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Pharmacy vaccination for under 5s approved as immunisation rates fall

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Starting today pharmacists are authorised to administer vaccines to children under five.

The change aimed to improve childhood immunisation ‘accessibility’.

Te Whatu Ora Health NZ initiated the request to boost immunisation rates, currently at 83 percent for the general population and 70 percent for Māori children, which according to a report in state media RNZ, were the lowest in years.

Immunisation Advisory Centre director Nikki Turner told RNZ the expansion is expected to help families with accessibility issues, and uptake was likely to be slow at the beginning. Pharmacists are required to undergo additional training to ensure safe administration.

Image credit: Mufid Majnun

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  1. Now WHY would the immunisation rates of ALL vaccinations be lowest in years?
    Duh!, because people are/have woken up to the colossal currupt swamp of ‘health’ officials, bullshiticians, advisors, experts, and scientists and their propaganda machine.
    And YOU even called that bio-weapon a ‘vaccine’.
    YOU lot have universal responsibility for the biggest ruse and crime anyone or any group has ever perpetrated on Godzone’s people.
    The current covid inquiry is the smokescreen that the people will judge it to be.
    And this LOT is too arrogant and ‘busy’ navel-gazeing to even begin to comprehend the present and ongoing future fall-out of the bioweapon, which they sold on behalf of Pfitzer and co-criminals.
    And a lot of them were incredible gullible. Especially academics are sheeple, because they suck on the teat of public or corporate funding.
    But make no mistake, ignorance, stupidity and/or “I-followed-only-orders” has no relevance in culpability for crimes against humanity.

  2. Hmmmm can’t image why people wouldn’t want a government approved jab, can you? I mean its not as if we can’t trust politicians with our health because they collude with foreign influences who use words like “depopulation”, surely, whilst pushing “safe and effective” medicines, that inexplicably still need legal indemnity, against harm to people?

    I guess a bigger question is do we still want people like this, managing our country?

  3. No one believes in vaccines any more. This is what happens when your GOVERNMENT and DOCTORS lie to you.

    I wish I had never had my kid’s done. Thought I was doing the right thing. One has juvenile type 1 diabetes, one has asthma and the other has asthma and coeliacs. I will take the guilt of that to my grave.

    You have to wonder don’t you?

    Our medical system is absolutely BROKEN. I am paying taxes for services I will never need due to the 90% of the population who don’t exercise enough, eat junk processed food and drink alcohol. We don’t have a “HEALTH” system. We have a sickness system that is set up to medicate or operate and if you don’t want either of those then TOUGH.

    Look at the state of many medical people and our politicians- unhealthy and obese. The doctors give you drugs thst then cause more problems so they have to give you even more drugs.

    There are many natural cures – but there’s no money in healthy people.

    • You are absolutely right.
      Apart from that the ‘health’ system is broken.
      It works just as the parasites have envisioned and via the ‘Greatest Scam in History’ created.
      But there are many layers of parasites, some closer to the spigot of free ‘money’ than others,
      It’s like an onion. And guess who sits at the core of the layers?
      Who created that ‘Greatest Scam in History’?

      • The parasites also exist in the Hospitals in the form of ‘Research Entities’ ie ‘Diabetes Research’ which puts out the same stats every year with no changes noted
        They get money from the Freemasons, Big Pharma, and are quick to take the money, and then they go off to Medici or Ballantines to do their ‘Social Status Shopping’…!etc. while their ‘stay behind’ underpaid underlings get abused and over-loaded with work!

    • I can certainly empathise;
      One of my family has Type 1 diabetes post vaccine, one has passed away young due to epilepsy post vaccine, one has smouldering myeloma and SLE post vaccine, 2 are now under Cardiology Specialist care post vaccine, one is undergoing Neurology Specialist review post vaccine and another has Thrombocytopenia 2 weeks post vaccine and not one have returned to pre vaccine health status.

      Until our authorities collate the entire population medical records comparing pre and post vaccination Health status and capture new medically classified health issues data and do the comparisons …no-one will ever fully know the true impact of the vaccine (Covid) on the population. I am sure their answer will be ‘nothing to see here’.

      I did not take the Covid vaccines and will never, ever take another vaccine in my lifetime!

  4. Had a day operation last week, thought the nurse getting my signature for everything other than the need for blood was going to blow a fuse. I said no thanks, just don’t fancy it.
    He came around again just as they we’re putting under and the anesthesia guy had to tell him not to worry as it was just a tooth they were removing and was not expecting too much blood.
    I think he would of stopped it otherwise.
    I would take my chances than have blood from vaccinated people.

  5. This is truly next level reckless desperation…Never would I take my child to a pharmacy for a vaccination.
    The family medical history sits with the GP. The GP knows if there is a family history of adverse vaccine response, they have the equipment to deal with this and they capture the detail within the patient record.

    The public have lost confidence in all things ‘vaccine’ and our authorities are treating this like a pot luck exercise in social conscience.

    Passing the buck to another entity will surely end in further demise. By all means start up a dedicated, certified Vaccination Centre in each region if you must, keep it professional with qualified, well trained staff and always transmit the vaccination record back to the GP.

    I am not sure who has dreamed up this initiative but this is “definitely not “an appropriate pathway to lift vaccination rates. Thank goodness I will not personally be needing this service in the future!

    • If you think that the problem concerning this ‘vaccination’ lies with the administrator, you have comprehended nothing.
      Vaccination Center…yeah right!

      • Today I received an email from the chemist …it reads
        In 2024, flu vaccinations are free for pregnant people, people aged 65 and over, and people who have a long-term medical condition like diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition.
        Plus, as a Living Rewards member you will receive 10 Living Rewards points^ when you receive your flu vaccination.

        The pharmacy does not hold my medical record therefore they do not know my Medical conditions. Additionally they want to give me a ‘reward’ to take a vaccine….but if I take the vaccine and have a reaction it will be ‘no fault’ of theirs!

        So yes, for those who are hellbent on receiving vaccines, should receive them within an accredited, designated Vaccination Centre…not a Pharmacy!

  6. Frankly, the jig is up. The public knows it, the police know it, the world knows it, the media knows it. Hell, even the politicians know we know it. The simple facts are, ivermectin is all but banned, thousands of NZ medical staff were exempted, blood clots, deaths, sudden death syndrome, rampant cancer and other medical problems are off the charts. But how does the NZ government openly announce the largest fraud on the population in history when NZ owes billions to the owners of everything on the planet including the military. That and national security help. They could make our lives very uncomfortable here. Take a look at countries that have not fallen into line. At best unfavourable trade, at worst cold and hot wars. The way forward is to quietly gather allies in like thinking and gently push forward with things like not allowing the WHO and WEF any further authority. Head towards being self-sufficient in energy, natural resources all products and trade. Many people think guys like Winston, Luxton and Seymour are not doing enough nor quick enough. It is political. It is strategic. Furthermore, it does take time to pay down debt and keep the nation feed and well. The only way to do this is over production, trade and negotiation. GDP matters more than you think.

    • Not sure where to start.
      “…Furthermore, it does take time to pay down debt…”
      Who do you suggest to pay to? To the centuries old scam called money lending, a scam since centuries in the firm and unscroupulous hand of j3ws (because Christians were not permitted to usurp and charge interst)? The Centarl Banking system was created by these very usurers who were thrown out and prosecuted throuout history, and -since the constructed holocaust narrative- pulling the victim card.
      Check who is behind the banking imperiums and who created CBs and the origins of the BIS.
      And then let’s have another discussion.

  7. If you vaccinate,you will detiorate and giving it to under fives is child abuse,grow a brain and avoid the pain.


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