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Press Release – Parliament protesters request meeting with government

Full text of Press Release:

Today marks one week since tens of thousands of New Zealanders from all walks of life, ages and ethnicities came together in a peaceful protest.

They travelled from all over the country and have been supported in many ways by hundreds of thousands of Kiwis.

They are united in condemning the government’s flagrant breach of human rights, deliberate divisiveness, and discrimination. The constant law changes are inconsistent with the government’s duties to the New Zealanders it was elected to represent.

The protest is a result of immense frustration and concern. People are outraged by the conduct of the government and its lack of respect, dismissive attitude and unwillingness to engage.

The position of protestors and the government have become entrenched, but this protest can end.

This communication summarises the views of the majority of groups present at Parliament today:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • Voices for Freedom.

We have come together and we are in agreement that the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act and all the orders and mandates made under that legislation must be revoked immediately.

The government needs to lift the unnecessary mandates, and an urgent meeting has been requested with senior cabinet ministers to open dialogue.

The infection fatality rate of Omicron is lower than the seasonal flu. Before the global pandemic, it was considered ‘normal’ for 500-700 New Zealanders to die from the seasonal flu each year. On average, 100 Kiwis die each day from various causes. There needs to be perspective.

The Traffic Light system, the ‘no jab, no job’ laws and other mandates are discriminatory, unjustified and a breach of fundamental human rights.

Not one Government representative has engaged in dialogue with the peaceful protesters. Their response of soaking the ground with high-pressure irrigation, bright lights, blasting music and ads at the gathering is infantile and highly unhelpful to bringing about a resolution. We are concerned that unless these tactics cease, they could cause significant damage to any trust held by the protesters that their elected representatives are interested in listening to them.

In addition, the behaviour of the Police last Thursday was unconscionable. New Zealanders, our friends, and the media worldwide watched in horror the deplorable and unlawful police conduct towards peaceful protestors, including women and children.

We reiterate that our request is that the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act and all the orders and mandates made under that legislation be revoked immediately in accordance with the principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, equality, non-discrimination, good governance and good faith.

Until the end of the mandates, participants are determined to maintain their presence.

The media is grossly misrepresenting the situation. The protestors are friendly, peaceful, hardworking New Zealanders who are pro-medical freedom. Government and media must stop their deliberate and sustained misinformation campaign.


Protesters have sent a letter to all MPs requesting an urgent meeting with senior cabinet members to open dialogue.

The government is yet to respond.

Update to follow.

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  1. That sounds a very reasonable request from the protesters.
    I am saddened that the government of Jacinda has not respectfully and promptly responded in a show of good faith.

    • There will be no show of good faith because there IS NO good faith.

      They hate us and don’t care.

      The next election’s results have already been mapped out.

      • What makes you think that the current socialist government are even going to allow you an election? Let alone a free and ‘un-rigged’ one?

        • Too true. Nothing would surprise you at the moment. This whole experience has been such a shocking revelation with regards to how little say, we the people, actually have in how our country is run. What I would like to see, and I have said this for years, is an option on the voting ballot that read “vote of no confidence”. If this was to get more than say 25% of votes then it would trigger a total rewriting of how political systems and parties operate within NZ. Maybe then we could establish some form of constitution where human rights were paramount, regardless of what bullshit emergency the powers that be conjure up. I’m not an anarchist but I am more libertarian than I have ever been after the last two years.

  2. That sounds a very reasonable request from the protesters.
    I am saddened that the government of Ardern have not respectfully and promptly responded in a show of good faith.

    • You , The Government – aka Jacinda Ardern, campaign to get a vote to elect you into a job* a position of Trust and faith … a place of work that governs the people of New Zealand. The highest and most important Job of our land and yet when we the people of New Zealand want and need to be heard , you do not and quite rudly disrespect our common decent curiosity with not even an acknowledgement.

      This act shows distrust and lack of care, therefore, You have lost the Trust of the people and Hundreds of thousands have lost faith. You have with your actions shown us you are not the right person to stand up for New Zealand.

      As the Prime Minister like in any job as a Manger , at the end of the day your actions and the actions of those under your employ land with you.

      In question ! an action of turning on the sprinklers, In essence a physical action of purposely trying to drown out the people who YOU are meant to be representing
      and those who voted you into a position of Trust. You have let us down and we are disappointed in you.

      You talk big about kindness and treating one another with respect and yet YOU Do not lead by example. Therefore you have brought yourself down and disrespected not only us but yourself. As we cannot now trust your word. You have lost the trust of the people of New Zealsnd. So therefore like in all legal contract, once trust is lost it can result a dissaplinary action of loss of Job. So now you have to do the right thing and because of your injustice ways and lack of proper leadership STAND DOWN and make way for someone who will do right by the people of New Zealand ????????

      • How incredibly well summed up. I couldn’t agree more. This person named Jacinda Adern has completely lost control not only of this Countries loyalty and respect but also of her own mind and decency . She has become the face of what we as fellow New Zealanders but also human beings, loathe!!!
        A dictator with no conscience, a massive ego and the disability of recognising and acknowledging when one has got it wrong, missed the point, and doesn’t know how to apologise and just FIX THE PROBLEM.

        • Absolutley couldn’t agree more! How can we have a leader who hides when the going gets tough. She grins like a cheshire cat & shows no kindness or compassion for all New Zealanders who pay her enormous money in taxes, and loose our jobs, homes and more. It’s a human disgrace & the rest of the world is laughing at her archaic unrealistic approach!!

        • Its simple. She is a traitor and has betrayed all New Zealanders. She is a darling of Claus Schwarb’s
          World Economic Forum and the Elite wealthy. They have purchased her soul so she works for them. This is the same for Australua, Canada, USA and UK.
          However there is a much higher power that can defeat them if we will call on Him!

  3. I am so very proud of these peaceful protesters braving terrible conditions for the sake of our freedom to choose and for us to live a life without Government mandates and ever changing Government decisions.
    Please MPs, who are supposed to represent us, come and start dialogue and help end these draconian mandates.

  4. This is a more than reasonable request and the PM and MP’s should be jumping at the opportunity to end this protest so they can stop looking like fools. Ardern needs to go and take her family members that she has put into positions of power with her. The worst govt in the history of NZ politics.

  5. There are hundreds of thousands of us New Zealanders in support of these frontline protesters. Now is the time to speak up and take a stand. Show your support.

    • Stood on a 5:30pm silent pop-up in a Central NI town. About 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 cars beeped or gave us thumbs up vs maybe 2-3 drivers down-thumbing over an hour. Hundreds of thou is likely a serious under-estimate.

  6. Ā beautiful well written piece and honest, I do hope it is read word for word, not rushed and misinterpreted, as this does tend to happen, the message is clear. Good luck, I really hope for success, as dealing with a corrupt system, is painful.

  7. I am so grateful to the protesrors there who are speaking on behalf of the silent majority. Your letter summary up the issues beautifully. We cannot believe a modern democratic government has behaved in this way.

    Any decent mp and all government officials should be ashamed of their part in this and encourage senior party members to meet with you to discuss the way forward so this madness can end.

    Thank you all for your decency and resilience.

  8. The protestors are really strong proud new zealanders that should be supported! Teachers, nurses, tradies, Govt Department workers, parents, students,

  9. The government has shown no faith in the justice system or governing system other then a “you will do as we say” approach. A vote of no confidence should be clearly on the cards, even during a so called pandemic…where to be honest I’m not sure which virus is the actual threat here after all this fiasco. They must come to the negotiating table, with clear course of action to be removal of mandates and vaccine passports. None of the deaths or illnesses numbers from nz so called experts have even become remotely true, and the flip flopping of advice has been nothing short of being an absolute rort. It makes one wonder what sort of Universities we are sending our kids to with such blatant nonsense being churned out from those experts. We all wait with baited breaths as they probably won’t even ponder on the letter. We will see

  10. New Zealanders are feed up Jacinda why won’t u listen are u afraid of ur contact noose tightening and lies falling true-have u just gone too far and are just too arrogant to listen to ur people to whom u are surposed to be their elected servant….omg!!!!

      • Jacinda is NWO, she bows to the big guys who rule the world. So she is being paid well.
        New Zealand is a Corporation since 1986, but we are being governed by a whole lot of traitors, and us the tax payers will pay the huge debt she has landed us in.

        • The very moment I saw her on TV, I knew she was a fake.

          Her handlers won’t allow her to stop the mandates. She has got NZ into a contract with Pfizer that NZ needs to buy the agreed quota.

          The whole Jabathon won’t stop with boosters, Pfizer is producing the so called Omicron specific jab which will be rolled out before Winter followed by a double shot and boosters.

          This muppet show will continue until ordinary Kiwis put a stop to it. This woman doesn’t work for us!!!

  11. Yes agree 100% , END the mandates , im a hard working kiwi employing 4 people , I plan to join the protest this weekend , it’s time to stand up to these ridiculous draconian rules being dished out !! Where is the dialogue? The recognition of this mass protest , the fabric of NZ society is being ripped apart , stop the madness now !!!!

  12. I’ve been there each and everyday and seen the protests in person. Thankfully this is in the global news. It is massively manipulated in the Nz media. The Nz government’s actions are deplorable. Please share.

    • End the mandates, stop injecting kids and repeal all covid related laws and dissolve the current parliament.

      Then and only then will the protesters leave.

  13. How about some actual, open scientific debate on the efficacy of such measures as social distancing, PCR testing, lockdowns, masking, vaccine passes and mandates and the coerced injection of a still-experimental medical product with a dubious safety profile into millions of healthy New Zealanders?

    • The truth doesn’t like being questioned…….

      But yeah I totally agree. They keep saying ‘follow the science’ . What science exactly? I have a copy of one of the Pfizer documents that have been released by order under the FOIA in America and the 9 pages of side effects was enough info for me thanks. Unless people have seen those 9 pages before getting the jab, how can it be informed consent? It’s malfeasance.

      Here’s the link to that document:


  14. Isn’t it amazing how the govt never locked down Wellington hard? Imagine if they had had 4 months like Auckland? Yeah well we know why they weren’t don’t we.

  15. Katie Hopkins short clip on You Tube of the Haka outside Parliament was magnificent. Just what the Haka was really meant to be about, well done all who took part!

  16. My father fought, risking his life in world War 2 for our freedom, democracy and to defend our beautiful country, he would be horrified and ashamed of what this government has done to New Zealand, the segration, lies, betrayal of the people, it is pure evil and needs to stop. Wake up New Zealand and thank you to those brave protestors, the Feedom Fighters.

  17. There are many who support these PROTECTORS that can’t get to Wellington due to various life scenarios – however WE ARE WITH YOU.
    What YOU are doing matters and THANK YOU for fighting to protect mine and my children’s rights.

    History will remember who stood on what side and you are standing on NZ’s side of this.

    Thank you again ????

  18. I salute every person doing whatever they can to create awareness about the truth of the Pfizer injections, and also remove all the uneccessary, emotionally cruel, socially divisive and economically destructive mandates Adern’s government of fear, lying propaganda and excessive control has enforced.

    Whatever ends Adern believes she’ll ultimately achieve by their contract with Pfizer of millions of taxpayer-funded injections, by all her law/policy changes, amendments and mandates, and whichever WEF-directed-globalist-techocrat cultists she’s patently desperate to please, she’s deluded.

    If she does not stop soon on her path of wreaking human suffering, she will go down in history as perhaps the world’s most destructive female prime minister of any liberal democracy.

    I no longer believe this Labour government is a government for or of the people of NZ.
    It has proved beyond any shadow of doubt, especially recently, it is against the well-being of very very many New Zealanders, and therefore not representative of them.

    This government should never make the mistake of stating publicly that all those who received the Pfizer or other COVID injections are “on their side” and therefore wanted those injections, or fundamentally agreed with having them or did so willingly.

    From my observation, most only complied because they would lose jobs – and they have families to support and mortgages to pay. Others did so, so they could still have the ‘freedom’ to move around, see loved ones and travel etc. That is bribery/blackmail/coercion and never willing consent.

    The concerted government-funded-and-media-propoganda-lies and fear-mongering drive leading to these ‘vaccination’ numbers is never a truthful indication of a percentage of the population’s willing agreement.

    Whatever we do New Zealand we have to make sure this bullying and lying government does not also change their term in office from three to four years.

    Luxon and all other political leaders: open your minds, do some honest thorough research about these mandates and what is actually in Pfizer injections.

    Wake up to the truth for the sake of New Zealand and have the courage to stand up for what is right.

    If you can’t do that, at least go and spend time listening to any of the brave demonstrators on our parliament grounds. You may learn a grassroots lesson about real courage, political integrity and truth – oh, and love, and caring for each other as people.

  19. Sending love and strength from London UK, I hope they have have immense power needed to stick it out.. the government will have to listen at some point xx

    • Isn’t it crazy that they are not already? I mean how many more people are needed before they even entertain a conversation? Its not just the protesters but the 1000’s of people that supported the convoy as they made their way to Wellington. Unbelievable! What disappoints me most is our other gutless politicians. If one, just one came out in strong opposition to what is happening they would likely be the number one candidate for next prime minister. There is obviously a lot I don’t get in this world, but the lack of opposition to Jacindas regime by other politicians really baffles me.

  20. The dedicated devotees putting our case in the grounds of Parliament should get our support in the districts if we’re unable to get to Wellington. Its time now to arrive en masse at local government offices and demand access to libraries, swimming pools and other facilities people are precluded from – or rates rebates pro rata, for services denied by way of vaccine apartheid. We’ve let the servant become the master and that has to be realigned.

  21. Was down there (Parliament) Saturday what an awesome experience great atmosphere and totally safe and peacefully. Hardworking Third gen + kiwi with my job on the line due to mandates and cannot stand the oppressive, discrimination and unjustified behaviour of our elected servant’s. This has gone far beyond a virus issue. Standing by my personal conviction and all other protesters on this Rise up people.

  22. My opinion is that the protesters are a bunch of whiny babies. To compare a potential omicron outbreak (a disease much more infectious, and more deadly than the seasonal flu) as equivalent to the seasonal flu is laughable. Of course, I am preaching to a sack of potatoes because anyone who is anti vax has demonstrated they don’t understand basic scientific principles and hospital capacity logistics. The mandates will remain, and this is a good thing. You are in the minority, and this is a democracy. Good luck, losers.

    • Hey Isaac, wake up and smell the pharmaceuticals!

      Any connection perhaps to Benis potatoes, now you mention others being sacks of potatoes, the thought sprung to mind? Benis potatoes are delicious.

      Thanks for being kind and wishing us ‘good luck’. There’s been a lot of that type of kindness lately.

      We don’t rely much on luck, but do embrace goodness, as we choose to use our intelligent seeking minds to enquire often of honest science and highly qualified medical experts.
      We have a great deal of courage, honour and a strong desire for kindness, fairness and justice.
      We are keen observers of what’s happening around us and prefer honesty over lies.
      We’ve made our choice to be on the winning, not the losing, side of history, however long that may take, as the truth will always out.
      And goodness always triumph over evil.
      And love always triumph over hate.
      Hope to see you on the winning side, Isaac, and maybe we can share a potato or two from your sack your spoke of.

      • “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.” Leo Tolstoy

        Isaac, I’m afraid you’ve been had, mate. You’ve taken the whole worm, hook, line and sinker and swallowed it down really hard.

        Hope you can get it out. Nothing worse than a really deep and infected hook wound way down in one’s gut.

    • “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.” Leo Tolstoy

      Isaac, I’m afraid you’ve been had, mate. You’ve taken the whole worm, hook, line and sinker and swallowed it down really hard.

      Hope you can get it out. Nothing worse than a really deep and infected hook wound way down in one’s gut.

  23. Well said above by so many. As a NZ citizen I also know countless people who totally agree with the protesters, most of whom cannot attend. Many felt pressured to be jabbed when they didn’t want to. Stay strong people, the numbers are far greater than the government or media would have us believe. Dont buy into the stupid radio commentary or TV.
    Finally I say Jacinda is not to blame. Its the people who voted labour at the last election. You voted stupid and thats what you got, along with rest of us. Blame the people.
    Pay attention this time folks and wake up while your at it.

  24. I would be very surprised if they even get a response. This government is incapable of representing the people, the job they signed up for – they’re confused about who they work for.

  25. I have not been able to attend but support the principles of this protest, at last the greater population might start to think outside the propoganda of the bought and paid 4th estate.
    Sadly Ardern has no empathy to listen to the protestors, yet she claims to represent all New Zealanders , now we see her true colours!
    Ardern is only interested in power, for this to continue she must keep the population under her control using fear, coercion and keep the vaccine pumping regardless of the damaged it is doing with so many adverse events.
    The damage Ardern has caused to this country will be looked back on once the dust settles with outrage and she will be held to account.

  26. Thankyou everyone protesting. I remember the springbok tour protests when NZers protested on behalf of another country’s freedoms yet so many kiwis can’t seem to see their freedoms gradually being taken away. Medical freedoms. The Freedom to come home. Freedom to practice medicine as the hypocratic oath states. Freedom to run a small business. Freedom to go to the movies and eat out. Even freedom to drive the car we want on a road that isn’t divided up for bike lanes that no one uses. These are not favours the rulers reward us with they are rights. Even the air we breathe is being controlled by these tyrants.

  27. Come on jacinda, you are rude and arrogant… No dialog with protesters….?? Mandating, Passing legislation under the cover of covid, giving yourself unbridled power with no consultation with the public or the oposition party or anyone else ie: experts involving civil rights, the bill of rights, you
    destroying this country, taking our individual rights away, mandating an experimental vaccine… They are all red flags..!!! ????????????

    • Let those who signed the Pfizer agreement pay, then have as many of their injections as they please. Or they could ask their moneyed globalist transhuman cult followers to bail them out with hefty billion dollar booster shots of money. We shouldn’t have to, that’s for sure. This deal with the devil that is Pzifer, was done without New Zealand’s consent or knowledge. ​

      New Zealanders have now paid more than enough through their taxes (this government treats with the same respect as a personal game of Monopoly), loss of livelihoods and businesses, broken relationships, constant fear and stress, stranded families, total loss of faith in media, vaccine injuries and deaths, I could go on – we all know the state of play.

      Adern has a choice to make: either she serves New Zealand as its responsible-to-the-people democratic leader, or she continues serving the WEF/NWO transhuman technocrat alliance as their dictatorial follower. There is no workable long-term middle ground – the two scenarios are ideologically antithetical.

      Whatever Adern does in the next few months will prove her ultimate allegiance.

      • I think we know what she will do. Her handlers will dictate and she will obey, willingly destroying our beautiful NZ..Only hope for us to collectively say NO !

  28. What we have is a “corporate”government that hasn’t even got the decency to provide an opposition party. One that deems it unnecessary to even speak with the people outside parliament. They have militarised the police and weaponised the healthcare system AGAINST THE PEOPLE; surely it’s time to bring this fringe minority government to account. They govern by consent alone, and we no longer consent. They are finished. This doesn’t end when the mandates end, this ends when the investigation is complete and justice has been dispensed to those responsible for perpetrating this genocide. History is our teacher, remember Nuremberg – “Lest we forget”, or have we forgotten already?

  29. Thank you, thank you! A clear worded letter. Unfortunately, Adern is never going to front up for any discussion with these wonderful protesters, let alone anyone else. She, and her colleagues are above us all. They’re playing dangerous & immature games that will end with many lives & livelihoods lost. I’m disheartened & disgusted by their & the Police actions, especially by the latter on Thursday. I was brought to tears watching what our Policemen resorted to: inciting violence on the protesters. I made a formal complaint, which has been answered & is under investigation. This woman has no empathy toward anyone, including the grieving Mosque community, that I now think Adern was a part of these shootings. Her turn around from “We are one” to segregation & discrimination indicates this fact. I love the protesters & everyone who is supporting them with food, clothing, hay, water, toilets, showers, laundry washing etc. You are the New Zealanders I’ve stood beside for 67 years. Thank you. Bless you all! God defend New Zealand & Father we ask you to guide us & stand with us as we ask for our freedoms & rights to be restored. In Jesus name we pray – Amen!

  30. I sit here struggling to come to terms with everything that has happened in the last…Is it 2 or 3 years now . International terrorism is a term that I keep thinking about. A germ escapes intentionally or not, big business takes over politicians fall into line. spin and propaganda creates fear leading to an abbcents of logic,common sense and decency to or fellow man.

  31. This press release is spot on and to the point! The demands are reasonable and justified. End the mandates now!

    We need a complete change in the way government is run. How the government has been able to dictate, divide and not listen to people baffles me. We don’t want a government now or in the future that has this much power!

    Thanks to everyone in Wellington to is holding the line ❤️❤️❤️

  32. i doubt all those parties in parliament, have a clue and realize the numbers of New Zealanders amounting against them.
    The huge numbers in the convoys to Wellington, the masses lining the roads cheering on the convoys, those who never intended to take the jab, those who lost their jobs not accepting the jab, those who were bullied coerced blackmailed to keep their jobs, those who took two jabs and said no to a third, family and friends of vax injured who are angry, mama and papa bears protecting their children.
    And the list goes on.

    This is not just a few hundred thousand pissed off Kiwi’s, probably more like 2 -3 million law abiding honest hard working people from all walks of life who love our country who have been pushed one step too far.
    When family or friends who were on the fence turn around and tell you they are heading to Wellington to support the protest, you know the numbers are stacked against the tyranny imposed on the people and something must give.

    Here is a chant to start up at the parliament grounds.

    We’re gonna win, we’re gonna win, we’re gonna win our freedom.

  33. As a New Zealand citizen it is rather disappointing to know that the priminister Jacinda and Mallard have treated protesters of all ages with such disrespect. The primister could have welcomed the protesters in a manner that would have settled this sooner than later and secured her leadership for years to come. T Mallard should have kept his beak out of all this a let the police do their job without antagonising and inflaming the situation or causing the protesters to dig in and or gather more momentum because of his unnecessary or warranted childish behavior ???? shame on you both.

  34. I live in Wellington and work near by, I was heckled for wearing a mask. Students trying to get to school have been chased, shops are closed because they have been threatened. Rather than “deplorable and unlawful” conduct from the police, they showed amazing restraint and should have acted quicker before you all managed to get entrenched.

    Wellington has seen a lot of protests, this is the first one in the 20+ years that I have been here which hasn’t treated the city with respect, it’s disgusting what’s happening by a few.

    You’re a fringe minority and the vast majority of Kiwis are against you. You claim a large number and to represent the people, but pictures of this protest compared to previous protests (like the climate change strike) show a stark difference. For other protests parliament lawns are packed, for yours there’s a lot of clear space, despite the fact that you have tents everywhere.

    During your protest tens of thousands of Kiwis are getting their boosters.

    Go home, protect your community by getting vaccinated, and move on with your life.

    • Dear Johny,

      I agree with you it’s unpleasant when a few people ruin it for others whose hearts and efforts are in the right place. Such anti-social behaviour is unwarranted and unacceptable.

      By my count and from most people I’m talking to, the protestors are most certainly not a fringe minority, not anymore. The protestors represent how A LOT of New Zealanders are now feeling, whether you or I believe it or not.

      I am not a protestor by the way, except here in response to some of what you’re saying.

      The problem is the prime minister has not been listening or responding to the countless number of petitions, advice, emails, pleas, civilized marches and requests to lift the mandates, for far too long now.

      Instead, the prime minister persists on being controlling, dictatorial and highly untransparent, taking NZ down a road it will be very hard to recover from economically and socially unless she’s stopped soon. Unless you’re after a NZ version of Chinese style socialism, ruled over, constantly surveilled, punished/jailed by globalist technocrats intent on an overtly transhuman agenda.

      And that’s why those people are at parliament.

      Many of them are not going home because they may no longer have ‘proper’ homes to go. Due to Adern’s cruel mandates causing them to lose their jobs because they sensibly would not take an untrialled ‘vaccine’ which is clearly not working effectively, is causing many vaccine injuries and increasing numbers of ‘sudden unexpected deaths’ in different age groups.

      Wait until the dam wall that the government and MSM are so desperately holding back (that the latter have been paid to), begins breaking and the truth of these ‘vaccines’ starts rushing and gushing out.

      There are going to be a lot more very very angry and hurting people in NZ then, than those on the lawns of parliament now, I assure you.

      • They are definitely a fringe. You live in an echo chamber.

        I can understand (if not support) anti-mandate, but this group is anti-vax and anti-democracy. As I said, on a day when hundreds were protesting tens of thousands were getting booster shots (which for the most are not mandated).

        The latest polls show that the political parties who are against this anti-vax protest are supported by 96% of the population, of the parties who have come out and supported it only NZ First charts at 3%

  35. “At the same time, we’ve had a lot of anti-social, abusive behaviour and it’s very difficult to engage with that group.” – Luxon.

    Stated without any attempts to do so.

  36. Out of the starting gates Luxon is, unfortunately, already on the wrong foot. I had hopes for him as opposition leader, but he’s going to cost himself dearly for his approach, which is not what New Zealand needs now. I fear there he may be another tone deaf Scott Morrison in the making, and I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

    Anyhow, here’s some some MSM journalistic sense at last :


  37. Drop all mandates let the virus in and we’ll play Russian Roulette with the unvacinated and health compromised lives. We don’t care that the current govt has saved lives because all we want is to be able to eat out again and travel. I don’t care if I might get sick or make others sick or whether interfere with others livelihoods.

  38. Time to get to the negotiating table before it gets out of control. The whole country and much of the world are watching.
    Do it now before our friends and family get hurt.
    Lives, reputations and careers will be made and lost over this. The solution is simple, meaningful and honest negotiation.

  39. Clark gayford arrested for drug running offshore and the nanny??? Are these stories true and if so why have I seen nothing on main street media???


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