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NZ Doctor appealing suspension for ‘Covid misinformation’

NZ Medical Council news

On Wednesday, June 28, Dr. Alison Goodwin’s appeal against the decision of the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to suspend her Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) will be heard.

Dr Goodwin is appealing the extreme decision on the basis that it breached her right to freedom of expression and was an overreach of the MCNZ’s power. The case will be heard in Wellington District Court starting at 10:00 am. A rally of public support is expected.

WHAT: Dr Alison Goodwin is appealing the suspension of her Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) that left her unable to practice as a doctor for 10 months in 2022.

WHO: Dr Alison Goodwin, NZ General Practitioner

WHEN: Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 10:00 am

WHERE: Wellington District Court, 49 Ballance Street, Wellington Central

WHY: Despite no patient complaints, no evidence of harm being caused, and without considering that she may have helped people, the MCNZ suspended Dr Goodwin’s APC and later imposed conditions detailing what she could say in public and restricting what she could prescribe to treat patients with Covid-19.

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    • They don’t hate white people though, that’s just a whacky conspiracy theory.

      All they want is for you to stop driving, go vegan, pay higher taxes, stop making babies, look away as they turn your kids gay, keep taking their vaccines, and smile politely as third world colonists replace you and your children.

      Oh, and shut up about it will you? “Free speech” is LITERALLY violence.

      Be kind… or else.

  1. I will never again trust the medical mafia, including all the ‘doctors’ who marched goose-step to the fascist tune of bullshiticians, lobbied (bribed) by Big Pharma, deceived and betrayed by Ministry of Health and Truth. NEVER AGAIN!
    These ‘doctors’ and their handlers should not only be suspended, but need to be charged with negligible manslaughter and failure to provide according to their Hippocratic oath.
    Negligible manslaughter is a type of criminally negligent homicide that occurs when there is an omission to act when there is a duty to do so, or a failure to perform a duty owed, which leads to death.
    The Hippocratic Oath requires a physician to swear to uphold specific ethical standards.
    As many lay-persons have done, they too could have looked into early data to at least question the official BS. “I just followed orders!” Where have we heard that before? It didn’t save Mengele.
    Hypocrites! Academic Scum! Criminals!

  2. Since Raymond Royal Rife invented the Rife machine in the late 1920’s and was shut down by lawfare from the FDA in the US, and then had all his notes and prototypes taken by “the state” we have had the illusion of a medical establishment that cares.

    Over the last few years, that illusion has been shattered worldwide as the truth has been exposed.

    A simple thought experiment …

    In a real pandemic, when Doctors find that HCQ or IVM successfully cures patients one would observe the political leadership thanking the Doctors and then making every effect to distribute HCQ and IVM as fast as possible. However, what we have actually observed is that Doctors using HCQ or IVM have had their social media accounts terminated and (in the case of IVM) had their medical licenses revoked.

    Therefore, using our simple thought experiment, this is NOT a real pandemic.


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