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NZDSOS: What’s the issue with blood from vaccinated donors?

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A number of people have had concerns about potentially receiving blood from vaccinated donors.

The NZ Blood Service at present does not separate blood or blood products depending on vaccination status stating, “we do not separate or label blood, based on a donor’s COVID-19 vaccination status. There is no evidence that previous vaccination affects the quality of blood for transfusion.”

There are many potential reasons for concern because there are many unknowns with this. NZBlood has said that there is no evidence that blood from vaccinated individuals is harmful. It is very important to understand that an ‘absence of evidence’ is not the same as ‘evidence of absence’.

A spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) questioned NZBlood, “they can say there is ‘no evidence’ but is that because no-one has looked and there is no evidence full stop? Or does it mean someone has looked and determined through meticulous study that vaccinated blood is safe in the short and long term? “The onus must be on the blood service, and the doctors prescribing and administering blood and blood products, to provide the evidence that the blood is safe (both short and long term). The public needs to ask for this evidence”, said the spokesperson.

If there is no evidence that satisfactorily reassures potential recipients of the safety of the blood, then the precautionary principle should apply and blood from unvaccinated donors should be provided. History is littered with examples of products and procedures that were initially thought to be safe that later turned out not to be.

Below are some of the reasons for concerns and questions:

  • The Pfizer injection uses new technology and there are many unknowns with its use. The original clinical trial is ongoing until 2023 and the injection still only has provisional consent in New Zealand suggesting that Medsafe is not satisfied it has all the information it needs to grant full consent. Original consent here. Renewal of Consent here.
  • The vaccine mRNA has been modified in several ways (use of pseudouridine in place of uridine, poly-A tail, is guanine-rich). These modifications mean that the vaccine-induced spike protein is not the same (in amount, location, structure, duration of production or persistence) as the ‘naturally occurring’ spike protein from infection. It is not clear how long the mRNA will persist or how long the vaccine-induced spike protein will persist, but both have been shown to remain in the body and blood far longer than the original blanket reassurances. It is possible that both these substances may be present in donated blood.
  • The Medsafe data sheet says “5.2 Pharmacokinetic properties Not applicable.” Does this mean that it is not clear or not important exactly what happens to the vaccine mRNA and lipid nanoparticles (or the resultant spike protein) once they are injected into the human body, with regards to biodistribution, metabolism and excretion? It is not clear how the blood service can state: “Any COVID-19 vaccine in the blood is broken down soon after the injection.” This is a flat out lie if ‘soon’ is still defined as within 48 hours as originally suggested.
  • The lipid nanoparticles are also a significant part of the vaccine and it has been demonstrated in animal studies that they are widely distributed in the body. They can be highly inflammatory and, as their ingredients are still proprietary, it is not clear what short- and long-term effects they could induce.
  • The spike protein has been shown to be toxic in its own right, with adverse effects on cells lining the blood vessels and cells in the heart muscle among others. A recipient of blood from a vaccinated donor could potentially be exposed to spike protein and it is absolutely possible that this may cause harm to these organs. This study shows that the spike protein can persist in vaccinated individuals.
  • Spike protein can cause clotting both at a micro and macro level which could potentially be harmful. Has it been proven that blood from vaccinated donors does not cause or contribute to abnormal clotting? What about the bizarre structures being found by funeral directors in the blood vessels of the suddenly dead following vaccination?
  • Myocarditis is a recognised adverse effect of Pfizer Comirnaty vaccination, presumably due either to direct damage from the spike protein or possibly due to an autoimmune phenomenon. Has it been demonstrated that there is ZERO risk of myocarditis from coming into contact with blood of vaccinated donors? It is emerging that subclinical (i.e hidden) heart inflammation is thousands of times more common than is quoted by “experts”.
  • Recent studies from Thailand and Switzerland (which suggest that every vaccinated person gets a degree of heart damage!) should force an immediate stop of the shots and examination of donated blood. Even CDC data shows 140x increased risk of clinical myocarditis in teenage boys age 12-15 in the week following their 2nd dose. There has been another sudden death just last weekend of a 14 year-old Kings College boy, following myocarditis from the “vaccine”. Another 14 year-old Dunedin boy and a 13 year old girl from Auckland, both active and sporty, have collapsed and died in the last several months.
  • It is possible that mRNA is persistent in individuals for some weeks/months after vaccination which means that a person could be exposed to the components and/or products of the vaccine from the donated blood and any potential adverse effects they may cause.
  • What is the risk of autoimmunity? Medsafe requested that Pfizer address this issue in condition 5 of the original provisional consent. Is it possible that blood from vaccinated donors contains odd or unusual proteins that may set up an autoimmune reaction in recipients?
  • There have been concerns raised about the manufacturing standards of the Pfizer product. Has it actually been made to satisfactory standards? This article and associated video detail a litany of problems with the manufacturing processes such that it appears impossible to say exactly what has been injected into people and what adverse effects may occur. Receiving blood from someone who has been injected may be a lottery. Many of these conscientious blood donors will be none the wiser as they were not informed of the many unknowns and uncertainties.

According to the HDC Code of Rights New Zealanders should be respected when dealing with health professionals. Their questions should be answered and their concerns taken seriously. Right 1(3): Every consumer has the right to be provided with services that take into account the needs, values, and beliefs of different cultural, religious, social, and ethnic groups, including the needs, values and beliefs of Māori. (Justice Cook validated the right for religious exemption to the mRNA vaccine, so this establishes a precedent for declining vaccinated blood too,

Right4 (4): Every consumer has the right to have services provided in a manner that minimises the potential harm to, and optimises the quality of life of, that consumer.

Image credit: Karolina Grabowska

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  1. Does anyone know how many laboratories in New Zealand have the ability to identify and quantify the corona virus or m-RNA induced spike protein?

  2. The only reason they do not separate now and probably never will is because as we know unelected BS artist’s like Bill Gates and W.H.O. and the UN and other groups and individuals have said the want everyone jabbed with this shit and until they start force jabbing people this is an available alternative.

  3. Because, when I was younger, I lived in the UK. My blood is not wanted by the NZ Blood service.
    That was I believe something to do with the Mad Cow outbreak there in the 90’s.
    That ban, was based on little evidence, more so, safe than sorry approach.

    Now, with so much documented evidence about the vaccine side effects. Especially cardio vascular disorders.
    Much of it published and provided by Phizer.
    NZ Blood Service needs to take a similar “safe than sorry” approach.
    Ban vaccinated blood.

  4. To ‘Anonymous’ who suggested banning ‘vaccinated blood’.
    That would create an extremely dangerous shortage of blood products – thousands could die as a result.
    What might be better is a ‘stand down’ period before donating blood; perhaps 3 months. There would be little or no mRNA or spike protein freely circulating in the bloodstream by then.

    • You’re right, the banning of vaccinated blood suggestion is wrong.
      The comment was intended to spark debate, and emphasise, double standards.
      Like if NZ Blood have this “safety” protocol in place.
      Just use the same safety protocol which is in use with respect to UK people, living in NZ.

      Hey, how about a way out idea, and differentiate the blood product by covid donor vaccine status?

      After all, since 90% are jabbed up. Stocks would likely only be for the 10% who are not jabbed, who request it.

      All those, who choose to have vaccine infected blood are welcome to it.

  5. NON-Vaccinated Type O-Negative ‘Pure Bloods’ are about to become the primary source of blood donor requests, despite the ages of those with that particular blood type.
    O-Negative is a universal donor blood type. And, only 7% of us have this worldwide.
    It becomes even rarer when there is O-Negative Blood without the mRNA bio-Weapon spike protein present.
    And…without a doubt that in less than a year, there will also be a demand compensation for their ‘Pure Blood’ donation(s). I base this upon economic collapses globally, with those selling their blood at an all time high!
    Watch this space…

  6. Nz blood… bloody liars! They know they have to know. So let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they don’t know. They are negligent by not testing and examining blood after the jab rollout. This jab is and still is experimental. How reckless and dangerous of them to have not tested this within an inch of its life considering how it’s going directly into the body’s and bloodstreams of unwell people. This is criminal behaviour, this is an outrage!! I wonder now if they test for anything they say they do. Out of all the precautions and supposed testing they do this one should be front and centre and their admission that they haven’t tested jabbed blood is cause for serious alarm. My belief is that they do know but their mouths have been shut!!!

    • They do not know what blood is jabbed or not. Last time I donated I was not asked vax status. If I had been I would’ve told them to piss off.
      But yes they are very precautionary about foot n mouth, STDs etc. Same precautions around mrna tech would be prudent.

    • You are dead right of course when the rollout first started there was a Doctor in the USA that found by giving blood to a sick vaccinated person from and unvaxxed person started to improve their health. But that was against the narrative of the time and they shut him down discredited him and recinded his authority to practice – sound familiar ?

  7. It is up to the govt to provide evidence that it is indeed safe. If there are donors, what is the problem? It is simply a piece of paper. Nobody should be forced to inject anything (blood or otherwise) into their body until it is deemed safe. There is no evidence – thus, there is more risk than benefit, and since there are donors, this is a NON-issue. It’s really all about power and control. This needs to stop.

  8. This will impact jab injured people needing blood transfusions too.
    When your body reacts within 24 hours of the jab, the blood work is coming back showing proof the body is impacted, when chest pain and breathing becomes impacted, and you had been told it was safe and effective, you know something is very wrong because of that jab.
    When needing a blood transfusion, and a specialist advises the doctor NOT to give the patient a blood transfusion, it shows THEY KNOW.

  9. I have just received information that the New Zealand Blood CEO have admitted that blood from Covid-19 donors contain spike proteins. Well, of course it does. Red blood cells, blood platelets, leukocytes and lymphocytes have CD 147 receptors on their surfaces, and therefore Covid-19 spike proteins will attach. That is how those spike proteins circulate in the body and get to every organ in the body, and there the spike proteins attach to the ACE2 receptors. In mRNA-Covid-19 vaccinated individuals you will find spike proteins practically littering all internal organs, and there they will cause damage, “wear and tear” and severe inflammation. In the long term, they will cause cancer, which has already been seen by pathologists.

    Michael Zazzio, Sweden, private clinician in audiology, and medical researcher in audiology and infectious medicine

    • There is no empathy anymore in our NZ Government ,sad to say & shocking.Wherever there is risk there should always be choice. Will’s parents have every right to exercise their due diligence and request the best possible care for their baby ,even lining up suitable donors ready to go, before giving their informed consent.Remember that,legally, “Informed consent” should be based upon being cognizant of all the potential Risks, Benefits and Alternative treatments of any procedure. All they are asking for is that the alternative of direct donation of blood from Unvaccinated donors be used instead of what Te Whatu Ora are insisting upon being used! And to hear of this admission from the CEO of NZ Blood Bank,how egregious that our Health authorities are still pushing to gain guardianship of Will in order to enforce the use of the current pool of unseparated donated blood that will undoubtedly contain spike proteins.Thanks for your information re the p147 receptors etc too Michael.Maybe you should email all this information you received on to Liz Gunn of FreeNZ media to disseminate amongst the legal team fighting to uphold Cole & Sam’s rights to be the wonderful, diligent,caring parents of baby Will that they so obviously are!

    • Now you must understand that ‘Covid’ and the ‘Vaccines’ were planned a long long time ago. They knew the spike protein was going to hang around until the recipient is dead. It was all part of a formula to gradually depopulate the planet by 2030. without raising to much alarm as having vast numbers of the population dying off all together or in too soon of a period of years. it has been proven now that all the batches of vaccines were produced years before the so called Pandemic broke out. It is way past time to round up the ‘Covid’ conspirators.


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