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MH370 mystery: Leaked US military video shows airliner disappear into ‘portal’, researchers say

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on March 8 2014 while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

The cause of the disappearance has not been conclusively determined. The generally accepted theory is that the plane deviated from its course at some point while over the South China Sea 38 minutes after take off. The search for wreckage was the most extensive, and expensive, underaken in aviation history and failed to find any trace of the airliner. Small pieces of debris attributed to the plane washed up on islands in the Western Indian Ocean in 2015 and 2016, but there is still no explanation as to why and how a Boeing 777 could simply vanish.

Video puporting to be from the US military shows an airliner being tracked by three objects before disappearing into a ‘portal’. The classified video has been available online since 2014, however it is only recently that independent researchers have started to analyse it in detail. At the forefront of this is citizen journalist Ashton Forbes (Twitter/X @JustXAshton).

In a recent two-hour video Forbes went through the evidence, including the videos, to put forward a case that MH370’s disappearance was due to an advanced form of technology operating around the aircraft, which first tracked it mid-flight then created a ‘portal’.

Three videos of the incident were available – two from US military satellites, and one from a US military drone. They each show three objects tracking an airliner at tremendous speed before it flies into the portal and disappears. Ashton’s video generated a lot of interest and discussion on social media.

German tech mogul resident in New Zealand Kim Dotcom said the footage was compelling because the, ‘physics match up from different angles. It would take a gigantic effort to fake something like this.’

He said the videos were ‘potentially the most significant leak of military technology in history.’

In a tweet today Dotcom said he believed the videos showed the US military was in possession of some sort of advanced or alien technology, which was used to make MH370 disppear. Such technology would render America’s adversaries powerless because their existing weapons systems would be obsolete.

‘The implications are enormous,’ said Dotcom.

‘If this technology is real it renders the nuclear deterrence of non-US nations meaningless. These objects can travel faster than any missile and create portals that can make any plane, missile, submarine or satellite disappear.

‘What makes this discovery so controversial is that this technology was allegedly used to make flight MH370 disappear. A tragedy that is surrounded by many conspiracy theories. How does a passenger plane vanish without a trace?’

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    • Go have lunch in the Hadron Collider, and tell us all how that turns out…!
      There’s more going on in the EMF Spectrum than many know. That is why the U.S. Space Command was set-up by Trump.
      David icke was chided and sarcastically ridiculed for years…turns out he was right all along.

  1. These conclusions assume the other side does not have access to the same technology…there is no reason to assume the US is the only one in possession…the former USSR which handed everything back to Russia, covered an enormous land mass….

    In any case, still a lot to be proven or disproved….


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