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Liz Gunn cancels interview with Michael Laws over ‘abuse’, read Liz’s statement

Liz Gunn - Michael Laws news

Liz Gunn was scheduled to talk on The Platform today with host Michael Laws.

Gunn canceled the interview, citing Laws’ abuse of her and the parents of Baby Will.

Gunn was in Auckland today providing extensive coverage of Baby Will’s High Court case for her channel FreeNZ and for Counterspin Media.

She released a statement explaining her decision:

I listened last night to a repeat of your programme yesterday.

I heard you calling people whose opinions differ from your own, including the brave parents of Will, and also me, “loonies”.

You don’t know us. You have no substance to that claim. And it’s a lie.

It’s also abuse.

You repeatedly show yourself as you are: one of the dying dinosaurs of legacy media who elevate yourself by distorting or decrying or dismissing the views of others with an arrogance that has no place in this life and death situation of Baby Will.

This requires a nuanced discussion with someone who wishes to deeply investigate the varying perspectives.

You offer the opposite: ad hominem attacks and bullying bluster.

One of your lines sums up so much. In yesterday’s show, you said:

“The moment you give parents the right to choose, you end up with a mess of stupidity and scientific prejudices.”

The stupidity in that sentence of yours is self-evident.

How dare you talk down to parents in New Zealand with such arrogance.

To come on your show to boost your flagging ratings is not something on which I want to waste a moment of my time.

I will not be on your show today.

I will be supporting this brave and wonderful family of Baby Will who should not be in court defending their faultless parenting.

There will be many, many other Kiwis joining us in a wave of determination that the abominations of the Ardern government are stopped . Now.

Get on the right side of History Michael.

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  1. Laws is an arrogant p***k and I have never like him.
    Parents are surely in the best position to make the decision. Surely it is (Government) over reach of people fundamental rights.
    Bring on the revolution!

  2. The Platform is a Freemason organization.
    Basically, they have scooped up the biggest dirt-bags in the country, and shoved them on there.
    And she is right, history will not judge them well.

    • I wondered about the triangle thing in the signage right at the start.

      Michael and Sean should be so careful. The way they treat some of their listeners is appalling. They should find out what happened to vaxhole zealot Danny Watson. I wouldn’t wish harm on anyone but the way these guys set about calling people nutters and loonies is setting themselves up for a nasty dose of karma – especially Michael.

      Here’s the thing, if baby Will had just been given the unvaxxed blood and had his operation no questions or drama none of us would even know about it. Instead we have a waste of money, court time, stress on parents, a baby in dire need of an operation, and a bunch of boomer radio jock men and some sold out morally devoid ‘health’ professionals wanting to make a point about the vaccine being perceived as ‘safe’ or not, saying the parents have no rights over their own baby. FFS. Anyone who thinks this is OK should be ashamed of themselves. Give the baby his unvaccinated blood, let him have his operation and leave the parents the F**K alone to care for their kids.

      What the HELL has the world become.

  3. He’s disgusting!! He uses his platform to exact his cruelty.The has been that is Michael laws passed it’s used by date a long time ago. Everyone I talk to speaks poorly of him and the legacy he will leave is one of an abusive rhetoric. He’s a tiny little man, with zero class. Good on you Liz, I love your compassion and empathy. He missed an opportunity to converse on a grown up level, but no surprises there the tiny little boy only knows taunts and school yard behaviour, it’s to late for him , he will never grow up. You are way to classy to engage with the small minded demon that is Michael Claws.

  4. Good on you Liz.

    Laws had no intention of allowing balance. On the contrary he will have used his platform to distort the truth.

    Let’s get behind baby Will and his mum and dad. Let us bind together as one as we know we can do.

    The rights of parents to make decisions for their children’s health is sacred. It is both a red line moment and a green light to more direct action.

  5. It’s astonishing that Michael Laws somehow feels entitled to give unqualified medical opinion about somebody else’s child.

    I wonder how Mr Laws would feel if some self-appointed unqualified medical ‘expert’ started telling him what medical procedures he and his children should or shouldn’t have.

    In my unqualified ‘expert’ medical opinion Mr Laws should urgently undertake a brain transplant. Hopefully the new brain will come with an improved grasp of medical and journalistic ethics.

  6. I absolutely support Liz Gunns stance on this issue. Baby Wills Parents have only the best in mind for him. I have stopped listening to the Platform, gave them a fair chance. Recognized subtle messaging in their rhetoric that I don’t align with, I have seen and heard the foundation to the Platforms stance too

  7. Liz is a very beautiful, genuine warm and compassionate person
    In stark contrast to the cold qualities, displayed by Michael Laws
    Who is self-opinionated
    And obnoxious

  8. You have made the right call Liz, Laws is not ever going to entertain a reasoned debate. He is a typical left-wing nutjob who, when their argument is non-existent, will resort to name-calling and personal abuse. Steer clear of such mental midgets.

  9. The Platform NZ should be supporting these courageous parents who are simply exercising their proper lawful parental rights in the very best interests of baby Will.

    It’s a genuine shame that Michael Laws has his ignorant head so deeply buried in the dessert of scientism.

  10. Liz Gunn, you did the right thing giving Michael Laws the finger. I he hims a manual dip stick used to measure the dept of a sewerage pond. Same to the guy who interviewed Sue Grey, C Dann!!! just and another sampler stick from a sewerage pond. U ladies are to smart for them dip sticks

  11. Well said Liz, we salute you for the brave and honourable expose of the truth and truly compassionate support of New Zealanders. Thank you. This is what kindness truly looks like.

  12. Good decision Liz. “One way to become wise is to associate with wise people; on the contrary, to associate with fools brings problems.”

  13. Rather naively, I saw The Platform as a beacon of free speech and honesty at a time when MSM were so obviously biased. I listened foe\r a couple of weeks. Then I subscribed, despite the fact that there was no way that I could listen to the manic ranting of Devlin.
    I considered Plunket to be a very capable , seasoned journalist who was a seeker of the truth.
    I had reservations regarding Laws. Quite a bright fellow but extremely self opinionated and obnoxious when challenged. There is a decidedly nasty streak which is quite evident in his strange rantings. Often repeating many of his regular diatribes like some sort of mantra. I thought Devlin and Laws were strange bedfellows for someone endeavouring to grow credibility in his enterprise.
    I became more and more concerned by the way in which both Plunket and Laws spoke to many of their callers and texters. Far too much aggressive, unpleasantness. It seemed as though they enjoyed taunting and humiliating callers. some weeks ago , I texted Plunket to express my concerns regarding his treatment of listeners. As might be expected I received ridicule.
    over a period of weeks I noticed that my , polite and reasonable , texts were studiously ignored/ cancelled . I made the mistake of sending a text to Plunket. He became enraged and proceeded to bait me and attempt to humiliate me. Throughout the remainder of the programme he kept returning to have yet another go at me. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.
    He welcome to his platform of has beens and amateurish adds. I won’t be fooled again. Self opinionated, obnoxious bullies. .



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