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Parents group encouraged as Crown agrees vaccine has serious risks in children

Today in Wellington’s High Court a group of concerned parents presented their case seeking an interim suspension of the rollout of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to healthy 5–11-year-olds.

In a closed court hearing before Justice Rebecca Ellis the parties agreed that there were serious risks from the vaccine, with the Crown admitting that there had been at least 100 severe adverse events reported in the United States since the Pediatric Vaccine roll out in November 2021.

COVID vaccine litigation
High Court Justice Rebecca Ellis

The applicants sought an interim decision from the judge that, instead of a mass roll out of the vaccine to healthy children, vaccination be limited to children under the care of a doctor, were immunocompromised, and could receive the Paediatric Vaccine on prescription – as is the ordinary course with most medications.

Lawyers for both the Crown and the applicants stated the risk of COVID-19 in healthy children was nil.

Justice Ellis is expected to deliver her decision on Monday.

Today in court affidavits from international experts were presented in support of the parents’ case.

The concerned parents, whose identities are suppressed, are being supported by an organisation called the ‘Hood, which is facilitating the case. The ‘Hood is made up of a wider group of 1500 concerned parents, doctors, nurses, academics, scientists, lawyers and others.

Summarising the applicants’ case, a spokesperson for The ‘Hood said the key points were:

  • Healthy 5 to 11-year-olds are at extremely low risk from serious symptoms of Covid-19.
  • The risk/benefit assessment for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is materially different between children and adults.
  • mRNA vaccines are causing unexpected and serious side-effects.
  • The risk to otherwise healthy children from adverse vaccine events significantly outweigh any benefits conferred.
  • The long-term safety of mRNA vaccines was not established by Pfizer’s clinical trials and continue to remain unknown.
  • Pfizer’s vaccine does not prevent transmission.
  • Although vaccination of 5 to 11-year-olds is not compulsory, vaccination is effectively mandated because of the significant restrictions placed on unvaccinated children’s activities.
  • Informed consent, which requires that parents would expect to receive an explanation of the options available to them and an assessment of expected risks, side effects, and benefits does not apply if consent is given under duress.
  • Pfizer’s vaccines are experiencing waning effectiveness.
  • Negative vaccine efficacy is an increasing concern.

“Both sides in court today stated the risk of COVID-19 in healthy children is nil,” the spokesperson said.

“The parties also agreed that there were serious risks from the vaccine, with the Crown admitting that there had been at least 100 severe adverse events reported in the United States since the paediatric vaccine commenced roll out in November 2021.

“At the core of the applicants’ submission was that the judge should apply the fundamental principles of ‘do no harm’ and precaution when considering the risk benefit analysis to vaccinate this age group – namely that she err on the side of caution given there was greater unnecessary risk from the un-trialed paediatric vaccine than known risks of the disease – at least until the substantive hearing can be heard.”


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  1. “The Crown admitted that there were at least 100 severe adverse events reported in the US” more like 100,000 severe adverse events!!
    I really hope this judge makes a ruling in favor of the applicants. This vax roll out has to stop!

    • I had that same thought.
      Do judges do this delay thing so the govt will negotiate financial benefits for the judge.
      Or is it simply due dilligence on the judges part.
      We will know on Monday.

    • Do you really think government lawyers would concede nil risk from COVID-19 and serious risk from the vaccine? They would be making The Hood’s case for them.

      Regardless of the case outcome, it seems that this report is based solely on a press release by The Hood that gives a slanted view. It was a closed court hearing so no journalists present.

  2. How can any parent put this poison in their innocent children? So proud of parents who are doing something. Parents who just blindly obey authorities are wicked…who take their beautiful babies, so innocent and trusting to be slaughtered. I pray everyday for God to give wisdom to parents that they will not be guilty of destroying a child’s life. Please save our children…our future.

    • While I think it’s cruel and Criminal to give children this vaccine, what you have stated according to WHO IS 100% UNTRUE.
      WHO completely agrees with vaccinations of children 5 and over… however, what they have said (just go to the website and read) is:

      —As a matter of global equity, as long as many parts of the world are facing extreme vaccine shortages, countries that have achieved high vaccine coverage in their high-risk populations should prioritize global sharing of COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX facility before proceeding to vaccination of children and adolescents who are at low risk for severe disease.

      It is of utmost importance for children to continue to receive the recommended childhood vaccines for other infectious diseases.—-

      • ‘Global Equity’ means that everyone will die sooner than later for the convenience of the ‘NWO Elite’, via vaccines, orchestrated crop failures leading to starvation, supply-chain held back, etc.
        This was ALL worled-out at the WEF, Bretton Woods, the Bilderburg meetings, and Bohemian Grove.

  3. The WHO has stated not to give it to 5-11 years old as stated above so why are we still doing this – it seems to me that the NZ Govt use the WHO information when it suits their narrative but NOT when it goes against what they want to do. This is totally against any morality and the expression DO NO HARM has been completely swept under the carpet – there have been adverse reactions with children here too – why are these not stated ? This is truly despicable and once you have injected this cocktail of toxins into a child you cannot remove it. All those who play Russian Roulette with their children’s lives need to wake up to this absolutely heinous and evil Govt.

  4. Judge Ellis, I’m sure you’re aware the real truth will come out mainstream before long, so if you follow the narrative and are swayed by government or health officials in any way, it will backfire on you big time later. The people and the law will demand your head. Better to make the right decision now, save yourself and our children.
    STOP this nonsense. STOP this murderous abuse.

  5. As a Nana to 7 grandkids 8 and under I pray that u make the right decision sooner than later… like this afternoon ????
    V/Jab sites all around the country over the weekend ???????? Please think how many families u could save from potential heartache that could change their lives fir ever ????✨ I have lost a grand baby already in the past 2 years and would absolutely hate for any other families to have to go thru it especially when it is possible to put a STOP to this NOW ????????????????

    • Amen Nana Jill. Fully agreed with you.

      Amen also no one wans to experience death at any time. So YES STOP JABBING CHILDREN & NZ POPULATION.
      Shalom Nana Jill

  6. As a grandmother I read this with tears in my eyes. Massive thanks and respect to all the parents, medical and legal personnel and other professionals who achieved this. At last some official scientific and humane sanity in NZ.

  7. You’ve misquoted the crown lawyer it should read “Wevers said some parents should not be able to stop other parents getting their children vaccinated.

    “All children face some risk from Covid-19. Even those who are not immunocompromised,” she said.”

    • Absolutely…and they should be imprisoned. People that will take a made up piece of paper, or credit, to administer to patients something which they have no information about, or worse, there is information about that they willingly ignore, should be imprisoned. They are a danger to humanity. Period.

  8. Your comment is unacceptable whoever you are Keith.
    A whole lot of holding of breath to see what happens Monday then. Although it is fair to say if it’s a no we will know there is meddling. Thoughts to all those out there hanging on this outcome.

  9. If any of you have been watching YouTube With Dr Fauci telling lie after lie to Congress about gane of function in other words created virus he created a virus called it a vaccine you will all know NO ONE should be receiving these biowepons
    the scientist Micheal Yeadon former head scientist for pfizer tells us in no uncertain way that these are biowepons ,

  10. Guess the main funder of WHO. Bill & M. Gates Foundation. Has Gates doubled his turnover from 50 billion to 100 billion in 2yrs in Vaccine sales. Check it.
    Is WHO just a vaccine promoting outfit for Gates & Fauci/big Farma. ?
    Is this world health.?
    Yeah sure, you can trust them.
    Yeah sure, listen to their data.
    Trust their science. They wouldn’t skew the data. I’m sure they wouldn’t lie to us. What would they have to gain.?
    Wake up D. The alarm clocks are ringing now. You’re sleeping in

  11. As this is a NZ case, why no mention of the deaths already on record in NZ for the kids as well as the adverse reactions. Then bring in other countries. Perhaps that has already happened like that but nit mentioned in here. But personally I think NZ facts and figures highlighted from the case is more informative.

  12. This should be for a STOP to all vaccines. They are all recording serious adverse effects. Natural immunity far outweigh the vaccine.

  13. To All NZers-vax & unvax
    We all have one thing in common, we live & breathe the free fresh air in this beautiful country we know as Aotearoa New Zealand. We love the Freedom in this country. We love our green & free of poisonous land creatures therefore our lives in the great NZ Outdoors is Freedom. That is our God given human right to live & access the best of what is part of God’s Creation in our country. Nature!!! We also have the Freedom to live at peace with families & enjoy the company of families and friends!!!
    We have Freedom to speak & express our thoughts.
    We are & have all been affected by COVID19 & all that has brought in its existence.

    Now we NZers also now have another thing in common! We are currently fast losing all our Freedom under Jacinda Adern’s leadership & the current government.

    We are all experiencing the following…
    # Losing Freedom of Speech. Where’s good & fair reporting by our media on what is happening to those adversely affected by Pfizer’s product to jab people with or other perspectives on the matter of the virus.
    # Losing Freedom to CHOOSE to safe Choices whether we want to be jabbed or not. The government’s mandate coerces & forces people against their own will. Even the Creator God does not force anyone against his/her own will so why should the government?
    # Losing family/friendship connections with each other due to the great stresses & different opinions caused by our government’s continued stance on upholding to persist on having NZers be jabbed with Pfizer’s product not yet fully proven to be any good for anyone’s good health. Israel who also took Pfizer’s product showed an immediate increase if myocarditis among its healthy young men. That evidence alone should have made our NZ government take a Pause & recheck. But no they increased the pace to make mandates. Now many lives in NZ are affected economically due to mandates.

    There is enough research to now reveal that Pfizer’s money making product is & has caused adverse effects & even deaths to people.
    #Losing our rights to be employed & earn an income due to mandates.
    #Losing lives (death) & good health due to being jabbed with Pfizer’s money making product & getting adverse effects.
    #Losing experienced, wise NZ workers who have given their entire lives to their “calling in chosen occupation” & now are forced to leave due to mandates.
    #Losing quality people & many gaps left and cannot be filled to serve the needs of the country. Good & excellent services are compromised. Eg. Midwifery services, educational services, medical services to name a few.

    Let me echo Jacinda’s words at the beginning of her broadcast as she & her government prepare NZ for the coming of COVID19 virusses!

    BE KIND to one another. That’s what we ought to continue NZers. But do not continue to trust that our government has the BEST for NZers. Their ongoing decisions to uphold Pfizer’s money making product reveals their lack of care. Dr. Peter McCullough of Texas showed right at the beginning of the roll out of Pfizer’s money making product in NZ that there are medications already being proven & used around the world that can assist to treat or fight against the infections by the viruses. Dr. Peter McCullough is a well known cardiologist; well researched in his field.

    We are now fast seeing & hearing researches to reveal that non vaxxed & vaxxed have good antibodies to fight the virusses.

    So here’s my question to help you think critically, think outsideof thegovernment’snarrative. When has the government ever become the controller & care taker of one’s personal good & excellent health? The government’s insistence on only Pfizer’s product to jab BZers with, in view of good evidence from professionals who have no monetary gain from being honest reveals that there are other agendas besides medicinal help to our nation. Let’s keep talking good open & caring talks NZers- vaxxed or unvaxxed.

    May the Creator God’s Holy Spirit help Judge Ellis be wise for our nation of Freedom. May Righteous Judgement be our blessing Judge Ellis. In Jesus’ Name Amen!!!!

    • You are right about everything, except that you don’t seem to have an understanding of the evil plot being played out by the Cabal. We are at war, this is humanity vs evil, no judges, no politicians coming to the rescue, the solution is to destroy the system and create a new one for the people.

  14. Hold this outcome into the Light, that it will be manifested for the highest and best outcome. Darkness does not exist in light, and this is a very dark agenda.
    Well done to those who have given time for this project. Thank you.

  15. Lets hope this is the beginning of the end for Jacinda’s vaccine campaign. One really sick
    evil being that should be sent to the gallows for the atrocities she has carried out !!

  16. Looking forward to hearing the verdict! If the Judge allows jabs for children to continue.. it will be a dark dark day.. but at least this fight will be ON THE RECORD.

    But.. PLEASE!! do not get your kids jabbed. Your decisions may have very serious unfixable consequences!

  17. Would it not be better to present the judge with the warrants to close down all of the injection centres around New Zealand? Albert Bourla and 75 other individuals have been convicted and the administration of the injection should have been discontinued on 15 Jan, which was prior to the start of the 5-11 roll-out. This international conviction applies in NZ.

    Download the 3 documents from this page:

    • The military are supposed to PROTECT us, not be used against us.

      Yes it’s about time they joined with us against the tyrants in the beehive – ALL of them – and help us to put this country back together again, only with less corruption.

    • Lol what a laugh you are.

      How about you post a link for me to Pfizer’s long term safety data and after you have done that, explain why the trial doesn’t end until 2023, and after you have done that, please explain why people are being segregated based on vaccine status when everyone now knows that everyone can spread the virus equally.

      I will be waiting.

      Or are you just one of those people who has been totally brainwashed by fear, you were too lazy to look into the data and you don’t have enough guts to admit it so you resort to name calling? I am sure I could call you a few names but I’m just not that nasty. I would probably be angry at myself too if I had fallen for it but please don’t take it out on those of us who have chosen not to take the vaccine. You might need us one day and believe it or not, we are fighting for your rights too.

  18. There’s NO long term safety data. The judge should ask the MOH to provide it if there is such a report.

    The Pfizer document that shows NINE pages of side effects proves that every single person who has been vaccinated with this stuff would need to have read and been aware of those side effects otherwise it is VERY clear that they have not given proper informed consent.

    It’s a crime and should be treated as such and the vaccination programme should Immediately be stopped and under no circumstances should children be given it.

  19. Teachers are dying … in droves!

    They are been marched onto trains of death; during this twilight of the Empire.

    Teachers have an unshakable personal purpose to make a good life for children and allow their young minds to flourish in always gifted to them by nature.

    Children make human life very much better. They make a precious contribution to the difficult human enterprise of existing from day to day…. They are big benefactors to human societies. They make us proud to be human and Teachers greatly contribute to this.

    Muzzling children is unraveling the life work of Teachers at an incredible speed to the point the Teacher spirit is dying as children are marched into oblivion.

    The world has proven Corona is a ploy, yet the media fear trains keep rolling.

    Teachers need to ‘Stand for the Children’ to save themselves.

    Overcoming FEAR is key. Start by changing “WHAT about me” to “I AM good” and act accordingly. Acting POSITIVELY (for positive outcomes) is the next important key.

    Teachers under negative mandates can abandon their post. Allow children returning to their families and discover life is for living.

    Listen to you heart and may its force be with you.

  20. I am happy to hear. I may like to add that this should be made for all children as it’s well known for those children who have suffered adverse reactions and and damages. Should also be considered. Hence reasons to ALL CHILDREN be protected by a bio weapon that has and is not fully tested or guarantee to protect from Covid or other!! This is concerning whilst the world is in turmoil because of the few who are responsible for the deaths of many known and unknown, still the suffering continues globally


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