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Murder conviction of Alan Hall quashed by Supreme Court

Alan Hall news

Alan Hall’s conviction for the 1985 murder of Arthur Easton in 1985 is quashed by the Supreme Court.

Hall was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the crime, which he always maintained he did not commit.

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court confirms follows a decision reached on 3 May where the Crown consented to the conviction being quashed, and indicated that it would not seek a retrial, or oppose Hall’s application to bring an appeal out of time.

The court said:

‘The Crown has indicated that it accepts that there has been a substantial miscarriage of justice on the basis that evidence relevant to the jury’s assessment of the identity of the offender was materially altered and that the relevant documentation was not disclosed to the applicant. The Crown therefore accepts that it is necessary in the interests of justice that this Court hear and determine Mr Hall’s appeal despite the delay.’

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  1. Yet another person wrongfully locked away in this country.Is anyone going to be held accountable for this,of course not.He will recieve money stolen from us,but has still lost 19 years of his life

  2. So many wrongfull convictions in this country over the last 30-40yrs, shows how backward or corrupt NZ really is. This guy also needs justice before he dies. Disgraceful when you hear of the tampering of evidence by prosecutors &/or police. Losing tremendous respect for NZ police.


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