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NZDSOS: Dr. Dooley and the Smoking Gunn

Dr. Bruce Dooley news

Medical practitioner Dr Bruce Dooley has shone a light on simmering concerns over international interference in New Zealand’s medical regulatory processes.

Dr Dooley sat down with FreeNZ’s Liz Gunn in an explosive interview released on 24 September, where he discussed connections between the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) and a private, secretive organisation called the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), based in the United States.

The MCNZ is a member organisation of an international arm of the FSMB called the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA).

Dr Dooley told Gunn the FSMB and IAMRA are registered US charities with ‘hidden and anonymous’ donors who oversee disciplinary action of licensed medical doctors.

They particularly target clinicians working beyond the Big Pharma paradigm who they label as ‘quack’ or ‘fringe’.

Members lobby lawmakers to restrict the freedom of clinical practice in areas seen as competing with pharmaceutical industry profits, arguing a need for medical council control to ‘protect public health’.

In his interview, Dooley spoke about a letter released in July 2021 from the FSMB, claiming that medical professionals speaking against the mainstream narrative were a ‘scourge of misinformation and disinformation’ on the profession who ‘risk the suspension or revocation of their medical licence’.

The letter went on to claim these doctors were a ‘fringe group of licensed physicians who had intentionally spread false and misleading claims about COVID-19 and vaccinations, advocating the use of unproven, potentially dangerous therapies and influencing communities across this country’.

“Imagine calling doctors, who are discussing Ivermectin, a safe Nobel Prize-winning medication, and Vitamin D, a scourge,” said a spokesperson for NZDSOS.

Despite being under the watchful eye of the FSMB, doctors licensed to practice in New Zealand are unaware of the organisation’s existence. “I have never met a doctor when I bring up the Federation of State Medical Boards, who knows what I’m talking about”, said Dr Dooley.

He went on to describe the FSMB statement made in 2021 as a “battle cry to the medical councils” and that it interestingly coincides with a meteoric rise in ‘dissident’ or ‘scourge’ doctors being disciplined and de-licensed by medical councils across the globe.

The NZDSOS spokesperson asked, “if such an organisation exists to lobby against those who speak out about Vitamin D and Ivermectin, both essential for fighting disease, what else or who else, are they silencing in the process?”

MCNZ CEO and acting chair (due to be future chair) of IAMRA, Ms Joan Simeon has already written to every licensed New Zealand doctor, saying (in her medically untrained definition) misinformation and disinformation is being spread by “a few doctors”.

On this, NZDSOS agrees with Ontario Supreme Court Judge Pazaratz, who asked if “misinformation is even a real word … or has it become a crass, self-serving tool to pre empt scrutiny and discredit your opponent?”.

Dr Dooley recommended New Zealand needed to “disentangle our health care regulatory bodies totally from these powerful and malign influences. The Medical Council of New Zealand must disengage from the international bodies and the government must allow an open debate on issues of public health”.

“Dr Dooley’s story belongs to every New Zealander, and particularly every New Zealand doctor and licensed health care practitioner. Big money must not be allowed to beat integrity and experience,” said the spokesperson.

The full NZDSOS analysis and article is available here.

Watch the full interview with Liz Gunn and Dr Dooley.

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  1. I wondered why my Dr was so against my non-vax opinion. She felt she had to record her justification as a mild cognitive disorder! This threat to GP’s indepence of thought has no place in medicine.

  2. “The Medical Council of New Zealand must disengage from the international bodies and the government must allow an open debate on issues of public health”.


    The Police, the teachers, judiciary and every ‘arm’ of government should be separate from the control of the Labour Party’s WEF/GAVI/WHO driven agenda.

    Last but not least, any ruling party should be prohibited from funding any media with taxpayer’s money. If Jacinda Ardern wishes to pay the media to fulfil her agenda let her do so from her own private bank account.

  3. Mauriora Liz. In your interview with the doctor you showed good journalism is about the courage to walk in dark places. This doctor too is a good and brave man and has done a service to us all by revealing the workings and agenda of the Federation of State Medical Board. A front for interests that seem to hold great sway over western medicine, and control many of its medical doctors.

    And further to know JOAN SIMEON, the CEO of the MEDICAL COUNCIL of NZ is about to become chair of its international arm. And so Joan it seems has used her position to threaten doctors and prepare the ground work to silence a doctors right to speak their truth once and for all. Coincidentally at a time when a flood of vax injuries and all cause deaths are linked scientifically to Pfizer and other snake oils, and we need honest voices the more.

    And all of this at the time JACINDA ADERN is telling the UN to suffocate and abort its charter, and silence any dissenting voices from her / their global narrative.

    Well NZ what have we done to deserve them? Two of them. No doubt in time they will receive NZ’s highest honour + a plastic tiki from the Maori king. After all we must honour the treaty aye cuz. Or maybe we can invite them to a hangi……

  4. It’s highly concerning that New Zealand medical regulators have been captured by corrupt international medical regulators. I fully agree with this article, New Zealand needs to urgently end its association with these crooked unethical institutions.

    • The revolving door between the US SEC and Wall Street is well documented, and is also a clear conflict of interest.

      This scenario shows a similar conflict of interest has occurred in NZ medicine. Conflicts of interest are by their nature unethical and unprofessional.

      This is reflected on New Zealand Doctors and they all need to decide if this is ethical and professional and resign their membership in a vote of no confidence from the medical board if it is not.

      Public confidence in the New Zealand medical profession is at an all time low and must be restored in order to achieve the best health outcomes for New Zealanders.

  5. JabSinDa often talks about “rules based order”, and we now what those rules are when it comes to public health in NZ. Make NZ a testing pot of big Pharma for experimental therapies, and increase the health expenditure to a large portin of GDP, such as 25%, so that the Big Pharma makes more dollars, and some of which will be used to keep her in power. There are so many invisible agents of the deep state who terrorise the normal people. Many of them are installed in the MSM; oftem American imports. We need an inquiry to find how many of them hold shares in Big Pharma.


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