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Posie Parker MSM ‘neo-Nazis’ were just a group of friends there ‘for fun’

Thomas Richards, a Scottish-Ethiopian comedian/actor wrote a lengthy substack explaining his presence at the rally.

State-subsidised news outlet NZHerald reported last night on the presence of ‘far-right’ extremist groups at the Posie Parker rally on Saturday, with comment from ‘researchers who specialise in extremist groups in New Zealand.’

The report included a photo of a small group of men dressed in dark clothing holding New Zealand flags and wearing face masks.

The group attracted the attention of a number of legacy media outlets wanting to push the Posie Parker ‘far-right’ narrative.

Richards was one of the men in the photo. Writing a lengthy post on his Substack he explained he was there with friends for a bit of cosplay and fun.

”In regards to the Roman Salutes [aka Nazi salute] the group I was a part of did in the carpark and the historical photos of me cosplaying. We did so as a bit of fun.’ He explained he finds ‘humour and enjoyment in symbology that is ostracized by “the system”.’

He wrote that they were ‘just a bunch of young guys at a protest having some fun.’

He denied being a neo-Nazi, or part of Action Zelandia, Antifa, or a crisis actor, or part of a false flag group. ‘We are just guys who came to have fun’ he reiterated.

‘I was a peaceful artist at the event. My haters are projecting their violent intentions and desires on to me, a classic mental disorder of sorts.’

Despite Parker’s repeated denials of connections with neo-Nazi groups, legacy media have pushed the narrative that she is connected to them and other far right groups.

Talking recently on GBNews Parker responded to a question about the presence of neo-Nazi groups at her Melbourne event.

‘There’s something very fishy going on, that we (the women talking) as a group to actually respond to those men [ie. the neo-Nazis] at that time. All the photographs just happened to have those men somewhere else doing the Nazi salute. So I think this is just another weapon against us to try and stop women talking. Can we just have women-only spaces? That’s all we want. We just don’t want men in women’s spaces please.’

Richards published his substack on 27 March. Nevertheless, the NZHerald continued with its neo-Nazi narrative by publishing its report a day later.

A report by foreign-owned Newshub aired before Parker arrived which accused her of using a secret ‘Nazi hand signal’ in an interview. She was in fact, just adjusting the zip on her top.


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  1. A nanobe is a tiny filament structure first discovered in some Jurassic and Triassic rocks and sediment samples retrieved from oil wells off the west coast of Australia.

    Some scientists hypothesize that nanobes are the lowest form of life on earth, but they’ve clearly never observed an NZ MSM journalist.

  2. I hope Nzherald or Stuff look at your comments because here you find reality, not some heavily censored comments box or often no comments allowed to even question the script writers of the sponsored piece. The two publications are comical at best, always leaves me wondering who is paying for each individual story released by them. Sadly the confused and easily lead in New Zealand will take what they write as gospel and look at you in disbelief if you point out what utter shit they write. It is not worth making a complaint to the bent media council who are also infiltrated.
    I would be so embarrassed to say that I worked or were connected to each of these college rag mags, absolutely pitiful.

  3. Thomas Richard’s, gag or not you have taken on the karma judged not by you but by God. Your intentions speak louder than your words.

  4. New Zealand’s corrupt MSM have become an international embarrassment. I resent my taxes being used to fund these indoctrinated unethical woke idiots who pretend to be journalists.

    • Exactly. $55 million plus millions more in government advertising revenue.

      It’s infuriating that NZ tax dollars are being used to fund outrageous lies and propaganda concocted by deranged woke extremists.

      Taxpayer funding of these horrendous corrupt media organisations needs to be stopped immediately.

  5. Dressing up as a neo-Nazi for ‘fun’.

    Yeah right!

    Posie Parker is absolutely correct, there is indeed something extremely fishy going on.

    In this case, creepy woke morons dressed up as neo-Nazis attempting to discredit Posie Parker and women’s right to free speech.

    Hopefully Mr Richards will be heading off back to Scotland fairly shortly to work on his comedy routine, I’m sure the Scots will find him hilarious.


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