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Police investigate recent Christchurch gun incidents

Christchurch crime news
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Christchurch Police are making enquiries after four incidents over the past two days where firearms have been discharged towards residential properties, including one believed to be mistakenly targeted.

Police were called to properties on Hammond Place, Spreydon, and Gayhurst Road, Dallington, about 10.30pm on Friday; and Hammond Place, Spreydon, and Broadbent Street, Riccarton, yesterday between 10.30 and 11pm.

It has been established firearms were discharged towards properties in all cases. There were no injuries.

Police believe the incidents are connected and are working to establish the full circumstances of what has occurred.

‘In one case, we believe a property has been wrongly targeted, as our enquiries have determined a connection with a nearby address,’ said Detective Senior Sergeant Damon Wells of the Canterbury Metro Crime Squad

‘We would like to send a clear message to the people responsible for this behaviour – we won’t tolerate this level of violence in our communities.

‘We are committed to finding these offenders and holding them to account by putting them before the courts.

‘Anyone with information about any of the four incidents is urged to get in touch by calling 105 and quoting file number 221210/6364.

‘You can also share information anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.’

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Source:NZ Police

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  1. So…we have the holders of Firearms who are probably UN-licenced, and able to access semi-auto MSSA’s while law abiding licenced firearm owners cannot…!

    Ardern and her Zio-Communist WEF / NWO crowd in the Masonic Beehive will no doubt proceed with ‘Firearms Registration’ as they have previously discussed in June of 2023.

    This is a massive burden on the Cops, Firearms Officers, and a waste of rate-payer’s money to maintain such a ‘register’…

    Noteworthy is the very historical fact that when gun registration appears on the scene, then confiscation is what follows next!

    After confiscation (where the population is totally dis-armed and cannot protect itself from exponential gang population growth, and government enforced tyranny and despotism)n then comes coordinated Genocide via government entities and NGO’s!

    Holodomor will run concurrently with the Genocide. The masses targeted for extermination would, most likely, be denied food and ‘Social Credit’ for purchasing the same by the criminal governments, banks and NGO’s

    IF I ran for office under the O&FP banner, I would introduce legislation to restore FULL FIREARMS RIGHTS to the Firearms-Licenced Citizens and Permanent Residents of New Zealand, scrap any and all ‘Carbon Credits’ that is being illegally perpetrated against our farmers, and scrap the hideous ‘Entrenched Three Waters Act’ ASAP.

    I would put price caps on food, utility services, petrol, and rent, to hold inflation in check.

    I would insure that the mortgage interest rates would be frozen at 2020 percentages, and boot the Reserve Bank OFF of the scene, turning the country’s money and currency management over to a properly-vetted Treasury Department under a bi-partisan Board of Treasury and Currency.

    I would back the Kiwi Dollar with gold, silver, platinum, opals and diamonds.

    I would require that those who sit on the BoD’s of public, private and NGO who have a conflict of multi-roles to declare those conflicts, and then they would choose which BoD they would resign from to remove the conflict!

    I would also have New Zealand declared a ‘Neutral Nation’ at the UN, make the Cadet Forces compulsory for ages 16 and up until age 18, and then enlist, appoint and commission those with proper qualifications into their chosen and appropriate Reserve Forces slots / billets based on their skills, education, and completion of both Cadet and Basic Military Training. They would report for continuation training / re-currency every 90 days for one week-end on a quarterly basis.

    The New Zealand Navy would become in designation the Royal New Zealand Coast Guard, and the current Coast Guard then becomes the RNZLSS (Life Saving Service-Sea. working in conjunction with LSS Land and LSS Air.

    I would re-open Marsden Point, drill for the 400 year supply of Natural Gas and mandate / vote into law lowering the price of energy, ie petrol, natural gas, hydrogen processing, and oil, and provide subsidies for Solar Panels and emergency generators!

    I would stop shoddy building practices using sub-standard designs and materials.

    Last but not least, I would fire EVERY one of the State / Government Media outlets, and pull the licence to broadcast from corporate broadcasting entities until those entities issued an apology to the viewing and listening public due to their deceptions that they have arrogantly, if not with open hostility, towards the public re; Covid, Ukraine, the economy, and electoral interference with voting.

    I would allow for free and open access to the Internet, irregardless of the content; let the user choose!

    I would lift all sanctions that are currently placed on Russia, and insure that the Israeli Mossad will never operate in New Zealand again! I would place sanctions on Israel and the Ukraine due to their Zionist / Communist-inspired 8-year war, genocide and murders against the Russians in the Donbass, and the lies that they told the world re; the Minsk Treaty.

    “If not me, then who?”

    “Who shall I send” sayeth the Lord;
    “Send Me” said I, and the Lord made it so!

    “When they came for the Firearms Owners on the registry, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for the Patriots and the anti-Globalists, I didn’t speak up!
    When the came for the terrorist-designated ‘Anti-Vaxxers, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for Baby Will, I didn’t speak up!
    When they banned books and pronouns, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for those who criticize the Zionist Plans for Greater Israel, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for those who confronted Noahide Law, the Talmud and the Mossad, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for Palestinian supporters, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for the Russians and their Russian supporters, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for the bloggers using hate speech as a concocted lawful reason, I didn’t speak up!
    When they came for me with their armour-plated and militarised Goon Squad, there was no one left to speak-up for me of my UN-vaxxed family!


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