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NZDSOS – Amnesty calling: The Great Regret has started

As our leaders’ propaganda finally falls apart under the avalanche of evidence of harm, establishment commentators are testing the waters of our restraint with the beginning of a mainstream media pivot.

There are suggestions that we kiss and make-up; that both sides made mistakes and we should just move on; and even that both pro-vaxxers and conscientious objectors were hamstrung by the real ‘hard-core anti-vax nutters’.

After all, everyone knows they are far-right, racist, misogynist, rabbit-holer domestic terrorists who just clambered on the Pfizerphobia bandwagon to have a crack at “Dear Leader” on the way to get their benefit cheques, right?

COVID Amnesty news
Pro-vaccine protesters in 2021.

But have any of the woke ‘journalists’ and pompous arbiters of the public good (funded directly by the Prime Ministers’ office making them all fatally conflicted), actually read our own home-grown selfaware critical thinkers, like Dr Guy Hatchard, Dr Emanuel Garcia, economist John Gibson and academic researcher Jodie Bruning? Or have they dismissed them just because they don’t follow the narrative?

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) supposes not, paid as they are, to only play fetch with their owner-operator, the “One Source of Truth”.

Those people who are awake to the evils of the Covid narrative have started to write reflective, reasoned responses to this appeal from the “oopsy-daisy – please forget we thought that we hoped you would suffer horribly and die, and said so to your face” group.

They all make a common cause on a number of points, illustrated well in an article written by Dr Joe Mercola, where one person states “People lose their friends, family, and freedoms. Much of the harm done was cultural, emotional, and social. No amount of money can replace the ability to grieve in person at your loved one’s funeral.”

In short, he explains the harm has been immeasurable, the perpetrators have neither apologised nor explained, and so might do it all over again.

Brown University economist Emily Oster simply requested; “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.” This does not sound like an apology or even a reflection on actions to NZDSOS. Rather it sounds like a desperate attempt to get r those harmed to look away.

COVID Amnesty
A typical tweet from 2021.

A spokesperson for NZDSOS requested “rather than asking for forgiveness, perhaps they could apologise for the things that were said and done and agree to an adult discussion on our points of difference.

Being labelled a grandmother killer and then losing one’s livelihood for simply wanting to make a choice of bodily autonomy, or asking reasonable questions is not something that can be easily forgotten or simply swept away without acknowledgement.

“The lies which have been exposed are met with deafening silence from the mainstream media. COVID jabs were never tested for or proven to stop transmission, the fatality rate of COVID was around 0.005% for most, the jabs were not 95% effective but actually increased the risk of getting COVID and ‘safe and effective’ turned into ‘sudden and unexpected death’.

“We are simply saying we recognised the evidence and based our medical treatment on multiple peer-reviewed studies, not on a ‘single source of truth’ “. Dr Mercola puts it plainly… “you weren’t allowed to say goodbye to your loved ones or attend their funerals, but the chosen ones dined at extravagant restaurants and allowed liquor stores and Wal-Mart to stay open. Your small business was destroyed, while Amazon made billions.

“These murderous hypocrites killed thousands of seniors by knowingly putting infected patients into old age homes. They killed thousands more by putting treatable patients on ventilators and Fauci’s Remdesivir, and additional thousands were killed by not allowing safe and effective treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to be prescribed by doctors. “We were scorned, ridiculed, ostracised, censored, fired, de-platformed and wished dead by the authoritarian-minded sheep who demanded compliance, and treated like outcasts by family members who believed the narrative hook, line and sinker.

“They pushed their agenda too far and too fast out of desperation, as the financial underpinnings of their fake world order began to strain and crumble. This desperation exposed their blatant lies to a vast array of critical thinkers across the world who have not been deterred in exposing the falsehoods on social media, blogs and free-speech websites”. While we cannot accept a kiss-and-forget amnesty, NZDSOS remains open to and invites urgent discussion with the government and regulators to stem the tide of tragedy and harms unfolding.

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  1. Wow. This is the new zealand print media news source that I have been hoping for. So glad to have finally found you. Keep up the brilliant work!

  2. Sounds a bit like Sam Bankrupt Fryed
    Now being lauded as a hero
    After all it was only a few billion
    Being directed into the coffers of the corrupt undemocratic party
    The only reason these degenerates got as far as they did
    Was through lies distortion and spin
    And almost total control of the media in controlling the construct narrative
    And in putting anybody down who attempted to shine light into their rabbit warren of lies
    The people of NZ were treated as cattle and as being disposal items
    Lab rats
    No this isn’t going away anytime soon
    It is high noon at the Ok Corral

  3. I’m all for forgiveness but under these circumstances It would be a further crime against humanity to think of forgiving the politicians from all parties and the lamestream media companies / individuals including so called medical professionals who pushed the covid narrative in this country on behalf of the global elite. They must be held responsible or nothing will stop them from doing this again and next time maybe even worse.

  4. Since 2020 our country has irrevocably changed it will never be as it was. Whether this is a good or a bad thing remains to be seen. Still, one thing is now perfectly clear. Most Kiwis do not have a mind of their own and are easily led by those in authority. And most of them have little or no moral compass, evident in the fact that now say amnesty for our sake, not yours.

    There is no forgiveness in them. No apology, no applause, to those who made a stand for their inalienable right to self-determination regarding their health now proven to be the right one.

    Yes, I will forgive them their behaviour born of ignorance and persuasion. But I will never, we must never, forget…

    • Forgiveness is EARNED, not demanded.

      Part of the process is restitution; they have to genuinely feel remorse for what they did and they have to take steps both to make amends as well as to ensure it never happens again. Ignorance and persuasion are no excuse, they need to take some responsibility for once in their miserable lives.

      So far I’ve seen none of that, only the typical millennial leftist demand that they not be held accountable for their actions.

      So no, they get no forgiveness from me. They get nothing.

  5. We resisted the unthinking masses driven by the lies of a woman and government without soul or conscience. And prevailed.

    Seen and thought of by our own loved ones and friends as sub human not deserving of basic human rights or afforded any respect. Looked down on and loathed.Shut out of cafes while people with dogs were allowed in.

    And they want to sweep that gross injustice under the carpet?


    Let them admit publicly they were wrong. And let the media hammer that message home every hour on the hour for two years so they taste their own evil

    Before they can be forgiven let them repent and make amends…… Else this will happen again and again

  6. This government told me that I had a choice, and I said “ no thank you “I never expected that I would be so despised and hated for it, that I had to fight for the choice that was offered to me! C.S Lewis once said that “anger is what bleeds from a wound ,when love has been cut “I and many others have been cut. I will forgive but not because you ask me to, I will forgive because Jesus asks me to. I can do it for him. The forgiveness that I offer frees me from a root of bitterness and hatred that will damage my soul. My forgiving you, releases me.

  7. I have forgiven much yet I will NEVER forgive those that made the decisions that have caused so much harm to the health and wellbeing of fellow kiwi’s. These times have presented huge lessons. I would like to see these times and the lessons chronicled for future generations so that humanity never repeats these crimes. Sadly many are suffering and many lives have been lost. This is the one instance I call for the death penalty for those that have knowingly made the decisions that have caused death. No amnesty!

    • Exactly, the Govt crossed the line in promoting Infanticde and Genocide when they paid the first dollar in hush money to parents of the children that died from the jab. They knew damn well what caused those deaths. They violated the Nuremburg Codes, In doing so they are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and need to be held to account. And yes we need to bring back the death penalty for these abhorrent crimes.

      • Yes, I agree with all of that. But it is not just the government, but just as much the mainstream media.
        Lying falk tongued snakes. I understand they are still telling the same bald face lies and spewing out the same mal information.
        Hitler’s media snakes were hung, like wise, these criminals also must face the axe for their willing assistance in these crimes against humanity and the dissemination of lies, deceit and dis information.
        If there is going to be no justice with what has happened here, that they will face zero accountability, then wait till next time, it will be even worse.

        • Just following orders got you executed at the Nuremberg trials. same should apply to all the enablers.precedent has been set

  8. I prefer the ‘musical’ approach to ‘forgive and forget’ for what has transpired these last two years: Piano Wire! For ALL these hideous clown-like psychopaths giving the orders. Imagine it – and write a concerto that will, ironically, truly UNITE a world!

  9. The obedient who blindly followed the govt are the real villians,hopefully the “vaccine” will take care of them.
    Hitler didnt cause the Holocaust, tens of millions of obedient Germans did

    • That’s right, you had to have people carrying out the executions, operating the gas chambers, guarding the death camps, contractors, office jocks documenting and ordering things, people organizing people and everything that needs doing. Lots and lots of people needed to carry all that out. Likewise, all these people here in NZ, so called “investigative journalists” and media putting all this cock and bull together, despite the conflicting evidence at the time, which they completely ignored, and going on National TV and telling everybody lies, the doctors which went along with it, what ever happened to that..what do you call that thing again! umm..doctors ethics, and code of practice. Well all that bullcrap went out the window, turned out to be rather shallow. All those business owners and managers who enforced these illegal mandates on thousands and thousands of people. All these people who became a part of that same type of mechanism which constructed the holocaust, people here in NZ participated in a mass murder and mass casualty event on our soil. And are still in so many cases continuing in it.
      It is like this countries people has scales over their eyes. It is like people have been blinded, be it a mass psychosis, mass hypnosis or whatever. I wonder how so many people participate in this lie like they have been “bewitched”.


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