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Liz Gunn convicted of assault

Liz Gunn assault news

Freedom campaigner Liz Gunn has been convicted of assault over an incident that took place at Auckland Airport in 2023.

Co-accused Jonathon Clark, a cameraman, was acquitted of resisting police, a charge they both faced after a tense incident at the airport.

The trial, which unfolded at Manukau District Court, centred on what the defense called a “quick and chaotic sequence of events.” Both Gunn and Clark had pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and resisting arrest. Gunn also contested an additional assault charge, arguing it was the police who had assaulted her.

The courtroom was charged with tension as Judge Janey Forrest announced Gunn’s conviction, according to state media.

Emotions ran high throughout the trial, particularly when Judge Forrest exited the courtroom, prompting shouts of “There goes the corrupt judge, shame on you” and “what a joke” from some supporters.

The incident that led to the trial occurred in April 2023 when Gunn and Clark were at the airport’s international terminal to meet a family from Tokelau in the arrivals area. The prosecution alleged the pair did not have the necessary permission for ‘commercial’ filming. Gunn argued their activities were non-commercial, akin to ordinary passengers filming with their cellphones.

Security footage showed Gunn in a discussion with airport security worker Anna Kolodeznaya, who did not respond to Gunn’s inquiries about the legal basis for stopping their filming. During this interaction, Gunn touched Kolodeznaya’s shoulder, which the latter described as causing “sharp pain.” Gunn refuted this, describing her gesture as merely a gentle touch.

Previously unseen footage of the so-called assault has been circulating on social media. The video shows Gunn lightly touching the officer’s left shoulder momentarily. The exchange between the officer and Gunn begins around the 11 minute mark:

The situation escalated quickly, with police arriving and arresting Gunn and Clark within seconds. Both fell to the floor during the arrest, which Gunn did not understand, stating, “We didn’t know what was going on… We didn’t understand what he had done wrong. No one had explained anything to us.”

Clark described the arrest as a violent “tug of war” over his camera, resulting in it being smashed.

Gunn recounted how she was treated by police constable Erich Postlewaight during her arrest, claiming he used excessive force. Gunn said the arrest left her with a fractured wrist. “He was twice my size… He was highly aggressive,” she said.

While Gunn and Clark were also initially charged with wilful trespass, this charge was dismissed by the Judge.

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  1. Though Liz may not be everyones cup of tea, after watching the interaction I can only say, shame on the judge, and all those involved in this complete waste of time.

    The only thing it may do is have a chilling effect on peoples behaviour. Sort of like what Liz was getting at.

    Judge Janey you look like a tool. A jury would have watched that and been annoyed at the waste of their time over a touch on the arm. And, that was probably the reason for judge only. How often do judge only trials happen for an assault charge?

    • Where do Judge Janey Forrest and airport security worker Anna Kolodeznaya live?
      WE The People will NOT forget. We will NEVER forget who the criminals in the Waspnest were, nor will WE forget the creatures in these deep-state scandals.
      It is really unbelievable that a foreigner could gain a position of power and then abuse it as evident, but it is even more unbelievable that a NZ judge could be that daft and corrupted.

  2. Are Kiwi’s being shown that our justice system is corrupt and a joke? Surely now that a judge has acted out a show of rediculousness the rest of the sheeps wake up? Or someone jumps out of the sidelines to say candid camera or had ya going huh.

    • Janey’s verdict will be passed around the world as corrupt. Her decisions will be considered unreliable and politically motivated. It won’t be just for now, it will be for all time. I urge anyone who knows her personally to discontinue all contact with her. This is an irrevocable life sentence of public condemnation and shame. Everywhere Janey go’s she will now be known as Dishonourable Judge Janey. Moving forward, my advice is there is reason for appeal. There would be previous cases of this nature where discharges without conviction was given. Blessing for the nation’s beloved Liz Gunn. Her efforts disclosing the poison injected into the bodies of our families and exposing the political and police inaction against these crimes of selective murder by bioweapon.

  3. Shame is right. The shame of so many who have gone along with the evil sick madness that this period belongs to.

  4. Judge only like the Kirri Allen case will be… corrupted cancerous Nz judges.. I have a mobile phone video of a high court judges kids in NZ doing some front page of the newspaper stuff I have been saving as a get out of jail free card I might have to unleash.. ashame that NZ media is so corrupt they will not show it

  5. Time to make all airports in NZ a public space and not a privately owned space. More freedom less authority to small minded people.

  6. What a disgrace to waste court time on this. Meanwhile the real criminals roam the streets and bother retailers with shoplifting etc.

    I am so sick and tired of the hypocrisy and corruption of this country. 😡

    That gestapo woman from the airport needs to GET A LIFE. 😡

  7. So many parallels with the US judiciary. Guilty until proven innocent on display. Progressive liberals have replaced common sense.

  8. Assuming the policeman who assaulted Liz Gunn does not have name suppression. What is the name of the policemen? File a police complaint against him. Make the application public or at least make it public what you are doing.

  9. So touching some ones arm is assault but a chick with a dick can punch to the ground an old women at a women’s rights rally and that is not considered assault, what more do you need to know, the country is run by globalist puppet’s. No wonder crime is up we have a legal/ law system that no one takes seriously.

    • Yes, and the parasites in power do not comprehend what is coming if they do not get the NZ ship back on course. They have (had) their chance.

  10. What a disgrace. Hopefully she will lay a complaint with the supposedly independent police complaints authority (but I won’t hold my breath that that would be any more successful).

  11. So you can punch a 72 year old granny in the face and have no charges but Liz gets assault for touching a Airport staff arm.
    Is she going to appeal this mis-justice, really these two judges need to be removed from the court system and EVERY single case they have run looked over.
    This to me seems like the assault was decided to protect the Police assault. Can she take the Airport to court, then the airport staff member and finally a civil case against these Police ?

  12. Being a “street smart” US citizen, I saw this coming from a mile away.
    After the first encounter she should’ve ” Let sleeping dogs lie.”
    NOPE, she went and confronted them. Making threats of reprisals brought out the big boys.
    It’s not something you learn when you’re 40, it’s something you’ve learned growing up on the streets.

  13. It’s was inevitable the LG would be found guilty and Allan won’t be charged with drunk driving. It’s who you know.

  14. How many of us have been touched on the shoulder/arm or touched someone innocently on the shoulder or arm to get their attention……? Something is VERY wrong with this country…….

  15. Liz is right, the NZ police are thugs at best. They are paid to assault people. I have been on the receiving end and they are brutal. When you are a 55kg women thrown on the ground by multiple male police and handcuffed roughly with cries of pain falling on deaf ears, you realise they are on a power trip.

    When photos of my arm are seen it was easier to point out the bits that weren’t bruised, and I am positive you would be able to take fingerprints off one of the bruises on my upper arm

  16. Something similar happened to a piano player in a mall in England who was being filmed when an Asian woman came up and made a complaint about being filmed because they happened to be in the background or passing as it was happening. Eventually the police got involved. This person was recognised as a spy and I suspect so is the one here. I believe this kind of thing is being deliberately orchestrated around the western world world to undermine our freedoms.

    • Interesting. You never know. I will tell you something interesting. We had a Russian neighbour- lovely woman. One day I was out the front and I saw a car pull up outside her house and a guy in it with a camera taking photos of the house. I went up to the gate and stared at him and he turned and saw me then sped off at a great speed which is odd because our street isn’t very long and is a cul de sac.

      I know she had Russian TV be her husband had set it up for her. I can’t help but wonder if it was our spy agency collecting information. Seems crazy. She was just a random person and one of the nicest neighbours I have ever had. (loved her mum visiting from Russia too – would often see her toiling in the garden and then be called over to a bowl of lovely fresh tomatoes appearing over the fence ❤️)

      My other story is that my husbands aunt was married to a man and SHE a didn’t even know but he turned out to be a double agent for the KGB and some other European country. Unbelievable.

  17. No matter how you say it or what you say you can not dispute airport staff. They are a team of Nazis. They will call security and throw you out.

    I wholeheartedly support Liz Gunn but I wouldn’t ever think to touch a police officer or security staff for that matter and you can’t get rowdy but aren’t they just foul and menacing.

  18. THe New Zealand so called ‘Justice System’ Has been captured by the glopbalist agenda. I was assaulted outside the Whangarei Dist court by court security staff some time ago.4 against 1 even then I reckon I could have taken the useless B’s but knowing that it would not go well if I offered more than passive resistance I did not defend myself aggressively. My friend called the cops 111. They arrived too late to be of any help. I requested the video surveillance footage from the tree cameras outside the building but was stonewalled at every turn. I lodged a complaint with MOJ and filed a police report. Nothing was done.
    NZ has gone too the dogs or should that be wolves ?.

  19. Many Black Belt recipients never ‘register their hands as deadly weapons’ like most U.S. States require- there are many Black Belt qualified who never took their final test, as doing so would result in the legal and compulsory ‘registration’
    Then if you even lightly touched a person on the shoulder, you are then charged with ‘assault with a deadly weapon’… End result- 10-20 years in a U.S. Prison run by Serco…

  20. While Liz Gunn has suffered tremendously at the hands of police and court she has exposed a sad and brutal change in NZ. The government has the power of misinformation, the court has the power to admit or not admit evidence in court and the police have the power to manipulate events to support the corruption. Corruption it is. We should all fear this change and no longer think “well I’m a good guy so it’s not my problem” – this attitude is rife in NZ now because people have been conned by the authoritarian approach to a virus. It is going to get worse now. Much worse. So it is up to everyone to stamp this out.

  21. Appalling. We are doomed. That was assault by the Policeman Erich and is condemnable. It is probably even daangerour to write that but would not have been 5 years ago. They are destroying our country. Liz should not have touched that person on the arm, she had no right to. However, that action did not deserve that reaction. She was taken with unnecessary force. If that was done on orders from Ross Adern or Jacinda Adern, that is an abuse.


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