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MOH refuses OIA request for MP vaccine exemption numbers, citing ‘privacy’ and ‘workload’ excuses

Seven months after requesting the number of Members of Parliament (MPs) who received COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ exemptions, Tauranga lawyer and NZ First candidate Kirsten Murfitt received a response from the Ministry of Health (MOH) that she says is a ‘sick joke’.

The MOH explained, “Under Clause 9B, information was not recorded in relation to a person’s employment. We would therefore have to search for all individual names of each MP in the TME register during the period the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 was enforced. We are therefore refusing this part of your request under section 18(f) of the Act as it would require a substantial amount of work to research and collate this information. Furthermore, this is private medical information and the privacy interest in it outweighs the public interest under section 9(2)(a) of the Act.”

Essentially, the MOH claimed it was too labour-intensive to sift through 123 MPs’ names in a database containing only 8,259 applications under clause 9B and 516 applications and then under clause 12A (affecting 11,741 healthcare workers) to determine how many MPs received exemptions. Moreover, the MOH deemed this information ‘private’ medical data, with privacy concerns ‘outweighing’ public interest.

This stance is perplexing, explained Murfitt, especially considering the rigorous enforcement of the Traffic Light System, which required citizens to show their “papers” at various checkpoints daily.

‘So, the Ministry of Health (MOH) thinks it is too much work to search for 123 MPs’ names amongst 8,259 applications made under clause 9B and 516 applications made under clause 12A (which covered 11,741 healthcare workers) to identify the number of MPs who received an exemption?’ she tweeted.

The fact that the number of MPs who received exemptions—without disclosing names or personal details—was classified as private medical information also raised questions of transparency and accountability.

After enduring strict mandates and a divisive Traffic Light System that fractured communities, the MOH’s response was a ‘sick joke’, Murfitt tweeted, leaving one to question the fairness and logic behind the policies and the exemptions granted to those who enforced them.

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  1. This is a SCANDAL!
    And here are the slimeballs corrupting the course of justice:
    Shane Reti, Minister of Health
    David Seymour, Associate Minister of Health (Pharmac)
    Matt Doocey, Associate Minister of Health
    Casey Costello, Associate Minister of Health
    and agency executive Diana Sarfati, Chief Executive and Director-General of Health,
    committing their dirty deeds at 133 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington.

    All with poor understanding of what a comment describes here:
    I bet you the slimeballs will not even see ‘WE The People’ coming, let alone change course while they can.

    Hell hath no fury like mothers scorned!

    • Si it’s just fthose corrupting the ‘course fo justice” then? Not the previous governemnt under whom these exemptions were granted (if any)? How selective you memory is. How lacking essential grey matter you are.

  2. Good on you Kirsten.

    What a shame our leadership displays such contempt for honesty and transparency.

    They are not serving the trusting people of NZ but very sadly, duping them.

  3. Of course there’s no reason why and MP couldn’t or shouldn’t come out and say they got jabbed, the real deal not the placebo that is. I’m mean, if there’s nothing wrong with the jab, what’s there to hide, right? Then they only ones in question would be those who don’t speak up.

    Just sayin.

  4. As a database expert I reckon I could get the answer in a couple of hours, if I had access to the database. Obviously there’s something they want to keep hidden.

  5. Exemptions would be very interesting to know, particularly as we were all coerced to take the vaccine and “trust the science”: Seems like they may have done neither – they knew that the vaccine was not safe, and they did not trust the science.

    Perhaps more interesting would be to know what, if anything, they took in place of the vaccine? Were they given HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) or IVM (Ivermectin)? I read a while ago that the House and/or Senate in the US were given IVM. Therefore, it was known long ago that IVM is a cure, but it’s cheap and safe so “big pharma” does not like it …

    I also saw a document a few years ago (about 2021) published by the NIH (Fauci’s 3-letter agency) in 2005 that stated that (and I’m paraphrasing), “Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are both therapeutics and prophylactics for coronaviruses.”

    Also remember that (at least) in the US and Australia, doctors who were successfully treating patients with IVM had their medical licenses revoked and their social media accounts terminated.

    A therapeutic is a cure – you get a virus and take the therapeutic to get rid of it.
    A prophylactic is a vaccine – you take the prophylactic and you do not get the virus (or in reality, your viral load is much lower because your body deals with the virus in hours rather than days).

    • I don’t know why you’re still banging on about a disease that never existed in the first place. It was was cold/flu, gunshot wounds, and anything in between that they re-classified as a “novel virus”, all based on a fraudulent testing regime. The entire thing was a scam, from top to bottom.

      The only thing real is the rampant illness that we now see everywhere as a result of the “vaccines”.

    • it is not a vaccine. It is a biological weapon. Thought out long ago ( look at the “laws” put into place previous the rol out: katherine watt) and excecuted by the j***ish cabal. Its aim is depopulation.
      I hope it becomes a huge pogrom when people wake up

  6. Did these people who got exemptions, the medical ones as well as the politicians (if any of them received them), then get to fully participate in society – with a special type of passport to use at required places?

    I would love to know. Or, were the exemptions just to allow them to keep working? (Of which alot must have been passport required places)

  7. A full list of all the people who were granted exemptions needs to be obtained so that the celebrities, politicians, doctors, and legacy media scum who attacked people for not getting the jabs are brought to justice. Can you imagine that they even faked their own jabs on TV? These people are seriously evil.

    “Take one for the team!”

    Never forget:


    • Share this (and similar) obscene failure of judgement and wisdom far and wide. Where do these creatures hide nowadays?

  8. Stupid argument as well. Everything is computorized, no ? So it is a question of using some keys and the names will pop up.
    So you have your answer. If no names are given it is because there are no names to pop up. They all were ” exempted” because they are all guilty.

  9. Something else that might make people wonder not only about COVID but also the flu is the following:

    Most flu seasons in the US there are between 20 to 40 million flu cases. In the 2019-2020 flu season there were about 1.5 thousand flu cases and 36 million COVID cases.

    So, there are not many possibilities here:
    (1) COVID is flu and was labelled differently in order to give governments the excuses to lock us down and coerce us to take vaccines: The PCR test is so bad that it would label dead and chopped up viral fragments from an infection months before as COVID.
    (2) COVID is separate from flu, and the flu is generated and released each year so in previous flu seasons the flu would be engineered and released, but in the 2019-2020 flu season, flu was not released and instead, COVID was released.

    I am of the opinion that what is labelled “flu” every year is, in fact, a different engineered virus every year and COVID was just another form of it. It is interesting to note that the survival rate for COVID is about 99.97 percent which is the same as the seasonal flu.

    As far as the whole thing went, we were treated like rats in a maze: They terrified us with a video of people dropping dead in Wuhan. Whether they really were dropping dead or were “crisis actors” being filmed for “the movie” makes little difference as to the effect upon humanity. They wanted us scared so that we would take the vaccine. When some people started to smell a proverbial rat, then they coerced us to take it by (a) enforcing it at places of work so we cannot earn money and pay for food/shelter if we do not and (b) enforcing it at places of leisure – bars, nightclubs, restaurants, cinemas – so that we would be isolated from our friends otherwise. Then they played more psy-ops on us by saying that we would be killing Granny if we did not take it. Of course, one cannot get an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for the vaccine when there are other cures, so HCQ and IVM were shut down. Then the only exit from “the maze” was to take the vaccine.

    Of course, some people knew from the “get go” all of this; the people who planned it and those who got the exemptions.

  10. I don’t for a moment believe they got the real jab. If they got any at all it would have been saline and what’s the bet they got a “special” batch – aka saline just like the Pfizer employees. Bunch of lying Machiavellian ar$ehole$.

    Their day will come.

  11. This sort of decision comes from the Prime Minister and not the Executive. However, even if the figures were released you would be naive to believe them actual. History shows violence only follows deceitful and murderous nations and their leaders. Nations crumble from within when corruption gets ignored.

    • OK so lets name organisations and people the public should never use again. Cut off their supply of information. Cancel all Google services, Microsoft, all social media except TikTok, Telegram and others that meet security and transparently. Use an open source VPN. Use providers like Swisscows.com for email and searches. Buy direct from farmers. Grow your own food, eggs etc. Find a source of fresh natural water. If you can, trade in cash or swap product and services. Don’t buy or consume products that contain poison. Embarrass and shame our politicians and officials online when they act against our best interest. Protest, but never incite physical violence like the police did at the Wellington protest. Civil war is coming to many countries throughout the west where fighting aged refugees (almost entirely men) have been allowed and paid to establish themselves. This has been arranged for a reason. Thankfully travel to NZ is long and treacherous by small boat. Install Telegram and join this channel https://web.telegram.org/a/#-1001479163323

  12. Threads to be read about ” covid” and vax on substack.com
    Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt among others.
    It is a biological weapon. Rolled out by the US MoD ( Katherine Watt is a juriste and did the necessary research on adopted laws necessary for this kind of ” lawfull” crime). So of course the govt knew what it meant. As well as media bosses ( who own them?) As for ” journalists” ? stupid parrots for the most, doing what they are told to. Ardern is a criminal and all the clique around her too

  13. The other side to this issue that has been blindsided is the number of individuals whereby GP’s requested an exemption (on what now appears to be valid grounds based on the adverse reactions reporting) and the request was declined by the Govt appointed agency (Covid response team). The criteria was so stringent that many individuals who were already immunocompromised or at risk of severe adverse reactions (warranting an exemption) were forced to take the vaccine or lose their employment.
    It seems the individuals who decided not to be vaccinated may have simply managed to dodge the ride on the health wagon and are unlikely to be the ones currently taking up a hospital bed space.

    Secondly, all of the Healthcare staff who were stood down due to not taking the Covid vaccine should be reinstated. If it takes the simple task of checking for antibodies in order to check for natural immunity .then, why not? We currently have 1800 vacant positions in health. Just how many of these positions could be filled in a blink with the removal of the contract clause with regard to Covid vaccination?

    So many, many issues needing clarity and resolve…but that takes honesty and integrity. Dr Reti could solve this within a week ….if he so desired.

  14. Wow! “privacy”.

    What about the vaccine passports?

    At the height of the covid cult psychosis, you had to show your vaccine status to buy a burger and chips.

  15. exactly the question I want answered but remember – silence is acceptance – their silence has been accepted, they did not get the jab!


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