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Man accused of threatening to kill Ardern to stand trial

Richard Sivell news
Richard Sivell (L), Jacinda Ardern (R).

41-year-old Richard Sivell of Te Ranga is accused of threatening to kill former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Sivell, who was rearrested in Taupō nearly two years after a warrant was issued in Tauranga, maintains his innocence, telling a judge he had “no blood on my hands,” according to a report in legacy media.

The charges against Sivell include threatening to kill Ardern in Auckland between November 29, 2021, and January 19, 2022, when she was still Prime Minister. This charge carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. Additionally, Sivell faces charges related to his prior arrest on March 29, 2022, for intentionally obstructing a police officer and failing to assist during a search. He is also accused of failing to answer district court bail on April 26, 2022.

Court documents reveal that Sivell represented himself at a judicial intervention hearing on May 1, where he asserted his innocence. Despite not entering formal pleas, not-guilty pleas were ‘deemed’ to be entered by Judge David Cameron, and the case is set to proceed to trial. Six prosecution witnesses are expected to testify during the half-day trial, according to Sergeant Tina Smallman.

Commenting on the case today via X, Counterspin Media said the prosecution was a cautionary tale about the importance of being tactful when expressing frustrations online. The outlet highlights the broader dissatisfaction with the political establishment and warns against actions that might attract unwanted attention from authorities, even on supposedly ‘secure’ platforms like Telegram.

Following a recent hearing, interim suppression orders preventing the publication of Sivell’s name and charges were lifted by Judge Paul Geoghegan. Sivell has been remanded on bail and is scheduled to reappear in court on October 2 for his judge-alone trial.

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  1. You threating to kill some one you should stand trial. But you knowingly push gene therapy that was not safe and no effective you should also stand trial and we already know she knew, she is just a globalist puppet who should be standing trial for that alone.

  2. The takeaway is stop using Telegram. They will apparently sell you out to the government as soon as it demands your data.

    Also, was the threat this guy made credible, or just something said flippantly in the heat of anger (because there were about 5million of us angry with that demonic succubus for about two solid years)? Was that even established, or are the powers that be just flexing against us antivaxers for the millionth time? I know nothing about this case, but “intentionally obstructing a police officer and failing to assist during a search” is exactly the kind of nebulous language they used back when they were accosting people exercising their (apparently legally-protected) right to protest, so can I safely assume that’s the REAL reason they don’t like this guy?

    If he actually had a plan in place and was ready to make a move on Ardern, then fine. If he just said words, than this is simply another thought/speech crime and YET another political persecution.

    Public figures are subject to thousands of antagonist comments every day; Biden, Trump, even Taylor Swift. ESPECIALLY Taylor Swift (mostly from me).

    If our single source of tooth didn’t want that kind of a life, she shouldn’t have run for PM in the first place, and she CERTAINLY shouldn’t have then gone on to be the most evil PM in our country’s history.

    “That is what it is, yup. Yup. 😏”

    Counterspin’s point is valid. The global mafia protect their own, and they absolutely WILL abuse their police and their courts that they own to trample you into the ground while you try to play by the neat little legal rules they’ve set for you. It’s good to resist their BS and fight back with civil disobedience, but you’re no good to anyone if they throw you in the clink to make an example of you.

  3. Social platforms are a minefield for emotions and out of control behavior. Like said before, simply delete your accounts and you will feel a lot happier, I did.

  4. Yes i agree.
    He said he wanted to kill jacunta and i reckon we should give him a trial to see how well he does.
    Mass murder is acceptable now in New Zionland. Nobody goes to jail and nzgovtcorp just ignore mass murder evidence so…. Lets go.
    We have the lists of names of the treasonous murderers….. We have the evidence…
    We had the trial of the GMO death jabs now lets try this hitman out.
    Crowdfunding would provide ample reward.

  5. So the guy said what a lot of other people have also thought? Is that correct?

    These overlords think their actions have no consequences? They best be reminded to represent the people they claim to represent because at the end of the day they have to live amongst us peasants, who let’s face it basically just want to be left alone. But ruin our lives or try and force dictate how we must live our lives, and you are literally waking a whole pack of sleeping bears.

    Remember when people have nothing left to lose, they are at their most dangerous.

  6. He should claim self-defence and self-defence of others seeing as Adern was trying to murder the entire population of New Zealand with a bioweapon, yet she claimed an exemption from the poison jab herself.


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