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Nord Stream suspected sabotage: Russia issues emergency call to UN Security Council

Nord Stream news

Moscow will request a meeting over suspected “sabotage” against the Nord Stream pipeline.

Moscow wishes to call an emergency UN Security Council session over the “provocations” at the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday in a Telegram post. Both pipelines were severely damaged earlier this week in what many suspect was a deliberate attack.

Danish authorities confirmed gas leaks from the pipelines not far from the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea on Monday after the operator reported a loss of pressure in both Nord Stream 1 and 2. Swedish and Danish authorities later confirmed a series of undersea explosions had been detected before the leaks were confirmed.

Russian, American, and Swedish officials all said that the damage might have been the result of a targeted attack on pipeline infrastructure. No suspects behind the incident have officially been named, although in a tweet former Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski “thanked” Washington for destroying the pipeline. Moscow, which called the incident a “terrorist attack,” also named the US as a potential suspect.

Several high-ranking German MPs have pointed the finger at Russia, accusing it of attempts to “stir up uncertainty among the European population.”

There has been no shortage of threats from some Western nations against Russian undersea pipelines, particularly Nord Stream 2 both before and after late February, when Moscow sent troops into Ukraine. It had been ready to pump gas since September last year, but was not put into operation due to Germany’s refusal to certify it.

Polish President Andrzej Duda demanded last month that the pipeline be “totally scrapped.” US President Joe Biden warned in early February, before Russia began its military operation in Ukraine, that if Moscow acts against Kiev, “there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” A journalist asked him to clarify what exactly he meant, to which Biden responded: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. It’s been absurd hearing the usual western media sycophants blame Russia. As if Russia would blow up their own $10B assets, when they could already turn the gas off at any time without destroying the pipelines. And when they were making out like bandits financially from the sale of gas at current EU prices. And by destroying the asset they wouldve then lost the powerful leverage they had of being able to turn the gas back on!
    Most likely the Poles, with the agreement and assistance of the US and UK.
    Welcome to WW3 people..

    • Exactly- anyone with a brain can work that out. Why would Russia do that to themselves?

      This has got Americas fingerprints all over it. Disgusting.

      And who suffers? The European people. About time Europe told America what they can do and about time Americans woke the F up as to who is causing all the wars in the world.

  2. Deep state is becoming desperate and wanting something to happen to postphone mid term elections. WW3 is something only psychopathic maniacs will go for but many of the Biden advisors such as Blinken, Victorial Nuland (other juice) are indeen criminal psychopaths. We also dont know what other damaging evidence on pedo Biden they hold. It is clearly obvious that anyone with some commonsense will not ally with US on the Ukranian issue but our politicians aks NWO agends JabSinDa and Luxon are hell bent on taking orders from US and not taking an independent or neutral stand on this issue. We could have been a haven on earth if a nuclear war breaks out. JabSinDa killed the best geopolitical advantage kiwis had for sure. JanSinDa is a curse put on liwis.

  3. Sorry Italy, sorry Europe. They don’t care how many right wingers you elect, you won’t be voting your way back to cheap energy and economic prosperity anytime soon.

    The globalists have decided it’s war-o-clock again.

    1) ???? Pestilence (Covid/vaccines)
    2) ???? War (we are here)
    3) ???? Famine (coming 2023-2029)
    4) ???? Death (agenda 2030)

  4. I will NOT be surprised if the US neocons place a tactical or depleted uranium nuclear bomb on Kiev, and then blame it on Russians. ???????????????????????? We are dealing with satanist evils who want a hegemony and NWO.
    Pedo Biden is controlled by them because his “deeds” will be exposed if he does not do what neocons order.

  5. There’s no doubt whatsoever who gave the order; it was the US end of story.
    I doubt US Special Forces carried out the mission and I doubt the Poles did either although they I ma positive they participated by way of acting as a base of operations and a logistic hub. Polish special forces don’t have the capability to operate divers at 50+ metres for this sort of clandestine work. This requires a submarine able to sneak into eh Baltic undetected, EVA divers equipped with the latest and greatest in re-breathing technology, deploy up to 100KG of explosives (according to a Swedish seismic scientist) on the pipeline – Twice – arm the weapons etc and exit the scene without arriving at a port in the Baltic.

    The divers had to be out of the water and the sub to be far enough away from the scene that the shock wave didn’t create a own goal. Timers are notoriously unreliable so it is quite possible these were command detonations from either the sub or quite possibly from land – i.e. Polish soil.

    These charges could have been set several months ago just waiting for the order to detonate. Only three countries could carry this sort of mission out – Russia, the US or UK. Russia had everything to lose and not a sausage to gain by this operation. Only the US gains because now the US energy exports to Germany sky rockets coincidental with he opening of the competing Norwegian pipeline.

    In my view, the UK SF carried this act out as proxy for the US. The UK has done these ops many times for the US who just cannot seem to carry these things off without stuff ups.

  6. This is a colossal act, so colossal in it’s devastating perniciousness, that it will hopefully open the eyes of even the most blind global citizen, that THE USA IS THE WORLD TERRORIST.
    Here is a most succinct analyses: https://www.unz.com/pescobar/germany-and-eu-have-been-handed-over-a-declaration-of-war/
    And some of the comments pertain directly to NZ. In that respect: NEVER forget that ALL parties in parliament suck up to and ally with the US TERRORIST.


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