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Man sets himself on fire outside Trump trial (Graphic Video)

Casualty of self immolation collapsed to the ground before police officers extinguished the flame.

A man has set himself on fire outside the ‘hush money’ trial of former US President Donald Trump in New York City. The blaze was eventually extinguished, but it remains unclear whether the man has died from his injuries.

The dramatic incident occurred on Friday afternoon, shortly after final jury selections were made and the panel seated.

Video footage showed a man engulfed in flames, kneeling upright with his hands behind his head. After burning for around a minute, the visibly charred man collapsed to the ground and the burning remains were extinguished by police officers.

The incident was broadcast live by several US news networks, including Fox and CNN. As Fox reporters realized what was happening, one could be heard telling his colleagues to search their truck for a fire extinguisher.

After putting out the fire, police officers covered the man’s body with fire blankets before he was loaded into an ambulance. It is unclear whether he survived his ordeal.

Witnesses told CNN that he had scattered pamphlets before dousing himself in gasoline and lighting a match. The New York Police Department told reporters that officers are “still gathering information” on what happened.

The pamphlets included a link to a Substack account, on which the man identified himself as Max Azzarello, “an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.” In a rambling manifesto, Azzarello said that this “extreme act of protest” was intended to draw attention to an “apocalyptic fascist world coup.”

WARNING: Graphic video and images

The incident occurred on the fourth day of Trump’s criminal trial. The former president is accused of misreporting so-called ‘hush-money’ payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, although he insists the trial is “political persecution” orchestrated by President Joe Biden to take him out of contention before November’s presidential election.

Presiding over the case is Judge Juan Merchan, who has refused to recuse himself despite his daughter working for a marketing firm representing several top Democrats. Merchan issued a gag order against Trump last month, forbidding the former president from criticizing the prosecution.

The incident occurs less than two months after an active-duty US Air Force member died by self immolation outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, protesting against the US’ military support for Israel. The man, 25-year-old airman Aaron Bushnell, shouted “free Palestine!” as he burned to death.

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  1. For context: I’ve read the substack.

    Guy is a leftist whackjob who gained perhaps 10% insight into the corrupt global financial system (about the average stuff from half of an ordinary Alex Jones show) and his tiny brain couldn’t handle it.

    He believes Trump and the Democrats are all secretly working together and that they’re all about to kick off some kind of a global coup to seize control of the world (which he fails to realise they ALREADY control). He believed killing himself would “start a revolution” 🤦🏼

    Dunno what to tell you, he’s a complete nutcase. Probably got MK Ultra’d by the feds pretty badly over the last few weeks.

    • Yes unquanccinated, you have known about this for years, but imagine just finding out about it now, and only just a very small part of it, and perhaps suspecting there might be a lot more going on than you thought and that everything you have ever been told is a complete fabrication. It is bound to leave you just a bit unhinged.

  2. April 19 is the first day of the 13 days of Satanic ritual involving fire, apparently. It could be coincidence or was he attempting an evil spell-cast upon President Trump?

    I remember 6 February 2020 when President Trump was doing the SOTU (State Of The Union) address. Nancy Pelosi divided the SOTU speech text into 3 piles and then very deliberately ripped them, one by one. I felt the evil even through my TV screen and almost fell backwards. Since then, many have observed that she was indeed casting an evil spell, trying to release evil entities in order to harm President Trump.

    When famous people die in accidents or things happen at or near to well-known landmarks (Trump Tower, Twin Towers for example), the evil ones could be attempting to harness our energy of grief or fear or anxiety – the so called “loosh” – which is used to sustain them. It’s either a sacrifice or is spellcasting.

    As the previous poster has suggested, he was a left-wing nutcase who could have been MK Ultra’d and, I agree: Get someone who is not really aware of what they are doing and why, and then program them to do it. The MSM and the public “sees” a nutcase and looks no further, and the truth remains hidden. Very clever really.

      • A lot of stuff that is going on right now has not only a physical component but also a consciousness/spiritual component. Most people on the Earth are good people, and although some may be surrounded by darkness (perhaps because of their experiences in this life or others) they are still connected to the light (the love/light energy of the creator).

        However, there are some people on the Earth who use “ceremonies” on order to shut down their heart and crown chakras in order to disconnect themselves from the Creator. They are no longer connected to the light. If they did not find another source of energy, then their spiritual body would die, their energy would be returned to the Creator, and they would no longer exist in a very real sense. Therefore, they need the energy of fear in order to sustain themselves. They create the wars, genocides, starvation, other forms of scarcity and division in order that humanity experiences fear/anxiety/hate and so on. These “dark ones” then feed upon this negative energy.

        If this situation was only about greed (money and power) the globalists could have more than they want by patenting and releasing free energy devices, healing technology and exotic propulsion (they would make trillions of dollars) but they do not, because at their level it is not about money or power at all: It is about creating suffering which they feed upon: They are, in a very real sense, energy vampires.

  3. I agree mostly with you Mark, there is a lot a evil out there at the moment.

    In Jan 2018 the words “through Jesus Christ our Lord” was removed from the parliamentary prayer. We are systematically being pulled away from faith.

    The opening ceremonies of CERN and the commonwealth games was nothing short of satanic ritual, and false idol worship.

    • I believe that the evil has always been out there but because of our conditioning to believe that “they” have our best interests at heart (“They would not do that!”) and our willful ignorance (“You stupid conspiracy theorist!”) it was never noticed. People only noticed reality TV or the next mobile phone coming out or the BS that passes for news on the MSM.

      It seems like now Universal energies are causing the swamp to be stirred with a big stick, and the scum is floating to the surface. Some have also noticed that the Universal energies coming through will prevent people hiding who they really are any more: It is now more obvious to see who is good, who is evil and who is crazy.

      We are being pulled away from faith, love and family values intentionally.

      CERN uses the symbology of Shiva, the destroyer. Recently, I heard that a “ghost” or “entity” had to be cleared from the CERN vacuum tubes before they restarted it, which they did on the day of the total eclipse. Some say CERN is used to open portals to allow evil entities to enter our realm. I don’t know if that’s true, but it seems strange how much funding it gets when it would seem better to fund development of efficient solar panels and supercapacitors with high charge density that could work in EV’s given the premise that there is “climate change”.

      Also, watch out for symbology and word use. For example, the Google browser is called “Chrome” and the GPU (the hardware/software renderer) that powers it is called “Adreno”: Adrenochrome is oxidized adrenaline that is extracted from, let’s say, little people who are placed under extreme physical duress by evil people.

      A lot is in plain sight that we just never noticed before, or perhaps never wanted to.


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