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Petition calls for Royal Commission of Inquiry into the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines

Royal Commission of Inquiry news

The petition has been launched on the Parliament website by the mother of a vaccine-injured kiwi.

The closing date for the petition is 31 March 2023.

In December last year former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that there would be a Royal Commission into New Zealand’s COVID response, but its terms of reference left out what many consider to be the elephant in the room – the safety and efficacy of the COVID ‘vacccines’.

This new petition seeks to rectify that.

‘68,429 adverse events have been reported after Covid-19 vaccines. This includes 3,688 serious events including heart attack, myocarditis, pericarditis and spontaneous abortion. The vaccines were advertised as safe and effective. I believe there is insufficient research into mRNA vaccine injuries. I believe there have been more adverse reactions reported after Covid-19 vaccines than other medicines and that it is untrue that they are effective. I believe it is time for an inquiry,’ wrote organiser Aly Cook on the petitions website.

The petition can be found on the parliament website at this link.

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  1. Give it a go.

    But unless people go into the streets and does something shocking no one will take notice. A very sad situation.

    Even if they consider the petition they will appoint someone to head it.

  2. The factual information coming from offshore on the “trial” for this experimental gene-based therapy and also on the adverse effects and deaths is being suppressed by NZ media and parliament so people just don’t see it here. I urge people to read Edward Dowd’s book, Cause Unknown. Factual information that cannot be refuted.
    Overwhelming evidence to bring anyone to the conclusion that this jab should be immediately halted.
    If an inquiry is done then nzdsos staff should head that.

  3. so far as i know, after the hearing of pfizer at the Europarliament in Straatsburg( france) last year nothing more happened.
    And von der leyen only gave heavily redacted documents to ” examine”.
    If you kiwi’ s want to obtain answers, it it necessary to include in your commission of inquiry internationally recongnized scientifics people who have objections to pfizer

  4. Outdoors and Freedom Party Leader and Lawyer Sue Grey went to Parliament over a year ago demanding that the science, facts and figures be addressed. She was the ONLY Political Party member to do so! (KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN YOU VOTE THIS YEAR!!!)
    She was rudely treated by an ’emissary; that was sent down from Parliament and allowed only a few minutes of time on the outside steps of the Masonic ‘Bee Hive’ and, in the end, was emissary was dismissive of the scientific and health-destroying evidence in hand.
    I wrote to the Governor-General demanding a Privy Council investigation, and that snap elections be called to remove Jabby from being the PM based on the fact that she has permanently damaged the health of the citizenry, destroyed businesses, put the nation into deep debt, and abused the power of the Cabinet.
    I would implore everyone to vote for a political party OTHER THAN NATIONAL AND LABOUR in the upcoming El-ection!

  5. Hi all I wanted to address that I dont have a lot of faith in them , that a they will do anything and B that it would be independent either but I just want to put a shot across their bow in an election year and get hundreds of thousands of signatures and that will mean everybody signing it to give them an embarrassingly huge petition to help make them face what they have done to people!

    • Signed. With 4787 signatures so far.

      How many signatures did JA say she had for her closure of oil drilling and gas exploration? 5000 was it?

      Pretty sure we can beat that, well over that with 5 weeks to go and counting.

  6. Ground breaking news everybody I believe this is why JA – Robertson and Bloomfield bailed. No doubt they would have received Legal advice if the definition of the vaccines changed at anytime. Well it did in Collier County in Florida when on the 14/02/2023 researcher Karen Kingston presented her evidence to the local County Board of Commisioners stating that Pfizer knew of all the harm their vaccines would cause but went ahead and manufactured them for distribution anyway in doing so they were pushing a bioweapon causing harm. Thats right folks a Bioweapon. Having these jabs defined as a Bioweapon changes everything. There is no indemnity from prosecution or being sued for the manufacture and distribution of a Bioweapon. The law in Florida specifically states that ‘if a person or company without lawful authority manufactures possesses sells delivers sends mails displays users threatens to use or conspires to use or makes readily accessible to others a weapon of mass destruction commits a felony of the first degree’. You see if someone makes a complaint to the Police about having a Bioweapon forced upon them then the Police are witness to a crime and if they dont take action against those responsible then they are an accomplice to that crime. What is coming out of Florida at the moment may change everything.

  7. I hope that it does change everything.

    In ancient Rome a Dictator was a magistrate who was able to use emergency powers to enforce a rule.

    A dictator is one who uses emergency powers. Dictator is used as a modern term to define pollitical systems or polliticians of only recent times but the history of the word is very interesting.

    Just tell everyone we have an emergency and … well, they are the dictators. So convenient.

  8. What has happened to the format in the comments section where only a name and website (IF any) were previously part of the comments block???
    Now, we have ‘Name’ and ‘Email’…with a DuckDuckGo symbol (DDG is administered in the U.S…)
    DTNZ needs to go back to the old comments block excluding Email w/ DDG in order to insure anonymity.

    • Get your facts straight: DTNZ does NOT ask for your email, name or data.
      It is the only publication that I know who does that.
      NB: Stuff DuckDuckGo (pun intended): use BRAVE browser.

  9. Well of course Jabby wouldn’t want any enquiry into the “safety and efficacy” of the COVID “vaccines” would she?
    That was her main catch phrase along with ‘we are the single source of truth.’ AND ‘yup yup, that’s what it is.’ (2 citizen classes)
    She definitely wouldn’t want the truth of that statement to be investigated. How many blindly followed bad advice (AKA lies) and fell into a pit?
    I don’t hold my breathe for any legitimate enquiry into this at this stage.

    • Is it back online? Feels like it’s not. I just checked before twice and it can’t open. Could be slow internet but other sh*t is ok. I wanted to say the word stuff but I used the word sh*t instead.🤣

  10. The Campbell connection. The problem is their life is a lie. Everything about them is a lie . The only thing they can understand is a lie.

    And since a lie has no logic when analysed, then as Jackboots Ardhern has been described, their conduct is based on tortuous illogic. To destroy freedom. Which requires economic destruction. Freedom which is the natural human state is based on truth.

    Or as Alexander Solzhinytzen said

    “we know they are lying,
    they know they are lying,
    they know that we know they are lying,
    we know that they know that we know they are lying, and still they continue to lie”.

    Note that the Nazis who escaped to NZ at the end of WW2 have never been identified. Their details remain secret. Including their paedophile ring activities. That it was Winston Peters trained by the known banksters paedophile piggy Muldoon, who gave the NZ Herald some $100 million prior to those elections to make sure that media control, media orchestration by the Campbells, continued.

    The Nazis took control of Germany according to Goebbels ” we played the media like a piano”.

    The current head of the media propaganda orchestra in NZ is a Campbell.

    In Scotland the pub signs are “no spitting, no dogs no Campbell’s”.

    Because the Campbells perverted totally the ancient Scottish hospitaly law. By deceiving and then killing all their visitors while they were sleeping.

    So this killing of people in the most corrupt, lying, sinister, evil way, “while they are sleeping”, being kept asleep by fake news media, which is played like a piano, is “the cult” modus operandi. Which is built into the DNA of the Campbells, as the most horrific act of betrayal throughout all known history of Scottish people’s rights imaginable. To mass murder visitors, disguised as hospitality, while drugged and sleeping.

    Which is exactly what this Campbell is doing to New Zealanders. As head of the press for the criminal paedophile ring known as the NZ government.

  11. Were the Campbell’s involved in the Scottish Knights Templars after they fled Europe for Scotland?
    Kinda makes one wonder about the origins of ‘Campbell’s Soup’…!
    In the U.S. in the late mid 1800’s to early 20th Century, the stores and factories hung out signs stating ‘No Irish’.
    The Scots came to America with their assets and despite being Catholic, built up the country alongside the Protestants.
    The Irish came to America in bad health (Irish Potato Famine and the Landlord Evictions) with no assets, and once on U.S. soil, began robbing, stealing, and jinx-dealing. Many shop and factories had signs that read ‘No Irish’. Criminal Irish Gangs formed as a result, and were fomentors of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ in NYC and also in Boston.
    I believe that Ken Burns did a series titled ‘The Irish in America’ outlining their ‘accomplishments’ in later decades, but this could be transposed and reinterpreted for a favourable light on an otherwise criminal class that was made that way by the stuffy English Provincial Landlord system and the disenfranchisement by the same!
    When the English went to war with the Scots, the British plan was to sexually mate the Scots with British Subjects, thus erasing the Scottish Race 100%. The remaining 50% would then continue to diminish percentage-wise until only 20% of Scottish Blood remained in the future offsprings, not enough to ever re-start a pure Scottish Population on a breeding scale, but the British Crown couldn’t win due to the tenacious mindset of the Viking and Templar-based Scots.


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