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‘One million Kiwis set to leave’ – National

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Shocking data out recently which shows more than 1 million New Zealanders are actively considering leaving the country shows the Government is taking Kiwis backwards, National’s Deputy Leader Nicola Willis says.

The latest Consumer Snapshot from MYOB shows 1 million Kiwis are considering moving overseas, and 200,000 have already made plans to leave. Forty-four percent said they are considering moving for ‘a better quality of life or the cost of living is better overseas’.

“New Zealanders are seeing their future elsewhere because they are going backwards under Labour. We have a cost of living crisis, our healthcare system is falling over, wages aren’t keeping up with inflation, owning a home is out of many people’s reach, violent crime is up and we have a labour shortage.

“It’s no surprise that people are looking to move overseas, it’s what National MPs are hearing from New Zealanders throughout the country. The Government tries to claim that it’s just young Kiwis going on their OE, but a million Kiwis looking to leave the country isn’t an experience, it’s an exodus.

“While this Government likes to blame the country’s economic downturn on covid and the war in Ukraine, the reality is their focus on spin rather than delivery has massively contributed to the cost of living crisis that is driving Kiwis out.

“Their current approach of more spending, more taxes and more regulations has New Zealanders leaving in droves. The Government needs to deliver a plan that will grow the economy.

“A National Government would focus on removing bottlenecks in our economy – improving immigration pathways, eliminating deadweight regulations, and lowering the tax burden on Kiwis.”

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  1. Thanks to the Grand Robber who created $60 billion from thin air pushing house prices and creating hiuge inflation and wasting the savers wealth and shifting it to Globalists.
    If 200,000 leave NZ, Jabcinda will import low quality poorly educated people from Asia to fill the gap so that she will get votes from them after fast tracking their residency.
    National also used low quality migration to increase the overall GDP but making the country poorer on average because the per capita GDP due to migration is much lower.
    Subagents like Paul Spooney is there to serve this migration scam who is recently heavily funded by Jabcinda.

  2. Lol, as if.

    Thanks National, I’ll just suspend my common sense and pretend you wouldn’t totally follow all the exact same steps on Klaus Schwab’s checklist.

    I’ll just pretend not to notice how strangely amicable the NZ mainstream media are towards Christopher Luxon, I’ll also ignore the painfully obvious fact that the guy’s 100% going to be a Scomo/Borris Johnson sort of “conservative”, ie about as conservative as Chloe Smallbrain.

    I’ll let you guys know when more climate change nonsense, increased taxes, catastrophic unchecked immigration from the third world (the real angle behind all this bellyaching over “not enough people”) and sordid sex scandals ever become things that appeal to me in a political party. Until then, you ain’t getting my vote.

    Piss off

  3. Many kiwi bsinesses want cheap imported labour to maximise their profits but the social costs of schooling, helath etc cannot be met with the taxation on those migramnt labour who are mostly poor quality which does not contrinute to the marginal increase in the GDP on a positive basis. Productivity Commission already warned that imported workers do not increase the wealth of NZ in a significant manner. Yes, we need professionals and not taxi drivers, pizza delivery workers etc. About 5000 is a sufficient quota for professional mnigration and not running to 200000 as in the past.

  4. Solution:
    Just print another $25 Billion and give everyone $5 Million then we all could go to Aus and leave this incompetent gulliblement to themselves.

  5. Yeah I wonder if any of the main party’s have woken up to the fact that people are considering leaving rather than staying and voting for them as a viable solution to the problems people like myself feel the broad political class have created.

  6. You have to fight to get our country back time to go to war,enough moaning time to act.The people have got the power use it.

  7. The Nats will be under Klaus SWAB Your Arsehole just like the Lefties…. all 2 sides of the same coin. So, watching one of Neil Oliver’s brilliant discourses, he says it like it is. Where are the people who will stop all the lies and bullshit? Who will stand for truth and nothing less? Or would anyone be willing to risk being Abe’d?


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