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NZDSOS: Continuous conspiracy theories or unanswered questions?

Lisa Hansen and Dr. Ate Moala.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) along with Public Health Physician Dr Ate Moala, and Barrister Lisa Hansen has been the target of yet another hit piece from New Zealand’s Stuff Media.

Dr Moala is “accused” of being connected with the Freedom and Rights Coalition, as well as protesting against the Covid-19 lockdowns which are now known to cause more harm than good – to the health and the financial well-being of individuals, the public health systems and the nations that instituted these. The article continues with accusations against Dr Moala’s charitable trust ‘Pacific Child, Youth and Family Integrated Care’ (PACYFIC), stating it was spreading conspiracy theories within its network.

NZDSOS spokesperson Dr Cindy de Villiers wonders what theories the group was spreading. “The article does not point out what conspiracy theories PACYFIC spreads. Neither does it state on what basis NZDSOS is a conspiracy group. Who is actually spreading the untruths and misinformation? We challenge the author to show us one conspiracy from NZDSOS and we applaud Dr Moala for helping her people”.

No one appointed the Director General of Health (who has no doctor-patient relationship with the applicant) as the only doctor who could provide exemption letters. Yet, this process was eventually written into law for health care workers and teachers. No public consultation was undertaken, nor were any ethical opinions sought when this legislation was rushed through.

“This, after the PM had said that there would be no penalties for those who did not take the Covid injection”, said Dr de Villiers. “NZDSOS requests simply to have open discussion and debate about the government’s Covid response. Yet we are constantly ignored and called conspiracy theorists for merely asking questions. Is anyone able to define what a conspiracy theorist is, along with telling us what conspiracy theories we are promoting?” asked de Villiers.

The mounting deaths associated with the covid injection are getting harder to ignore both in New Zealand and globally. National and international media are sharing horrifying stories of SADS, however. At some point, these deaths, labelled SADS or otherwise have to be investigated.

Are they a result of micro contamination, the pathological spike protein the body produces in response to the injection, the lipid nanoparticles, a combination of these or something else completely? “No organisation has attempted to answer this, as far as we are aware.

NZDSOS is big enough to admit it does not have the answers either. We have questions and given that these questions involve the lives of New Zealanders, we continue to request that these questions are investigated and answers provided”.

“NZDSOS is a group of doctors who have the health of the New Zealand public and their families at heart. Questioning the government, health authorities and the media narrative is not conspiracy” said Dr de Villiers.

However, labelling individuals and groups, in a clear attempt to swing the voter away from Dr Moala and defame barrister Lisa Hansen does appear to have more of an alternative motive than plain old unbiased journalism.

The offer from NZDSOS to mainstream media to conduct a recorded live discussion remains open.

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  1. NZ seems to have a brain dead denialist MOH. Ignoring evidence and any opposing view of their flawed policies.
    The NZ Chiro Assn are onto it, NZ Medical Council aren’t. Just threatening doctors with de-registration if they speak out.
    Why would the MOH and NZ Med behave like that?

  2. Jabcinda is following the deepstate playbook. Anyone who disagrees with the establishment narrative is a national security threat aka terrorist. It will start with threats and smears using MSM, fake experts and government machinery, and if someone withstands this onslaught, the nest step is to involve the law enforcement part of the government, police and intel services. If this does not tone down, the person or a group will be branded as a domestic terrorist(s). Biden is now calling Trup and the majority of the republicans as a threat to democracy. sem-facist etc. and using FBI and also threatended that you dont have F-16s to fight me.

    NZ MoH and NZ Med are no longer independent entities with the prime objective of providing and improving health services but entities which take orders from politicians and implement an agenda which is planned outside NZ by Big Pharma, Big tech and other globalists. IT expenses, and medical equipments and most medications are part of the dues Agents like Jabsinda pay to Globalists. Doctors/nurses and others only play a “pawn” role in the big scheme of things. Service mentality is entirely individualistic and not part of the system they created on the orders of Globalists. These changes are made slowly and in a slimy manner and so most got used to this health tyranny.

    • Your first paragraph is already playing-out in the U.S. where Joe Stolen…er I..I..I mean..Bison! has already targeted Trump voters and supporters has mentioned that “All MAGA Republicans are Terrorist and are a threat to the Nation!”
      No doubt that in the other nations that are WEF / IMF / NWO subscribers, the same types of statements will emanate from those ‘bought and paid for leaders’ in the next 24-72 hours, following the edicts and policies that are demanded of them by their Zio-Communist Masonic Luciferian Masters.
      Jabcinda is following the Communist model by centralising the Three Waters, Healthcare, the Polytechniks, and calling for a Firearms Registry before total Firearms Confiscations.
      Look for petrol / LPG vehicles to suddenly be banned in the next 1-2 years, and replaced by legislation with electric failures that can’t charge all car batteries at 5:30 PM on any given day without crashing the electrical grid!
      But, that’s what they want…
      There are Patriotic Pilots in the U.S. from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces who are also Republicans. Many witnessed the first coup when Obama fired many pro-American Officers and abruptly ended the long-tenure of both the Officer Corps and the senior Enlisted Ranks.
      Many pro-America pilots have already laid out code words, logistics, & tactical plans etc. on where to fly to (Red States) in the event Bison decides to go after Republicans, Trump Supporters, and those Red States that are anti-Bison!
      Uncle Joe Stolen doesn’t understand in his hair-sniffing, ice-cream lapping, loaded nappy mind that we do in fact have…F-16’s, MC-130’s, A-10 ll’s, F-22’s, F-35′, and a whole host of…(you guessed it…!) Drones!
      Once the Force Majeur is declared in the U.S. and in other nations. seizing personal assets, properties, etc. to pay the IMF / Central Bank Debts to the privately owned Zio-Communist usury Federal Reserve Banks, that is when the IRS, ATF, FBI, etc and all samples of the ‘Alphabet Police’ will crash doors and murder people in their own homes!!!That is when Civil War ll erupts.
      See the movie trailer for ‘Gray State Movie’ online. That is what is coming!
      See also the 30 year old video titled ‘Millennium 2000’ with Anthony J. Hilder.
      & BTW, Hal Turner’s website was hacked by one of his own ‘subscribers’…probably another FBI / NSA / CIA / DIA / SRO / DHS planted operative.
      Look for the same to happen now on a global basis.

  3. Looks to me that the Government is in fact following the Vatican playbook. When in doubt do nothing. Which is of course what they are doing when it comes to facing up to legitimate questions from qualified professionals. They are in fact scared of the truth getting out, and the repercussions, which will follow. Quite frankly, don’t blame them… ????????

    • Catholicism is a man made brain dead religion
      The traditions of men
      Church doctrine dogma
      Or in the days of Jesus
      The traditions of the elders
      Mark 7:7 “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”
      Happy in Your learning

  4. ‘Mask requirements are less critical’ – claims fake expert Michael Baker in a RNZ propaganda piece.
    F(b)aker just followed the cheap political science.

  5. The same trend to assassinate the characters of anyone speaking against or even questioning the government narrative.

    Isn’t Jacinda Adern a low life worm. A liar and even worse…. a gutless liar who hides behind morally bankrupt journalists and ministers

    In time to come those same journalists who do these hit pieces on good community servants will look to erase references for this regime from their CV’s and change their names.

    Better still I hope the just leave the country.

  6. The government’s twin strategies of ‘self-deception’ and ‘deflection’ have become extremely obvious and tiresome.

    Hiding behind the glib smokescreen of claiming ‘misinformation’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ when facing difficult questions is simply not credible, and wholly unacceptable in a supposedly free and fair functioning democracy.


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