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NZDSOS: Are unexpected deaths being adequately investigated?

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In a press release of today, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) call on government agencies and the Coroner’s Office to thoroughly investigate the deaths of vaccinated New Zealanders to ensure these are not linked to the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine for COVID.

Full text of NZDSOS press release:

“We are concerned that the deaths of the vaccinated are not being adequately investigated” said a spokesperson from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) referring to an open letter to the Chief Coroner of New Zealand.

“We are requesting confirmation that a thorough and detailed assessment of all deaths amongst vaccinated New Zealanders takes place”.

NZDSOS have significant concerns based on their observations and analysis of data around deaths as well as on several official documents relating to the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine rollout in New Zealand.

These documents include an Adverse Event Report from the Pfizer data release in which 1223 deaths were reported within the first three months of post-marketing surveillance.

They also refer to a government document from February 2021 released under the Official Information Act (OIA) which implies the government was expecting up to 1.1% of vaccinees to have a severe or serious adverse reaction, requiring those who experienced such a reaction to have time off work.

NZDSOS also details possible mechanisms by which the injection could be killing New Zealanders through blood clots, strokes, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), cancer, myocarditis, autoimmune conditions and overwhelming infections. “We question whether specific testing for spike protein is being undertaken during autopsies”, said the NZDSOS spokesperson.

They note, that although three deaths have been determined likely due to the vaccine (three young people who would not have been expected to die from Covid-19), these are still waiting for the Coroner’s final assessment.

The significant length of time for processing coronial investigations is also being questioned. NZDSOS wants to know how New Zealanders can be reassured that signals of vaccine harm will be picked up in a timely manner if coronial reports take at least a year, and in some cases, up to four years to be completed. “This is woefully inadequate if we are expecting the coronial service to alert us to significant signals of vaccine harm in time to prevent other people from suffering similar harms.”

NZDSOS requests confirmation that political interference in the coronial process has been, and will be, avoided. The nation has witnessed Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern advising the country that a teenager’s death was nothing to do with the vaccine within a few days of the death, knowing full well the investigation would take months to complete.

In addition, NZDSOS are hoping for reassurance that the Coronial Service has not received ‘guidance’ similar to that which doctors have received requiring them not to say anything which might promote ‘vaccine hesitancy. This could potentially include certifying that death was contributed to, or caused by, a vaccine.

NZDSOS is awaiting a response from the Chief Coroner.

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  1. I wonder what would need to happen before the majority of New Zealand people wake up to the reality of mass experimental injections? In the early days of the vaccination programme overseas I found myself jumping on any vaccine injury related research and thinking to myself “great, this should be enough to stop NZ rolling it out”. Now we’re so far along ourselves, we have real and damning NZ based data coming out regularly and despite this it seems the masses still have there head in the sand. How long, and how much more evidence do we need before we can reach a critical mass of people that will stand up to this government and the system as a whole. Will the truth ever be exposed by MSM? Surely if it gets bad enough they’ll smell blood in the water and turn on the government just as fast as they took their money in the first place.

  2. Good luck with that..

    No, seriously, we can only hope and pray that someone actually begins to listen. It is as plain as day, there is a case to be answered, and answered quickly. This nonsense must be stopped, people must be warned of the dangers attached to this drug. Enough have died already. And enough is enough…

  3. The answer is an obvious NO.
    The excess deaths in UK, a highly jabbed population, records the cause of death along with co-morbidities. There is a cleaer evidence in the data that the excess deaths due to jab related causes or attributable to jabs is high. UK is formally investigating even thoigh the evidence in the data is clear. There is also a big drop in new births in mnay countries after jabbing.
    Agent Jabcinda wont do much and try to use her subagent experts to brush it off. Only when UK and other EU countries take some action, she will be forced to do somethoing similar. There ois still lot of real experts in UK and EU countries who are not willing to accept the Big Pharma agenda but we have only a few real experts in NZ whose voices are very much suppressed by smearing by the MSM mercenaries.

  4. It is a crime to cause the death of another person. Homicide is defined in the crimes act 1961. Starts at section 158. That and the world has a standard and penalty for mass murder set down 1 October 1946. With the overwhelming evidence that injections cause death by blood clots and other illness to people, it will not be an acceptable defence. Especially when the injections make no difference to catching covid nor making covid easier to cope with. The simple fact is, having blood clots does not make covid easier to cope with.


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