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NZDSOS: Evidence of harm – open letter addresses significant concerns

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New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) have written another carefully researched open letter to newly appointed Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins.

NZDSOS asks our new Prime Minister to engage in discussion and to consider very carefully, the evidence of harm which continues to accumulate. The government’s ongoing promotion of the Covid injections (still mandated in healthcare) and the refusal to re-employ mandated doctors, nurses, midwives and support staff in the over-burdened Te Whatu Ora is not evidence-based, to say the least. Also, it is emerging that Ardern and Bloomfield ignored their own science experts’ advice to limit teens to a single injection.

A spokesperson for NZDSOS says “it could be daunting for our new Prime Minister to discern where to begin, given the monumental list of problems left behind in the wake of the Ardern government, but the health of the nation must come first and it is time to acknowledge the Covid-19 vaccinations are neither safe nor effective. The growing harm, injury and death from this novel, experimental mRNA injection must be addressed immediately”.

“In his previous role as the Minister for Covid Response, Prime Minister Hipkins has either actively ignored any evidence that deviated from the “safe and effective” message, or was implementing policy originating outside of health care. Both of these scenarios undermine his fitness for office”, said the spokesperson.

Along with all other Members of Parliament, Prime Minister Hipkins has received various evidentiary letters highlighting the issues from doctors and lawyers. This includes the latest ‘Q and A’ from lawyer Kirsten Murfitt. Hipkins cannot profess ignorance.

New Zealand is currently experiencing unprecedented and “baffling” excess mortality, and there is increasing evidence the Covid injection is contributing significantly to this.

The low fatality rate from Covid-19 and the suppression of effective early treatments are also discussed in the letter. Effective repurposed pharmaceutical treatments were completely quashed in favour of brand-new highly profitable but unregistered drugs which have a huge list of side effects.

“The doctors at NZDSOS are hopeful Prime Minister Hipkins will consider our invitation for open discussion. If the Prime Minister’s office chooses to ignore serious safety signals and tacitly encourages the Medical Council to continue attacking doctors who have valid medical concerns and compelling evidence, then he is complicit in harming New Zealanders on a scale never seen before”.

“Covid-19 is only a worrying problem for frail elderly and those with some chronic diseases. If the intention is really to ‘save lives’, the latter are best treated multi-factorially, with nutritional intervention at the centre of disease management. This would not only protect individuals with chronic diseases from the complications of Covid-19 but would also improve their health and reduce the burden on the New Zealand health system”, said the spokesperson.

Many people are dying completely needlessly, including children and young people. The New Zealand Government bureaucrats have failed us all. “Mr Hipkins – this injection rollout must be halted immediately. We further add the call, to disengage NZ from self-appointed private corporations such as the WHO, WEF and UN that are driving our health policy at the expense of public safety, but leaving elected officials to carry the can as it all falls apart” said the spokesperson.

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  1. The guillotine dealt with the ruling class in the French Revolution but I think 1080’s the solution for rats and weasels in this neck of the woods

  2. No government will acknowledge there is a problem, to admit it was all wrong and it’s killing people would cause anarchy.
    Can you imagine all those confused aunties suddenly realising they’ve been had?
    Hipkins nuts would be in his mouth by the day.

  3. Besides getting out and spreading your legs, didn’t Mr Hipkins also suggest search parties for the unvaccinated? Curious to hear his latest thoughts.

    • There are going to be search parties out for Hipkins soon when he goes into hiding. Hope is that the lid is going to be blown right off the whole ‘Covid’ charade this year as prosecutions and revelations become a reality.

  4. Due to the jab-induced brainfog, most Kiwis aren’t able to defend their own self interest and will vote themselves right back into slavery. It still won’t occur to them that both main parties are WEF junkies, more than willing to sell sell out this country lock stock an barrel. The only way out is a third party, which requires mental agility. Something that is difficult to find in NZ today.

  5. They refuted their own experts advice because they were following an agenda
    With a tunnel vision and sole purpose
    To have as many people injected with this DNA altering toxic substance
    Which has absolutely nothing to do with health
    As was possible baked up with the lies distortion and spin of the Govt funded MSM
    Ministry of Truth
    Basically the Govt and its minions implicated in collusion complicit and in collaboration
    Turned Kiwis over to Pfizer to be lab rats in a cannon fodder experiment

    • Exactly right and all those in Govt. that were party to this need to be held to account for the injury and death the jab has caused. There is going to be a tsunami of deaths by 2025 and we may see some in Govt. looking for a crap covered rock to hide under. The Govt. has imposed a criminal deception on the people, they were bribed they are corrupt they lied they are still lying and they are participating in a Genocide.


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