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Michael Baker wants COVID restrictions to remain ‘as is’

Michael Baker news

Epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker told media that even a negative test result ‘was not conclusive.’

Speaking to state-owned RNZ this morning, Baker said he was in favour of current COVID restrictions remaining in place. These included the seven day isolation period following a postive test, and the requirement to wear face masks inside hospitals in some cases.

He backed this up by saying vigilance was still needed, as COVID was the infectious disease responsible for the most deaths and hospitalisations in the country. Baker has predicted it will kill 1,000 people and hospitalise another 10,000 more this year.

‘And even if you get a negative result, it’s not conclusive and also you might have another respiratory infection that you would pass on if you went back to work or school,’ he told RNZ.

‘I think we need to consider the massive strain Covid-19 is having on the health system, which is one of the reasons why New Zealand introduced these requirements in the first place,’ he told the foreign-owned NZ Herald in a separate interview.

Cabinet is set to consider the current settings, and possible changes to them, in the coming weeks.

DTNZ reported recently on how the isolation requirement was costing one small business owner thousands every year – isolation was required even when no sick leave was available and if the worker showed no symptoms and was healthy. The Government compensation for business owners was woefully inadequate and a bureaucratic nightmare, the business owner said.

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  1. Keep perpetuating the narrative yip yip, least you appear a fool. Good to know the “vax” and other protocols are working. As case numbers obviously show the covid protocols are effective, as Mr Baker grasps at the narrative straws in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary.

  2. Just another actor in the comedy show. Always loves the sound of his own voice. Where’s the pink haired clown, hasn’t she got anything to scare us with?

  3. Baker should be trashed for incompetence. Is he on Fauci’s payroll? The vaccines have proved a boon to insurance companies and embalmers—they have made a lot more work. Other countries are now rejecting them as they plainly have showed their nature as killers not healers. Is Baker the head of the Dept of Misinformation (Vaccines)?

  4. As if we’re going to listen to Michael “Prat” Baker. The man is a total joke going against all the global evidence that masks don’t work. He reminds me of a little yappy dog people leave in cars at the supermarket. For God’s sake give it a rest we’re over it…

  5. I’m surprised this nonsense is still going on: The vaccines are lethal and are maiming and killing people, and the masks are not only ineffective but cause immune system damage from oxygen deprivation and carbon dioxide build up. Surgeons only wear masks to stop debris from their mouth and nose going into the patient and blood spatters and bone fragments from the patient going into the surgeons’ mouth. Masks do NOT stop viruses as peer reviewed studies and common sense both shows: A mask weave of a few micrometers will not stop a virus of a few nanometers, a thousand times smaller.

    When people keep recommending vaccines and masks there are only two possibilities: (1) Their arrogance and ego is such that they are unable to change from their fixed position, or (2) they wish to cause us (“we, the people”) harm.

    Where’s the Blue Beam Alien invasion? The Chinese weather balloon morphed into a UAP with unconventional propulsion which then morphed into a school science project $12 balloon before it fizzled out.
    What about WW3? I guess they tried that with Ukraine/Russia, and it did not work so they’ll reboot and try it with Taiwan/China.

    Seems like the “Deep State” has run out of conspiracy theories to make reality. Perhaps they’ll try another virus. Fauci and Bill Gates have said that there will be a virus next year, 2024, which is of course the election year again in the USA.

    They have started to inject livestock (cows and chickens) in the USA with mRNA vaccines. Don’t know if they will start that nonsense here.

  6. What a loony, he should be isolation with permanent face masks so he can’t spread any more misinformation. COVID vaccines are responsible for the most deaths and hospitalisations in the country, wake up.

  7. “not even a negative test is conclusive” can this twat get anymore stupid? Stay at home if you want faker…. We’re not!!

  8. Don’t forget Rod ‘Supervaxed’ Jackson…( who probably got a planned placebo / saline injection, if at all…!)
    And remember that ‘Chippy’ Hipkins was part and participle of the illegal COVID restrictions for 2 years.
    National and ACT went along with this mess, along with taking our semi-auto firearms which citizens are entitled to via International Law and the U.N. Charter Agreement as per the ‘Right to Self Defence’, Chapter 7, Article 51.

  9. Michael Baker’s anti-scientific authoritarian fetishistic obsession with face-masks is sure sign of psychosis.

    It’s well past time for a compulsory assessment under the Mental Health Act 1992.

  10. All pretencious idiot and scaremonger who knows nothing

    No one should be scared of dying.
    It is a natural process and no doctor , vax or medication will save you when your time has come. Young or old
    Just live and enjoy the day.

  11. Why the heck is Michael Baker still pushing face-masks?

    There is now overwhelming evidence that face-masks have an at best insignificant positive impact on covid transmission.

    Michael Baker has now lost all credibility, he’s become little more than a dangerous crank spreading misinformation.

    • It’s simply unhinged egomaniacal behaviour.

      Authoritarian technocrats will never admit to being wrong about anything, however arrogance and hubris generally have a very short shelf life.

      ‘Pride comes before a fall’ as they say.

    • It’s become beyond obvious that the ‘pandemic’ is a gigantic fraud perpetrated by a group of globalist gangsters.

      Professor Michael Baker is just another corrupt academic useful idiot serving the crime in progress.

  12. Read today’s commentary at Voices for Freedom re; Michael Baker and Siouxie Wiles.
    ALL Kiwis are fed-up with the media, politicians, NON-elected ‘experts’ who have been trashing our lives for the last 10 years or more!
    Remember these bastards when you vote; that is, IF we’re still around to do the same barring a nuke hit due to the Globalist orchestrated World War three!

  13. A real good investigation of this governments toadies’ bank accounts would be in order.
    Nobody can still be spouting that discredited bull effluent without being paid.
    Is the clown not aware that climate change is back to being the top fearmongering topic of the moment.

  14. We need to seriously boycott the mainstream media out lets that push any of the rubbish being spouted by these idiotic globalist puppets. . Turn off the nightly news on all the channels, Stop reading the Herald and all the other mainstream publications, turn off the mainstream talk back radio as well . Once they know that no one is watching, reading or listening to their rubbish maybe they will get the message that truth matters. Do some research and find truly independent journalists and news programs, in the digital age not an impossible thing to do anymore. we no longer need to listen to these fools.


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