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OIA reveals over 8,000 health workers got COVID jab exemptions

COVID exemptions news

More than 8,000 health workers, many of whom were unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated, were allowed to continue working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Data released to state media outlet RNZ under the Official Information Act revealed that health providers scrambled to avoid disruptions by submitting over 500 exemption applications, with a mere 102 being granted. Among the 8,051 workers who benefited from these exemptions between October 2021 and September 2022, a significant portion belonged to district health boards.

Despite claims of a public health emergency, the rush to mandate vaccinations overlooked the ‘nuances’ of individual circumstances, according to Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku of the Nurses Organisation. This approach resulted in division among health workers and failed to significantly boost vaccination rates, as indicated by recent research from Auckland University of Technology.

Economics professor Gail Pacheco’s study corroborates these findings, revealing that vaccine mandates did little to increase vaccination rates among healthcare workers. Instead, they inflicted financial and career setbacks on unvaccinated individuals, leading to decreased employment rates and earnings.

Moreover, the coercive nature of mandates bred distrust in the government and intensified ‘anti-vaccine sentiment’. Many health workers faced ostracisation and discrimination for exercising their freedom of choice regarding vaccination.

Even after the mandates were lifted, the repercussions persisted, exacerbating workforce shortages in the health sector.

Otago University’s public health professor Michael Baker acknowledged an increase in vaccine hesitancy but attributed it to ‘appalling misinformation’ rather than mandates.

Image credit: Thirdman / Pexels

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  1. It is reassuring to know that many people in the health sector had the good sense to avoid the experimental biotoxin injections
    I should nof wish to live longer with that guilt sitting on my shoulders.
    We are now really beginning to see their greatest fears roll out with the global wave of turbo cancer and many other issues.
    The court cases are lining up as more data drops.
    Some predict a wave of violence as even the most hardcore vaccinazis wake up to the fact that “their” govt and healthcare and media have deceived them into accepting a treatment which may well end their bloodline through premature death, infertility and birthing difficulties.
    Deagel’s population forecast for nz is 3 million.
    The 40% reduction looks to be on target.

  2. Global statistic; Neurologists NEVER vaccinate their children…!!
    People need to stop letting the government(s) do the thinking for them, and instructing what the masses need to do and comply with under the threat of tyrannical, fascist – based punishments!
    WE do NOT work for the ‘government’.
    Government = ‘Govern; to control or limit…Ment; Mental, or…MIND CONTROL!
    Unless, of course, the masses have been so conditioned so as not to think for themselves, or engage in ‘One-Step at a Time’ thought pattern as taught in the schools of old and present day!

  3. The sad fact of that statistic is that whilst they were exempt they still knowingly inflicted the bioweapon on others. Now if these 8,000, stood next to the 11,000 exemptions, and I am sure many more will surface, there could have been a different outcome. So many remained silent.

    I know of so many who did not want to be injected, but did anyway. If all of those stood up and refused I am sure it would have been close to at least 40% if not more of the population.

    When disease x arrives on our shores, do not comply, do not consent, do not roll over. If everyone stands by their convictions, and speaks up, and stands up, and morally does what is right, we may just have a fighting chance

    • I totally agree with what you say but I think a lot more people will have to die in this country from the vaccine before the survivors cotten on.

  4. Discrimination and tyranny are the key take away’s for me from the COVID Ponzy scheme….As for govt in NZ, all they have left now is coercion. I have ZERO trust and faith in them and would like to see the whole dirty, wretched system replaced with one that heavily focus’s on transparency, public servant accountability, entrenched human rights and the unassailable sovereignty of New Zealand as an independent state, free from interference from foreign entities.

  5. “Otago University’s public health professor Michael Baker acknowledged an increase in vaccine hesitancy but attributed it to ‘appalling misinformation’ rather than mandates.”

    Lol, of course he did.

    “Appalling misinformation” such as:

    1) Covid came from a lab, NOT someone biting into a fried bat.

    2) Intubation protocols were dangerous. HCQ and Ivermectin were cheap and effective treatments that would have effectively ended the “pandemic”.

    3) Covid death stats were conflated with flu and a host of other health issues in order to overstate the severity. Car crash and gunshot victims were counted among them.

    4) Lockdowns would do more harm than good. Children would suffer psychologically and developmentally. The economic ramifications would be severe and affect us for years to come.

    5) The vaccines were untested and dangerous, and would lead to a tsunami of heart issues, neurological disorders, turbo cancers and autoimmune conditions as well as an notable increase in excess deaths. The mandates were a gross, ILLEGAL violation of the Bill of rights (no matter how much the cowardly courts wanted to look the other way).

    All of these were “Appalling misinformation” in 2021, now begrudgingly acknowledged as accurate (along with their unwavering insistence that “we were all in the dark really, we didn’t have all the info at the time, it was a crisis situation” etc)

    Michael Baker and the MOH did FAR MORE to make me antivax than any Alex Jones clip on YouTube ever could.

    Every time this clown opens his mouth, I feel more validated in the decisions I’ve made. Thanks Mike 👍

    • All good points except for no.1; COVID in fact exists nowhere, except in a computer screen and in people’s minds (now, after a “sustained propaganda” campaign). Your point no.3 is instructive in how such a scam could be pulled off.

    • Why can a *** like Michael Baker still work, move and live around freely after having committed fraud and crime?

  6. There’s an easy way to find out who is and who isn’t jabbed, on your android phone set up the bluetooth to scan for unassigned devices, every one who has been jabbed will have one MAC address for every jab, once you set it up try it out in somewhere like a supermarket, you will be amazed, next thing to do is make a doctors appointment and scan the staff, if you don’t get a reading ask them why they aren’t vaxxed, it helps to do this away from lots of people as the numbers just roll off on the screen if there are to many people around, here’s a link to get you started, if you have an Apple phone work it out for yourself.

    • This is NOT TRUE!
      The fact that a new device is displayed on the phone once a new person comes near implies that Bluetooth is able to connect to one more device because it’s within the range, not because the said person is vaccinated and has a personal code.
      The fact that codes containing different letters and numbers appear when we use Bluetooth to connect with devices isn’t suspicious at all. The displayed code is called Media Access Control (MAC) address and identifies devices that can be connected. The aforesaid code is included in phones and computers with Bluetooth devices, as well as new washing machine models, earbuds, buetooth watches, tidbits, etc.. MAC address will change into the real name of the device once the owner of the said device will accept the request for a Bluetooth connection.
      Therefore, videos, depicting new devices appearing on the screen of the Bluetooth-enabled phone once it’s near a vaccinated person, cannot be evidence for the claim that Bluetooth can identify vaccinated individuals.


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