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Zelensky boycotted in Swiss parliament

Zelensky boycott news
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The largest party in the country’s legislature has walked out on an address by Vladimir Zelensky.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Swiss parliament via video link on Thursday, urging lawmakers to revise the country’s policies on arms exports and rallying more support in the fight with Russia. The speech sparked controversy even before it happened, with the parliament’s largest faction, the People’s Party, boycotting it as perceived interference in Swiss affairs.

In his address, Zelensky urged MPs to allow exports – and re-exports – of Swiss-made war materiel to Ukraine, and to take further action against Russian “oligarchs.”

“I know there is a discussion in Switzerland about the exportation of war materiel to protect and defend Ukraine. That would be vital. We need weapons so we can restore peace in Ukraine,” Zelensky asserted.

The speech was ignored by the right-wing People’s Party, which holds 53 seats in the 200-seat lower house, the National Council, as well as 6 mandates in the 46-seat upper house, the Council of States. The party vowed to boycott the address immediately after it was announced last month, arguing it would constitute gross interference in Switzerland’s domestic affairs.

“We understand that the Ukrainian president wants to do everything to defend Ukraine. But we must not allow ourselves to be put under pressure on the issue of sanctions or arms deliveries,” People’s Party MP Alfred Heer said.

Inviting guest speakers is a rare occurrence for the Swiss legislature, with only two dozen such events since the 1970s. Moreover, Zelensky’s speech was the first-ever address to the parliament made by a foreign leader over video link.

Switzerland’s long-standing image as a neutral country has already been somewhat tarnished by Bern’s decision to join the West’s Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia. Still, the country has consistently rejected requests to allow re-exports of Swiss-made weaponry to Kiev, despite mounting pressure from other Western nations, including the US.

Earlier this month, the National Council shot down a bill that would have allowed such shipments, rejecting a proposed amendment to the national War Materiel Act. The legislation, known as the ‘Lex Ukraine,’ called for a temporary waiver until the end of 2025 that would have allowed the handover of Swiss-made war materiel specifically to Kiev.

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Source:RT News

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  1. the last democratie resisting.
    The USA also coerce western countries to go against its own interests.
    Act of war against the EU with nordstream 1& 2 and also blackmail and commercial retorsion are used.
    Zelensky is only a US puppet, succesfull so far, thanks to the propaganda of western main stream merdia.
    I will rejoice when the US $ is worthless

    • Zelensky IS a puppet, no doubt about it, but since Israel controls, owns and runs the U.S., he is also a Zionist Clown acting in behalf of Israel thru U.S. funding and support.
      America is now referred to as ‘Israel West’, and the Talmudic Zionist Bolsheviks want to expand Ukraine and re-establish ‘Greater Israel by reverting the region back to Khazaria, which was defeated by Russia 8 centuries ago due to the Khazarians’s morbid and murderous behaviours.
      Russia didn’t stand for it then, and they’re not standing for it now!

    They see thru the Zionist/Communist Zelensky’s J3wi$h laden bullshit!
    And remember; the Swiss are a nation of armed neutrality, and will not deal with the likes of Zelensky, who’s fore-bearers destroyed Russian Orthodox Christians to the tune of 65 million, and thru the instigated and orchestrated Zio-Communist proxy wars, 150 million dead!
    And yet, all we hear from the J3wi$h / Bolshevik arena is ‘Never Again’ and ‘6 million died in the Konzentration Kamps’…
    6 million total died in the camps that included Seventh Day Adventists, J3w$ themselves, Roma, Political Dissidents, Nazi Armed Forces Deserters, oddly enough, Freemasons, Homosexuals, and Russians!
    See the Red Cross rosters online as to how many J3w$ really died in the camps! (Hint- it wasn’t ‘6 million’…)
    New Zealand needs to be the ‘Switzerland’ of the South Pacific, as a nation of armed neutrality, in order to stay out of globalist conflicts and for the purpose of self-protection!
    America is broke, yet Bison continues to pump billions of $’s into Khazarian Ukraine, leaving US Veterans living in worn-out RV’s camping out under overpasses, while main highways crumble, water mains break, and sewage systems fail!
    Many US Veterans who have been denied their benefits and care from the DVA and have no prospects of a decent job in the US have left for Russia. (see the Wagner Group recruiting video online). BUT-
    THAT is not being reported in the J3wi$h-owned and controlled MSM!
    Putin is on the RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY! The lies of the J3wi$h / Globalist Cabal are now fully exposed, and the J3wi$h-led aspects of Bolshevik Communism from 1917-1992 are permanently over in Russia, thanks to Putin protecting Orthodox Russian Christianity from being genocided by the Talmudic Zionists madmen as they were in the last century!


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