.
    & BTW- MY children WILL NOT be drafted to support this Zionist War against Orthodox Christian Russia!!!!
    The U.S. and N.Z are scheduled to be in decline (Deagel Forecast) as per the WEF Zio-Bolshevik agenda.
    We will NOT stand for this either!

  6. Mahuta, Little then Hipkins. Off to achieve what they have over the last six years, nothing. What an embarrasment
    All these ministers gettig their junkets before they get the boot.


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