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Police given new powers to seize criminal assets

Criminal assets news

The Government is providing Police additional tools to seize the illicit assets of organised criminals, Justice Minister Kiri Allan announced yesterday.

The raft of legislative changes are targeted at gangs and are intended to strip gang members of the benefits of their criminal activity.

“This is about ensuring crime doesn’t pay and that there are major consequences for criminal and gang activity,” Kiri Allan said.

“The new amendments to the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act will ensure if someone is associated with an organised criminal group and its suspected they couldn’t have funded their assets legitimately, then they can now be required to prove to the court how they came to possess them – or face having them seized.”

“Currently, organised criminals structure their affairs to avoid their illicit assets being restrained and forfeited. This is done by creating distance between themselves and the assets by putting property into associates’ names,” Kiri Allan said.

“Police’s experience with criminal proceeds investigations tells us that use of intermediaries, third parties, relatives or friends are a feature of many cases now investigated,” Police Minister Chris Hipkins said.

“The steps taken today continue the Government’s multi-faceted approach to tackling the harm caused by gangs and other organised criminal groups.

“This is the next step in the Government’s work to curb crime and make our communities safer. It will mean that not only do we have more frontline Police than ever before, they also have greater powers to hit gangs where it hurts.

“This goes hand in hand with the Government’s support for work within communities to stop young people becoming involved in crime and gangs in the first place,” Chris Hipkins said.

Cabinet has agreed to the following changes to Act:

  • New powers to target the associates of organised criminal groups and restrain their property, when it is clear their legitimate finances would’ve been unlikely to have enabled them to acquire the assets.
  • A new court order that will mean criminals based overseas who have assets in New Zealand will face losing those assets, unless they can provide proof within two months that they obtained their property legally.
  • Amending a technical gap, which will allow the Official Assignee – the government body that manages assets restrained under CPRA – to hold seized property longer than 28 days while the court considers an application for a restraining order.
  • Allow funds in KiwiSaver schemes to be subject to civil forfeiture orders, eliminating the potential for criminals to hide illegal funds in their KiwiSaver.

The Government will also shortly introduce the legislation that creates new offences and enforcement powers to give Police more tools to combat gangs.

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  1. This situation needs to be watched VERY carefully, and monitored by the HRC, Firearms Lawyers and the Privy Council.
    Minor Political Party supporters could technically suffer asset, property and bank account seizures as I wouldn’t put it past the Labour / National Parties to target those Minor Political Party supporters as ‘gang associates’ thru indirect or distant connections to the same…!
    Most everyone in this country have a ‘gang member’ an ‘associate’ or a ‘candidate for initiation’ in their families.
    Those who have been ID’d, photographed at ‘pop-up protest’ locations, and those who are providing proof of the Covid assault on human and civil rights could and probably will be targeted as a ‘Gang Associate’ before the elections thru distant matching.
    It’s a convenient way to get rid of monetary support for the Minor Political Parties that are gaining in strength.
    That is what this is all about; finding another avenue in which to financially wreck the supporters of those Minor Parties, or those who are vehemently against the WEF / NWO / IMF Global Dictates that Jabcinda is obediently following now known as the ‘Rule of Law’
    This asset seizure action is… a ‘rule of law’…now watch other ‘Nation States’ enact something similar before the week is out!
    Michael Rivero (www.whatreallyhappened.com) made an astute observation some years back;
    “The last thing a failing government does before it collapses is to loot the Treasury.” See also his video titled ‘All Wars are Bankers Wars’, and then search for ‘The Learned (Talmudic) Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.
    This is also an indirect form of simultaneously seizing Firearms Licences and firearms themselves from these so-called ‘Gang Associates’ if they are ‘harbouring or hiding gang assets’, as those who are ‘Gang Associates’ are usually denied a Firearms Licence or have the same revoked upon the Police being notified that a Firearms Licence holder is a ‘Gang Associate’ or a newly-inducted ‘Patched Gang Member’.
    This even includes cousins, distant relatives, etc. as the scope of such a definition is broad sweeping.
    IF you think you fall into this distant targeted category, then perhaps you should begin making other arrangements for assets, hunting equipment, etc.
    It must be remembered that the National Party passed into law (with Labour’s endorsement) the ‘Warrantless Search’ to secretly enter a home or business when no one is present there. Case in point: the Christchurch Pastor who was recently targeted and raided by the cops when he was not home, and had his ammo taken.
    This could also be seen as religious persecution, especially when the Church Leaders start learning the full truth about the political subterfuge, corruption, and the Covid Vaccine mRNA destruction of the human race as verified by Deagel.com re; population reductions.
    Due to warrantless secret searches and the increase in burglaries, NEVER leave your home without someone being there to keep watch if at all possible, or unless you can access the same via CCTV apps.
    Keep your recording devices fully-charged to record such illegal actions by ‘The State’…!
    ALL of the Police, MoD, and Intelligence Agencies should re-read the Magna Carta, the NZ Bill of Rights, the UN Human Rights Charter, and the Nuremburg Code to discover that what they are being asked and tasked to do is essentially illegal and an assault on the Citizenry. Those members who are Freemasons and Zio-Communists however, will continue to participate in the eradication, persecutions, and targeting of the ‘terrorist populations’ as such accelerates exponentially, as per their start of actions circa 1990 when Manly Palmer Hall, the Great Masonic Restrainer’, passed away, leaving the rank and file to the execute their Great Plan without interference and restraint as it relates to violating Human Rights.
    Vote for the Minor Parties, and put a stop to this politically-induced Masonic / Zio-Communist Operandi.
    The Police ‘Minister’ and Kiri were proven to be incompetent during Covid, are incompetent now, and will be proven to be even more incompetent in the future as neither are qualified to be ‘leading’ law enforcement, education and health.
    I am amazed at the health care that Kiri received when she had advanced cancer that is now cured / in remission; how many other New Zealand women were given such favourable and preferential treatment, and who are now dead?

    This is VERY dangerous ground for all of us!!!
    We may all soon be considered criminals and have everything stolen from us under these new ‘Laws & Offences’…
    KiwiSaver was a government con job from the very beginning, but they’ll steal those too!
    Remember just recently when the Government wanted those who have contributed to KiwiSaver to disburse their Kiwisaver holdings and savings to fund the beneficiaries and the unemployed so the government wouldn’t have to??? Remember that? It was only 3-4 weeks ago and on the horrid MSM…!
    Luxom wants to disenfranchise and persecute the disabled, the autistic, and the crippled by removing their sickness benefits, despite the fact that most of those on the autistic spectrum are 87% UNEMPLOYED PERMANENTLY as no one wants to hire them!
    Luxom and his ‘Fellor Traveller Globalists’ want them gone…out of the way…!
    Hitler removed the government stipend for those who had disabled family members in their homes, and later rounded them up under euthanasia laws which were based on a policy of based on eugenics, and murdered them!
    Being unable to access your seized account under these ‘NEW LAWS AND OFFENCES’ will lead to wrecked credit ratings (and ‘Social Credit’), and you will be unable to access the $$ you need to buy food, medicines, health care, petrol, and services…!
    You will be designated a ‘Terrorist’ if you do not agree with mandates, voting for a political party that is not Labour / National, and speak out against this ever-increasing gradual tyranny that is moving now ever faster to enslave and even kill us all on a global scale!
    And at this point in human history, and with the draconian policies, encroachments and violations of Human & Civil Rights, DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FIREARMS!!!!!!!!!
    Fear the government(s) that fear your right to own and use firearms to preserve freedom from tyranny!

  3. There’s a real slippery slope aspect to this. It was used in the US and its seen a lot of innocent people loose everything and even after the fact have nothing returned. Could it be used against political opponents? Depending on how it was framed, it can not see it being impossible.

    Given how arbitrary govt has been of late, I personally don’t trust this move at all.


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