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mRNA found in breast milk, studies show shedding is real – McCullough

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US cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough is one of world’s most published medical researchers.

In recent interviews McCullough summarises studies where the mRNA and spike protein have been shown to be present in various human biological systems well after the date of ‘vaccination’, and has been confirmed to be present in the breast milk of nursing mothers, raising the spectre of human to human transferrence of the Messenger RNA, a process called ‘shedding’.

Pfizer and government-funded scientists both in New Zealand and abroad reassured citizens at the beginning of the roll-outs that the spike protein would remain localised at the site of vaccination (the upper arm deltoid muscle), and would exit the body within hours of it. Multiple studies now show this to be disinformation.

Authors of the studies conclude that if present in breast milk, it is likely to be present in other bodily fluids, such as blood and genital secretions.

A written summary of the studies can also be found on McCullough’s ‘Courageous Discourse’ Substack.

‘Shedding’ has been theorised about since the beginning of the mRNA roll-outs, but was dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’ by Pfizer and government-funded scientists.

Speaking to LifeNews, McCullough told interviewer John-Henry Westen the implications for the unvaccinated were ‘concerning’.

‘We’ve been very disturbed by the report published by Hanna and colleagues in the journal JAMA – the Journal of the American Medical Association, clearly finding Messenger RNA in the breast milk of nursing mothers who’ve taken the COVID-19 vaccine. In that paper the authors conclude that the Messenger RNA must be everywhere, it must be in the bloodstream, other secretions. If it’s in breast milk, it’s in your genital secretions and sweat.

‘A paper by Fertig and colleagues, they found that Messenger RNA was in high concentrations in the bloodstream for 15 days, and that’s as long as they looked after vaccination, and the curves were not going down.

‘This is concerning, that the vaccinated are walking around circulating foreign genetic code. And remember the Messenger RNA, Pfizer and Moderna, is the genetic code for the lethal Wuhan ancestral spike protein. That’s the spine on the ball of the virus. That’s what causes all the problems, heart damage, blood clots, neurologic damage. This is circulating free in the bloodstream attached to lipid nano particles, now in breastmilk. We don’t know the fate of what happens when it goes into the baby’s gastro-intestinal tract – is it broken down by stomach acid and other enzymes, does it survive.

‘This is very concerning. Another report came in by Helene Banoun from INSERM, one of the best research units in Europe. It covered comprehensively the issue of shedding. And shedding of the genetic code is most concerning for those who have not taken the vaccine. Most of them did not take a vaccine for a reason – they didn’t want to take the vaccine. Now, there is a threat to them that in fact the vaccine is getting into their body via shedding. I think it’s clear in the Banoun paper that kissing, sexual contact are almost certainly methods of transferrance. We don’t know about sweat, casual contact, or through the breath, or what’s called exosomes, but I think that the fluid contact for sure.

Another study from Stanford showed that Messenger RNA was found in the lymph nodes for months afterwards, so it’s not getting out of the body.

‘I find it disturbing that this line of vaccines has never been shown to exit the body. It looks like each shot is potentially permanent.

McCullough reiterated his concerns in an interview with Tanya Gaw of Action Canada at the beginning of December.

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  1. After a few years the people who dont believe in what Dr McCullough is saying here are going to find their greater family becoming smaller and smaller in number by 2030. This ‘mark of the beast’ is something I portrayed 5 years ago nobody was listening then and those that are listening now simply dont believe it.

  2. The ‘safe and effective’ jab was pushed on pregnant women even though they were excluded from the initial clinical trials and there was never any safety data to back that claim before being rolled out. The jab was instead tested on 44 pregnant rats.

    This goes far beyond incompetence, gross negligence and medical malpractice, it’s the most heinous crime against humanity ever perpetrated.



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