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Luxon leaves ‘Big Gay Out’ early after heated encounter with protesters

Big Gay Out news

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon exited the Big Gay Out festival in Auckland’s Point Chevalier early after facing a pro-Palestine demonstration.

The event, a celebration for ‘Rainbow communities’ and their supporters, took place today in Coyle Park.

Earlier in the day Luxon told media he was keen to attend the festival after a positive experience last year

But not long arrived his arrival the PM encountered a group of festival-goers protesting trans rights and the Gaza conflict.

The situation escalated as he was surrounded by protesters for several minutes, with some confrontations becoming intense, according to report on the incident by state-backed legacy media outlet RNZ.

Some of the crowd started to chant ‘free Palestine’ and ‘blood on your hands’.

The incident followed Luxon’s defense of the government’s proposed revisions to sexuality and relationship education guidelines outlined in his State of the Nation address this morning.

The proposed changes have sparked criticism from some academics. An expert panel is set to review the guideline modifications in the coming weeks.

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  1. Yep, the actors change but the script remains the same. No surprises there then, but I am curious as to his “positive experience” last time he attended… 🤔

  2. Trans “activists” who inexplicably support a regime that advocates stoning burning and hurling them from rooftops, are upset that the PM wants to make it harder for them to spread their mental dysphoria to impressionable underage children. And they prove their ideology is safe and benign, by forming a mob and threatening said PM with violence.

    All it needs is the jingle from Seinfeld.

    • Well said Unquax and Mark. Parrots without brains. So many people went mental in NZ. Jacinda really did a number on them. Depressing.

  3. Luxon is only a partially-successful CEO, and is not a politician.
    He is being INSTRUCTED by the Zio-Globalists and taking cues and instructions from ‘Sir’ John Key, another PM who quit the job when told to do so by the Zio-Globalist ilk of the WEF, NWO, Deep State, etc.
    Luxon’s speech yesterday stating that we are in a ‘fragile’ condition…fragile from what??? Fragile X as a result of getting the UNTESTED BIO-WEAPON VACCINES???
    The vaccines that are killing people slowly at first, and in 2025 killing en-masse as per the Deagel Forecast for New Zealand?
    Bankruptcy and hyperinflation as part of the orchestrated plan to impose CBDC’s???
    With that comes one meal a day as part of the Global Holodomor w/ cricket flour…!
    Surveillance of the population and the parallel ‘Social Credit’ system that will use facial recognition to identify dissenters???
    Haven’t seen nor heard from Madame Destruction herself, Jabby, since her wedding where only the Masonic ‘Elite’ showed-up, to witness the status-quo enacting the colonial provincialism of inter-marriage for the sake of status and wealth…!
    Those in Parliament seem to have no critical thinking skills, or cognitive function that is being diminished no thanks to vaccine prions and unzipped mRNA. Other people offshore are running the country, and we have no doubt that Washington, the City of London, Brussels and Tel-Aviv are pushing the wars, hyper-inflation, and destruction of the food supplies.
    The Decepticons are in charge, and headed back to the Moon…for nefarious purposes.

  4. Wow! Luxon was clearly extremely badly advised.

    Looks like his ‘advisors’ are completely bent.

    With all due respect, Smarten up Mr Luxon, and for goodness sake fire your corrupt ‘advisors’.

  5. Just when I thought we had got rid of the sexual deviant supporters with a more mature government, That surely isn’t Willis in the background? I had been giving her credit for more intelligence.
    On a par with being part of the protest against Posie Parker. Have these politicians no idea of the sheer stupidity of their actions?

  6. Any politician who will show up to support this nonsense but, will not stand up to jabcinda when she lied to this country during the plandemic is just proving they are nothing but a globalist puppet…..not surprised at all …really.


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