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PM’s Antarctic plane problems a sign of inadequate defence spending say ACT

Antarctic trip news

“Instead of stealing gold in Mini Coopers the latest version of The Italian Job has the Italian Government transporting New Zealand’s Prime Minister in a Hercules. It’s time New Zealand increased its defence spending,” says ACT’s Defence spokesperson Dr James McDowall.

“New Zealand’s ancient planes are falling to bits because the Government is underinvesting in Defence. I revealed in June that the Government had spent $71.3 million spent on “maintenance and repair” of the Boeing 757s in the past five years and there had been 4,234 mechanical failures.

“The Hercules aircraft fleet is even older. When taking them to Europe in April to distribute military aid for Ukraine a NZF Admiral told RNZ “We’ve become used to being able to maintain them afar and we’ll just deal with problems if the aircraft gives us any … we always have our fingers crossed a little bit but I think I’m confident we’ll be able to start providing support there next week.”

“Defence Minister Peeni Henare was also stranded in the Solomon Islands a couple of month ago due to breakdowns.

“At the moment we’re lucky to be able to successfully get off the tarmac let alone defend ourselves, our allies and our values in today’s increasingly volatile strategic environment.

“ACT says we should follow the NATO target and methodology. It would see $7.5 billion in extra capital expenditure over the next four years, this is almost double what Labour would spend.

“Our Defence force is full of hardworking Kiwis who want to protect and serve their country. We need to give our brave men and women the tools and resources they need. This kind of targeted spending would send a message to the rest of the world.

“The target of two per cent of GDP is what all of our traditional allies, including Australia, are committed to and would demonstrate the seriousness with which we take our defence obligations.

“This is the kind of valuable spending that government should be doing, protecting our country and aligning us with our allies.”

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Source:ACT Party

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  1. Act got some sweetner from US Big MIC or what? NZ can never be able to defend itself by importing arms and aircrafts from US. They are all highly over priced. The cheapest option is to train the population for self defence using small arms which should be locally produced and not imported. Any country that depends on US for security is just a colony and US will exploit in all possible ways. Currency/banking, defence, health, media ect must also be surrended to US. NZ does not need to bother if remains neural like Switzerland. But we have minions as politicians.

    • It used to be all about firearms, now it’s just as much about being dropped off the SWIFT system to cripple settlement ability in trades… and the US is surprised there’s a cartel bunching to create an alternative to the $US.

    • I wrote to ‘Parliament’ asking for the NZDF to be put on an organisational footing like the Swiss Defence Forces, with the RNZ Navy re-constituted as the RNZ Coast Guard, and the current RNZ Coast Guard becoming a larger part of the *RNZ Lifesaving Service, (*Air, Sea & Land).

      I demanded Neutrality on all levels and organisations…

      I put forth the idea that all High School students should be given access to the NZDF Cadet Program(s) so that they could learn Basic Military Skills, joining the Reserves from the age of 20 for 6 years of service, and then going Inactive Reserve in the event of an emergency call-up with a :30 minute notification to activate!

      I asked that more Beechcraft T-6 Texan ll’s with hard-points on the wings for Air-to Air / Air to Ground Missiles and Rockets be allocated for four (4) Strike Squadrons, (2 on NI, 2 on SI) manned by a Pilot up front and an Air Warfare Officer in the back for defence purposes. (In today’s world, dogfighting is a past activity due to weapons platforms that can shoot down another aircraft from miles away; speed is not necessary anymore for defence, but a lower infrared hear signature is as provided by the T-6 Texan ll’s turboprop PT-6 engine and flares provide defence from Air-to-Air enemy missiles.) The T-6ll’s are such a perfect platform, and affordable!

      I mentioned that the Beechcraft King Air B-200 be procured for expanded training, transportation and LCR (Limited Combat Role w/ anti-ship missiles) as such is powered by the same engines as the T-6ll’s and are affordable to operate.

      I asked that turned-in AR-15’s-type semi-auto rifles post the Christchurch Mosque Attack be held in a secure armoury, so that the owners could access the same in the event of a National Emergency (ie invasion by a foreign enemy).

      I demanded that New Zealand be kept OUT of NATO, and that SEATO was defunct and NOT in the interest of New Zealand!

      As usual…NO RESPONSE from anyone in Wellywood…!

  2. Where’s the melting of the ice when we need it?

    Does our airforce have a working plane? (crop dusters aside) Strangely we’ve spent hundreds of millions on the Ohakea airport but nothing on planes? I suppose it might be for planes from other countries? Who nose.

    And what about the large food storage facilities being built at Linton? Maybe they need to stock up on food with soaring food prices?

    • This government would love ACT to shut up. One thing that carries through from Clark to Ardern is that their Ministers don’t really get to comment all that much. They get to shut up, more often than not while the leader comments on their respective portfolio matters. At least Clark would answer questions in Parluament though – for the 47% of the time she showed up for question time. This is what we’re paying for? Expensive headlines. Let’s think about the Antarctic trip, the flight with Trudeau, all the Asia, EU and US runs she’s done. How’s her carbon footprint look?

  3. Apparently we are in a climate emergency but it’s ok for the PM to do a sightseeing trip with her boyfriend?


    Stop flying everywhere. Maybe she should have used Meta to pretend she was there…..????

  4. The new ones better be electric seeing as comrade Ardern is big on the climate hoax albeit hypocritical to say the least with its never ending trips around the globe. Fart till your hearts content nz we have a long way to go to catch up to her personal carbon footprint.

    • It’s part of the WEF / NWO ‘Empty Skies Policy’ where only the …’Elite’… can fly in their Citations, Gulfstreams and Global Jets. They do have 4 hidden airlines that allow for this and offer seat swap options if you subscribe to their ‘on-call’ subscriptions starting at $25K per person.

      Others just fly in their own aircraft as ‘Corporates’ in order to get massive tax and carbon-footprint breaks…!

      All of us other peons of Globalist serfdom have to fly Cattle (Goyim) Class at $800 average-cost one way on a taxpayer-funded airline! Or,

      One can use their experience and just buy a 40 year old Cessna and go when you want, where you want, on a localised basis…provided you have the dosh to upkeep and run the Cessna.

  5. Where the money is going to come from? All Act MPs can work for a dollar a month, and give their salaries for buying some spare parts such as nuts and bolts which are priced ten of thousand times the rewal cost. If they are unwilling, they should argue for a capital gains tax, which will get 3-4 billion dollars, and spent on Big MIC. By simply shifting wealth to Big MIC, our economy will suffer further more and more homeless and child poverty.

    Dr James McDowall is such a ***wit who does not talk about how it is going to be funded? By cutting taxes? Such a minion.

  6. Defence obligations???????

    What obligations? Are we part of NATO? NO. Have we signed any defence agreement with anyone that stipulates 2% of GDP must be spent on miltary hardware and defence? NO.

    James McDowall must be an agent for big military industrial complex. I have not heard him talking about kiwis suffering from high cost of living and housing crisis. Why the propaganda on defence spending now?

  7. I follow flight radar regularly and about 2 hours before the PMs original flight on 25th a US airforce Boeing globemaster left Christchurch heading to Antarctica. I assumed she would hitch a ride on this plane but no then the nz Hercules started it’s journey. Thursday 27th another US airforce globemaster headed down from Christchurch. On Friday 28th NZ airforce Boeing 757 left Christchurch headed south. On seeing this more commercial/comfortable flight headed south we assumed she wanted a better ride home? Then msn said the Hercules had broken down so we definitely assumed the 757 was despatched to bring them home. But then we were told she would get a ride back with the Italians ? I’m confused and I wonder who was on these US flights and how did the Italians get down there to be able to come to the rescue?

    • You are right. I have zero trust in this government. The alternative Coke aka Luxon is the same or even worse given that ACT is going to be part of the Agency. Big MIC wants its hegemonic rent from kiwis after we have paid hugely to the Big Pharma. They use the fear weapon to manufacture consent using MSM presstitutes. They fooled kiwis with the scamdemic. They will use sinophobia to extract the hegemonic rent to big MIC. Russophobia is not working well in NZ but sinophobia may work.

      It is easy to remain neutral and just focus on trade. China is NOT an adversary to NZ. On the other hand, deep state slavery is something we should all fear about because it lowers of standard of living and pushes a huge section of kiwis into poverty, destroys the indigenous culture and creates a huge immoral woke sh*tters in NZ.

  8. What was she doing in Antarctica to begin with? Secret meetings with the Zio-Communist PTB??? Everytime that the Zio-Communist Global Leaders meet in Antarctica (including Obama, the Pope, etc.) then something staged and planned happens in the world that is essentially ‘anti-human’.

    See and research ‘Operation High-Jump’ relating to Admiral Byrd and his U.S. Fleet being chased out of Antarctica by German AGV’s circa mid to late 1940’s, and the casualties and filming of the battle that were kept from the public.

    RNZAF is due for receiving the C-130J, but are these factory fresh aircraft with logistical support, OR-
    air the incoming C-130J’s actually old USAF inventory that are now 20+ years old?

    The old RNZAF 757 needs to be retired / scrapped / cannibalised for parts, and a 787 Dreamliner either transferred from government-owned Air New Zealand to the RNZAF, or a Gulfstream 800 leased until a solution can be found to replace the 757. The solutions can be had by noon tomorrow, but the Zio-Communists Globalist WEF / NWO do not like the New Zealand Government thinking or acting on it’s own to the benefit of Kiwis.

    The take away here; I’m glad that the PM got to experience the humility of flying on another nation’s C-130, and sitting on the hard uncomfortable troop seat for 7 hours as the rest of us have done in the past! But,

    I don’t think the humility of that experience even sunk-in!!!


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