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NZDSOS: Coroner’s refusal to analyse evidence

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Teenager Isabella Alexander’s medical history was shown to the world in a flagrant, desperate attempt to blame the victim again and keep Pfizer off the hook.

Isabella died on 10 September 2021 with blood clots in her legs and lungs, shortly after her first Pfizer vaccine. Incredibly, Coroner Janet Anderson wrote, “there is no evidence available to me to suggest that the Pfizer vaccine had any role in her death”.

Perhaps this coroner is telling her truth; no evidence has been shown to her. However, there is muchpublished evidence proving the fact of blood clotting caused by the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein, and the artificial version induced by the genetic shots, which produce far more spike and for longer.

A spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) said, “shame on this coroner, and on Medsafe’s investigatory panel for not flagging this when they chatted about Isabella’s death over tea and biscuits. An OIA response has revealed its processes fall extremely short of a typical Independent Safety Monitoring Board, usually convened to supervise unapproved drugs during human trials.

“NZDSOS has shown the now infamous Slide 16 to Medsafe”, the spokesperson said. “Contained on that slide is the list of serious, potentially fatal medical conditions, that were flagged by the FDA during the clinical trials and that the coroner should be considering to be associated with the vaccine.

Multiple reports of clots showed up in the first 3 months of Pfizer’s post-release surveillance”. US Govt medical consultant Dr Paul Alexander presented a list of 26 published studies about Covid-19 spike protein causing clotting. This authoritative report discusses the significant influence of blood clots and leaky vessels with regard to the mRNA injections.

In the immediate media spin job to get the public and few remaining credible journalists off the scent, Prime Minister Ardern said no one had linked the teenager’s death with the jabs, and Ashley Bloomfield, then Director General of Health, implied that he wasn’t concerned about the jab as no doctors had emailed him about the case, or any other. “Apart from us, numerous times, of course”, said the NZDSOS spokesperson.

The so-called independent safety monitoring board (ISMB) apparently examined the case. However, an OIA request has revealed the ISMB is nowhere near meeting its obligations to thoroughly investigate. They have neither the skills nor the incentive. Most are medical doctors and know that anti-vaccine sentiment is not tolerated by the MCNZ. They know they may put their careers in jeopardy if they make anything near a suggestion that the Pfizer injection may cause harm.

Medsafe’s website states it is investigating possible safety signals including blood clots. However, the monitoring communication has not been updated for over a year. If this is the case, why not consider the vaccine? In previous pharmacovigilance work, the cause of death would have been the newly introduced medication until proven otherwise.

Now the entire edifice of this government is shutting its eyes and driving on the narrative. These coroners are ignoring a giant elephant in the room and are too late for those whose deaths they have signed off. However, many yet to die, could be saved if these coroners, who are trained lawyers, would find the courage to engage in actual critical thinking.

How many went into law to save lives with an oath of first do no harm? Now may be the time for doctors to become coroners. From the research NZDSOS has done, the level of harm from the
injections is extraordinary. They were forced on everyone, including pregnant women in mandated sectors, despite them not being effective.

Just because one is personally unaffected so far, does not mean the neighbour across the street isn’t suffering, abandoned and ignored by the health system, viewed as an inconvenient truth of the power of the state.

“Those suffering, need those who are unhappy with the direction of the country to do more, we all should be horrified, and resolved to action, on behalf of Isabella, her gaslit family, and thousands more like them,” said the spokesperson.

You can read the full NZDSOS article on this topic here.

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  1. No excuses for any of the experts shutting down the truth, if many of the population can see the evidence of harm caused by the covid inoculation….and we can…..then all of the people in a position of authority have no excuse for not investigating the extensive harms caused by this experimental “vaccine”…..gene therapy. NUREMBERG FOR ALL WHOM HAVE ADVOCATED THE COVID INNOCULATOON FROM A POSITION OF AUTHORITY, as these people have violated our trust and too many deaths and injuries have occurred as a result this experiment.

    The vaccine wasn’t brought in for the virus, the virus was brought in for the vaccine

  2. At the end of the day the Defense Forces Police and Judiciary are just agents of Totalitarian Govts. just like they were under Hitler Stalin Mussolini and Co. Just like NZ is today.


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