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Operation Ball – Arrests made for Mt Roskill shooting

Operation Ball news

Police have arrested three people in relation to a firearms incident that occurred on Morrie Laing Ave, Mount Roskill on 8 October 2021.

  • The innocent victim in this incident suffered serious injuries and is still on the road to recovery.
  • Operation Ball has been ongoing and this morning Auckland City CIB executed a number of search warrants in the Mount Roskill area where four men were located and arrested.

Police also located and seized three illegal firearms, a semi-automatic rifle, a shotgun and revolver, as a result of the warrants.

A 21-year-old man and two 27-year-old men have been charged with wounding and the commission of a crime with a firearm

A 33-year-old male has also been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and will be appearing at a later date.

The Police investigation remains ongoing and we can’t rule out further arrests being made.

As the matter is before the Courts, Police is not in a position to comment further.

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Source:NZ Police

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  1. Well folks- there you have it!
    Gun Kontrol does NOT work.
    ‘If guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns’!, as noted on U.S. NRA bumper stickers…!
    Law abiding gun owners have had their semi-autos removed, but that hasn’t stopped the crims and gangs from obtaining the semi-autos…
    Brendan Tarrant was in the Ukraine and trained with the Nazi AZOV battalion before he arrived in NZ.
    He was also SUPPOSEDLY coached by the Israelis in several areas.
    See Gordon Duff’s assessment of the Chch Massacre…

  2. By Jabcinda removing the semi-auto firearms from licenced law abiding gun owners, this became a knee-jerk reaction and gave this government the opportunity to further erode this nation’s capacity to defend itself in the event of a national emergency!
    This played into the global dis-armament plans with the government and Jabcinda playing their part on implementing the NWO under the Davos WEF Plan.
    No firearms, no property ownership (compare fee-simple land titles to alodial titles…), having to use ‘public transportation (where disease is easily spread, and crime victims are targeted whilst on board), living in an invisible sea of EMF that simultaneously spies on the public, and living under an oppressive ‘social credit’ system that will control all that you do! (already in China and parts of Europe…).
    One of the main reasons Japan’s Admiral Yamamoto never invaded the western part of the U.S. during World War Two was based on his comment that there was “A gun behind every blade of grass”. He understood the Second Amendment in America.
    What defence do New Zealanders have in the event of an invasion from the north? If every Kiwi had the proper human and moral right to defend themselves, their homes, families and New Zealand, an invading enemy would think twice before coming ashore at say…Christchurch, Auckland, Ninety-Mile beach, etc. as the semi-auto armed Kiwis would swarm out of their homes to engage in battle under the localised leadership of their Veterans!
    However, many gun owners in New Zealand turned-in their old, barely-servicable firearms for cash, and then used that cash to purchase what can only be described as ‘sniper rifles’. & with ammo now running short, the sniper philosophy of ‘One Shot One Kill’ then comes into it’s own.
    Kiwis are excellent hunters and marksmen and come into their own when hunting with precision shooting, using a Ghillie suit, a bolt-action rifle, and an infrared scope. It is also known world-wide that women make for excellent snipers due to their patience, focus and planning skills. The old USSR understood this and employed the women in this capacity, more so than men!
    & snipers cause the most havoc to an enemy! (see ‘A Snipers War’ on YouTube).
    The National Party went along with the vote to ban semi-autos. The ACT Party deliberately stayed away from this critical vote with a diversionary media interview when the vote was taken, and the other minor parties seemed to engage with fierce determination to uphold the Labour Party’s illegal act of banning certain firearms, accessories, and ammunition.
    Make no mistake; it is a human right and a moral obligation to arm a nation and it’s citizens in the event of a detrimental political or external action that results in domestic or international conflict. Article 7 of the UN Charter gives all persons the right to defend themselves from the threat of bodily harm or death.
    And since new Zealand signed-on to the UN Covenants which supercedes domestic law, why then was the government left unchallenged when the gun grab occurred?????


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