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Meng Foon resigns as Race Relations Commissioner

Meng Foon news
Image – Human Rights Commission.

Foon today confirmed his intention to resign, following revelations in April that he and his family made donations to Labour MP Kiritapu Allan, including rent subsidy arrangements for her campaign office, in 2020, as well as a National Party candidate.

In addition, a company of which Foon is a director, MY Gold Limited, has been found to have received and still be receiving an income from the Ministry of Social Development for the provision of accommodation, including emergency housing.

This income has been received over several years, since 2019 and both before and after Foon became Race Relations Commissioner. It now amounts to a total of more than $2 million.

In 2021 the Commission launched a Housing Inquiry, which has been highly critical of the government’s emergency housing system, describing it as a breach of human rights. Foon did not declare any conflict of interest at this time, nor subsequently.

Foon has acknowledged his serious error of judgement in failing to adequately declare these activities, as required by the Crown Entities Act and Commission policies.

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  1. Oh no 😱

    Now who will fill the important government roll of finding racism under every possible pebble and leaf in New Zealand?!

    • Who will take Foon’s place?
      An imported Chinese National who is also a PLA Reservists? Hmmmm…
      Probably a senior Mongrel Mob member, or perhaps a Nomad? Killer Beez? Black Power? Hell’s Angel?
      After all, LE needs the gangs to do the dirty work of the government (ie harassments, beatings, targeting, etc of those who are not in lock-step with the ‘WEF Agenda 21, 30 & 40). The gang economy is also keeping NZ afloat with unreported expendable income from drugs, weapons, prostitution, the usual things that gangs make money from, and the government raking in millions in GST.
      As long as they are ‘brown-skinned’ (which THEY use to their advantage, just like the blacks do in ‘Merica), and off of probation or home detention, then everything will be fine,…! (NOT!).
      I have yet to hear from any Pac-Islander group or the Maori Tribes address their concerns over the evil that is using them to it’s full advantage to do bidding of the Globalist / WEF/ NWO via political and racial bidding.
      And…the ‘diatribe’ over multi-language road signs will cost millions to convert. Lots of cash to do that, while flood victims receive…NOTHING!
      No GRI raises in years, inflation rampant, and the elderly now both cold and hungry! BUT-
      But, then again, there are still Chch earthquake ‘victims’ living in sub-standard rentals, garages and garden sheds in the middle of yet their 12th year of doing so.
      Only those profiled as being ‘in the know’ get help; all others who are blacklisted / blackballed by the *Lodge or *Church (both are just as bad as each other despite their conflicting views…!) will continue to get nothing.
      That also includes the denial of health care in the public sector, and minimum if one happens to have private health insurance…!

  2. Glad to hear that he is resigning. Over and above being a crook he is completely prejudice against white people and so totally unfit for the role of race relations commissioner.

  3. Only vaguely intelligent thing he has done. Now all he needs to do is repay all the money received under false pretenses.

  4. Meng Foon Maori speaking Chinese man knows all about kowtowing. Made a serious error in judgement thinking the woke community in New Zealand was the pony he would ride to the finish line.
    Did we get the $2million back?

  5. Good riddance to this racist.

    Is there anyone left in that building down in Wellington who ISNT corrupt?

    Disappointing and disgusting all at the same time.

    Shame on you Meng, and to think I used to respect up. Nothing but an anti white racist grifter, pocketing the rewards for himself.

    Goodbye and good riddance 👎


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