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New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry launched

NZ Citizens COVID inquiry news

The New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry has been launched with support coming from the New Zealand public, commentators, politicians and expert witnesses from New Zealand and around the world.

Full text of press release:

During the Covid-19 pandemic era, New Zealand was subjected to some of the harshest Covid-19 response measures in the world including the use of crushing lockdowns, face mask mandates, vaccine mandates and Covid vaccine certification aka vaccine passports.

With the introduction of the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 signed into law by former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (BORA) was found unable to defend New Zealanders from the loss of basic freedoms and civil liberties.

This new law would be the most draconian ever introduced in New Zealand surpassing war time restrictions and based upon the narrative of the Government that Covid-19 must be 100% eliminated due to the potential harm it may cause to New Zealanders, the economy and medical health system.

These Covid response measures have left an enduring scar on New Zealand society with the loss of countless jobs and business closures through mandates and lockdowns, significant numbers of suicides, domestic violence, a huge uplift in crime, long term mental health crises and as cited in the Med Safe CARM (Adverse Events) report, over 64,000 New Zealanders experiencing a range of health harms post Covid injection.

According to the official CARM report, post injection harm ranges from having a sore arm on the site of the injection, to myocarditis and pericarditis, stroke, blood clots, heart attack, spontaneous miscarriages (67) and death etc. The New Zealand Ministry of Health has admitted, as did the US Centres for Disease Control & Prevention, that the adverse event reporting system only represents approximately 5% of the actual numbers of negative health events.

This is an alarming picture. After almost 4 years of Covid-19 response measures and with the endemic state of the ‘virus’, we can see that there was nil to very little scientific justification for most of the claims of the Government made about Covid and the measures they employed to mitigate the threat of Covid-19. Covid-19 has a CFR (Case Fatality Rate) and IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) survivability profile of 99.97 % for most New Zealanders and higher if you are in the young adult and youth category. It is now accepted that a SARS virus like this poses the most risk to the elderly and already unwell public and that targeted protection would have been the appropriate response not blanket harmful measures that affected the entire population.

Yet evidence of the harms caused by the Covid response measures employed by the Government proves that the harm caused by the response was greater than that of the threat itself.

The New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry team have done an intense survey of the damage caused by the New Zealand Labour Government’s response to Covid-19. We allege that Government politicians and medical officials have committed crimes by way of mis or malfeasance and negligence upon the people of New Zealand.

We further allege that mainstream media and certain academic organisations have knowingly participated in a propaganda campaign on New Zealanders of mis and disinformation while failing to report important CARM data to the public. The Inquiry will investigate the role these non-Government organisations have played in communicating slander and propaganda messaging that terrified the New Zealand citizenry into obeying harmful and draconian Covid response measures.

We will be investigating journalists and their respective organisations including government agency NZ on Air that was responsible for funding campaigns of mis and disinformation.

NZCCI is proud to have signed a co-operation agreement with Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts on 16 Feb, 2024 to help the New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry. This is part of a wide international outreach campaign that is under way.

Senator Roberts is helping to lead a group of Senators that have the same concerns about the Australian Federal and State Governments response to Covid-19 and they are in the process of drafting their Terms of Reference for their own Commission of Inquiry.

The aim of NZCCI is to get to the truth about the New Zealand Labour Government’s response to Covid and prove that crimes have been committed and to seek justice by way of compensation for harmed New Zealanders and to hold those persons accountable for what can be termed as grievous crimes committed while in positions of authority, trust and responsibility.

The New Zealand Government currently has two Covid-19 Inquiries underway and both are considered by many as white wash endeavours that have no pathway to accountability or having the depth of investigation required to expose the truth.

NZCCI Commissioner, Investigator and civil liberties activist, Billy Te Kahika comments:

’NZCCI is a people’s Inquiry & investigation into what we believe are crimes that have been committed by the actors and organisations identified in our Terms of Reference’. We believe that there is no logic that can be applied for the public to be able to trust the Government to investigate its own conduct whether Labour or National Governments.

‘A question we have is, how can the New Zealand public trust Inquiries that are headed by Professor Tony Blakely who was an architect of Premier Daniel Andrews destructive Covid response in Victoria, Australia and the second inquiry initiated by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters who co-signed the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 into law?’ The short answer is the public don’t’ trust those options and neither do we.

‘We want New Zealand society to be reconciled to itself but believe this is only achievable through getting to the truth about Covid, finding justice for those harmed and then will reconciliation and healing may be possible once these issues are dealt with.

‘We are a team of dedicated people determined to fight for truth and justice for the people of New Zealand’.

NZ Citizen Covid inquiry news

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  1. I don’t think the govt is going to throw anybody under a number 30 bus
    Not with the Pandemic Treaty ominous and on the horizon
    Which is why our good friend Michael Baker is now posturing and showing his plumage
    The only problem is that so called covid or any other of its illusory variants for that matter
    Is to be likened to the jewish messiah
    It simply does not exist
    The inquiry will not dig too deep and more likely to be a whitewash and coverup
    Sanitized and made woke safe for sheeple consumption
    Fed out by the pocket edition media
    Time will tell
    Don’t hold Your breath

  2. Yes, it harmed the ‘public’ but it’s an ‘Act of God’ over which the politicians will exempt themselves…!
    Kissinger had this planned in 1994 at a Vaccine Conference…
    I remain UN-Vaccinated, and have exemptions for the entire family.
    We will stay that way…
    & BTW, the Red Cross is no longer accepting blood donations of Covid-vaxxed individuals, as those who received the transfusions also became sick. Nano-tech in the blood clots…!
    Want to know if the Covid vaccines have effected you? Go check your face in a black light, and see if it glows blue. (Article; Black Light Reveals Covid injectees Glow Blue in the Face).

    • According to the Red Cross website there is, in most cases, no deferral time for individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine as long as they are symptom free and feeling well at the time of donation. The following eligibility guidelines apply to each COVID-19 vaccine received, including boosters:
      _ There is no deferral time for eligible blood donors who are vaccinated with an inactivated or RNA based COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca, Janssen/J&J, Moderna, Novavax, or Pfizer.
      _ Eligible blood donors who received a live attenuated COVID-19 vaccine or do not know what type of COVID-19 vaccine they received must wait two weeks before giving blood.
      Do some research NVAE!

    • Believe in Fisher and Kirsch on covid vaccines and you probably also believe that the earth is flat, the moon is made of green cheese and that Armstrong didn’t land there in 1969.

  3. Efeso Collins, a leftwing Green MP hyppocrite died on Feb 12 due to a heart attack. He heavily promoted and supported the covid legislation in New Zealand. Of course he was vaxxed.
    May he rest in peace, but I won’t cry a tear that another one who promoted that mRNA bio-weapon bit the dust.
    As so many others will do: died suddenly….DUH!

    • What an insulting, unsympathetic and unsubstantiated comment. How many tears have you cried for the millions of un-vaxxed individuals who have died from COVID across the globe?

      • Insulting? Perhaps.

        Unsympathetic? Definitely.

        Unsubstantiated? You have to be a special kind of naive to actually believe that. Have you been living under a rock for the past two years? Have you not seen the countless compilation clips of collapsing soccer players and rockstars and TV announcers etc? Have you not seen the global stats on excess deaths tick ever upward to the point where they’re now coincidentally going to “change” the way they count these? And please spare us the “it’s long Covid” nonsense, you’re only insulting your OWN intelligence with that one 😆

        And for the record, the vast majority of unvaccinated patients who died of COVID were the result of a combination of fraudulent over reporting and dangerous hospital protocols such as unnecessary intubation and medically induced coma (all of which have come under intense scrutiny by ACTUAL medical experts in recent years).

        Nothing against Efeso, I’m sorry for his family’s loss, but I hope the lesson is learned for others who called for me to lose my job and my children and be banned from leaving my house for daring to think for myself.

        • Doctors from the Forensic department, All India Institute of Medical Science, said on Friday last week that the preliminary investigation report on sudden deaths in young adults, COVID-19 and its vaccines showed no direct correlation has been found between the sudden deaths in young adults and Covid-19 and its vaccines in the 100 autopsies performed as part of one the studies conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research.
          Dr Sudhir Gupta, professor and head of the Forensic department said that 100 autopsies were performed to find out the exact cause of the deaths, along with their relation with Covid-19 and its vaccines.
          You quote “ACTUAL medical experts in recent years.” Name them or stop making unreferenced assertions.

          • What, you want me to start naming names so you can deploy your archived MSM smears and attack their credibility? You want to wave “authoritative sources” in my face who are so correct they’re having to manipulate the way excess deaths are counted?

            Nah, I don’t feel like playing the appeal to authority fallacy game today. Thanks for the offer though.

            You have your experts, I have mine. Their names and research are out there and easy enough to find. Former Pfizer directors, a man who is literally the most published and cited doctor in the world, a couple of prominent biologists, not to mention the inventor of MRNA itself (although that’s apparently not true anymore since 2021 (thanks Wikipedia))

            You’ve definitely already seen and heard their opinions but you closed off your mind to it long ago. That’s okay, it’s your prerogative, but pretending it doesn’t exist is just lazy and disingenuous. Come on Doug, you’re better than that.

            Also, I’m happy for the Indian council of whatever, but 100 autopsies from one area is really not that big a sample in the context of BILLIONS vaccinated, especially when it’s been confirmed many vax batches were simple saline.

            What are your thoughts on the video clips going around of embalmers pulling gigantic fibrous clots out of cadavers? Are those fake too? Did Bigfoot make them? Or are you still waiting on your authoritative sources to deliver your opinion on that to you?

            Thanks as always for the chuckles.

          • So the 100 autopsies performed because of sudden death, were they all vaxx’d?

            And did they manage to find 100 sudden deaths from the unvaxxed to compare?

  4. Unquaccinated, you are totally ignorant of the science of mortuary practice so you should completely read Benjamin Schmidt’s critique of the pseudo-documentary Died Suddemly.
    See: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/a-clot-too-far-an-embalmer-dissects-antivax-misinformation-about-blood-clots-in-died-suddenly/

    After spending seven years in the Navy, Schmidt left to pursue his education, receiving Bachelor’s degrees in both Natural Science and Psychology from Thomas Edison State University. After working as a social worker at a residential facility for handicapped children, he enrolled at Worsham College of Mortuary Science, graduating in 2011 and earning his Funeral Director and Embalmer License.
    After four years in the field, and earning his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Ben continued his career in mortuary science as an instructor of embalming, chemistry, anatomy, restorative art, funeral directing, and funeral service history at two mortuary colleges. In addition to his teaching duties, he is a consultant at Raven Plume Consulting, is the co-author of the textbook Creating Natural Form: Restorative Art Theory and Application, the co-creator of the MorTraqr task tracking app, and host of The Funeral Science Podcast.
    This is expertise that cranks who adhere to The Anti-Vaxx Playbook cannot ignore.

    • Okay so in summary…

      Me 🦆: I’m not interested in lobbing authoritative sources at one another.

      Douglas: Here’s another authoritative source and his life story…

      And his entire analysis is essentially, “no, those other doctors are lying and blood clots are completely normal and there’s nothing to see here…” Which is exactly what could be expected. So again, you have your experts whom you trust, I have mine. You haven’t changed my mind, I haven’t changed yours. Stalemate.

      And this is basically where all of society is at present; either rabidly pro MRNA or dead set against it. In your opinion I’m brainwashed, in my opinion you are. Probably the only thing that is ever really going to resolve the issue is time, but in the meantime I will continue to reject these injections because I flat out just don’t trust them. And it isn’t because of Stew Peters documentaries or which side has the better experts. It’s because of the behaviour of the medical industry itself, it’s because of their prior history (which is a matter of record BTW), it’s because of all the cosying up to the politicians and the noted improvements in their cash flow, all the media flip-flops on vaccine efficacy and all the government threats and coercion, the unnecessary vaccine mandates and the attempts to make me have to produce a f#cking digital passport to go to a restaurant. Your side has what essentially boils down to a PR problem, and it’s one of THEIR OWN making. They’re losing trust, and by censoring and disbarring experts who don’t agree with them, by drawing up draconian new pandemic treaties and ignoring the opinions of those who oppose them, and by changing the way they count excess deaths they aren’t winning anyone over; it’s actually having the OPPOSITE effect. Actions speak louder than words.

      And I know I’ve poked fun at you and been snide and sarcastic, I’ll apologise for that. It probably takes courage to put forth your point of view knowing that the vast majority on this website disagree with you, so I commend you for that. But again, you haven’t changed my mind and you aren’t going to.

      Thanks anyway

      • Thank you for your reasonable response qazzy. Makes sense.
        I can concur with: I smell a rat when I smell it.
        Not Doug of course, but the ‘resoning and veracity’ of his ‘experts’.

      • I see earlier that you mention the inventor of mRNA itself as one of your authorities and say that’s apparently not true anymore since 2021.
        If you are referring to Dr Robert Malone that was not even true before 2021.
        Development of the mRNA vaccine platform is due to the work of hundreds of researchers.
        Malone contributed early evidence that mRNA could be delivered and produce proteins in cells.
        However, because crucial hurdles to develop the mRNA vaccines were resolved by many researchers, Malone cannot be claimed the inventor of this vaccine technology.

        • Yip, correct – that’s the “fact-checked” and re-written history I was talking about. Thanks.

          Pardon me if I don’t trust it. Malone claims to be more than just a simple researcher, I believe him.

          Moreover, even if Malone doesn’t deserve sole credit, he can hardly be dismissed as a quack who knows nothing about the subject (which is essentially what they’ve tried to do to him).

          He seems like a pretty trustworthy guy to me. I also like the fact that his “dangerous” advice is more or less “wait, take your time, be careful what you inject into your veins and don’t simply take everything you’re told at face value.”

          As opposed to the establishment experts’ “it’s safe because we say so, now shut up and take it.”

          Malone is warning me to use common sense, Pfizer is trying to sell me something. Objectively, who is more likely to be lying to me in that scenario?

          “Credibility” (or more accurately, establishment approval) is no longer the currency of the realm, I’m afraid. So please continue to pile on about what a dishonest and dangerous scoundrel Malone is, I’m still not taking the jabs.

    • I was pro-vax before, but thank god i was shown a video by Dr Malone with his sage advice. Weighing the risks and benefits myself I decided i would not take this novel gene therapy and neither would my children. My children were banned from their sports and other activities, it was difficult at the time but i am 100% confident i made the right decision, seeing all the pain and loss this jab has caused to those around me. Thank you Dr Malone!


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