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Prime Minister and President Biden reaffirm close NZ US relationship

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and US President Joe Biden met today in Washington DC where their discussions ranged from regional and global security, to trade and climate change.

“New Zealand’s relationship with the United States is one of our most enduring and significant. Today we re-affirmed this very very close relationship and our commitment to work together on a number of challenges our region and the world are facing,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“The meeting with President Biden came at a critical moment. We recommitted to working together, and alongside others, in the pursuit of peace and stability, and in defence of the international rules-based order.

“Personally it was a great pleasure to meet the President face to face despite the challenges Covid has presented on this trip. The determination from both sides to meet despite Covid’s curveballs reflects the strength of our relationship.

“Supporting Pacific resilience was high on the agenda, including the need to work with Pacific countries on climate change, Covid-19 economic recovery, and promoting peace and stability in the region. We welcome increased engagement by the United States in the Pacific, and together we will continue to respond to the Pacific’s own priorities.

“We also discussed the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF). New Zealand is happy to join IPEF, but we do want it to be meaningful. We believe it can assist with the removal of non-tariff barriers and seed greater economic cooperation and integration.

“A key focus of the trip has been to reconnect New Zealand with the United States and to progress greater economic partnership for our businesses and exporters.

“While we recognises the domestic complexities in the US in terms of free trade agreements, I urged the President to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP).

“The CPTPP is the best way the United States can support the economic resilience of our region, so on that basis I encouraged the President to look at the CPTTP as more than a trade agreement.”

The leaders condemned Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, discussed the support that both countries have provided in response, and considered what further measures could be taken to bolster the diplomatic efforts.

“At a time when a UN Security Council member is violating the basic principles of international security, and the UN Charter, it is essential that New Zealand works with partners including the US to stand up to Russia’s aggression,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“New Zealand has made a significant contribution to the war effort. We will continue to support Ukraine in ways that best reflect our expertise.”

The Prime Minister also expressed her personal condolences to President Biden and to the American people for the tragedies in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York.

“While in New Zealand we know we have more work to do on the issue of gun crime, we can share what we have learned through the changes we made to ensure the weapons most often used for mass killings, military style semi-automatic weapons, were quickly taken out of circulation,” Jacinda Ardern said.

The leaders pledged to continue their work alongside other governments, civil society, and the technology sector through the Christchurch Call to counter terrorist and violent extremist content online.

“The US is a critically important partner in this work and we look forward to demonstrating progress at the upcoming Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit in September,” Jacinda Ardern said.

The leaders agreed to look for training and placement opportunities in both Aotearoa New Zealand and the US to support young practitioners in science and technology as part of our deepening digital technology partnership.

At the conclusion of the meeting the President and Prime Minister released a United States – Aotearoa New Zealand Joint Statement: A 21st century partnership for the Pacific, Indo-Pacific and the world. The Statement re-affirms and commits to advance the strategic partnership between the United States and Aotearoa New Zealand.

“With mounting challenges around the world; inflation and our Covid recovery, Ukraine, security in our region and climate change, this meeting has affirmed New Zealand and the US are of a like mind and there is significant scope for ongoing cooperation and collaboration that will benefit both countries and the world,” Jacinda Ardern said.

In a separate meeting with Vice President Harris, the Prime Minister and the Vice President welcomed the finalisation of negotiations of a Space Framework Agreement between the US and New Zealand.

“One of the most innovative developments in Aotearoa New Zealand has been the emergence of a world-leading space sector. In recent years, we have had the fourth highest number of launches, while New Zealand space companies and research institutes have made significant technology advances,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“We have the opportunity to further grow our cooperation with the US government as well as building other partnerships, such as with the Environmental Defence Fund in the MethaneSAT satellite mission for measuring methane emissions from space.

“We already have an exciting science, technology and education partnership with NASA. The Framework Agreement will pave the way to take this partnership to a new level,” Jacinda Ardern said.

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  1. JabSinDa is good at virtue signalling. Both Biden and JabSinDa know that their days are counted and other woke wolves are ready to replace them. Hope she secured an increase in credits for her franchising by the deep state. These credits can be monetised later on in life.

  2. The PM never met with Trump, or even congratulated him on winning in 2016…& yet this shows that Bison and Jabsinda are of the same dysfunctional mindset!
    And if the Pacific Region goes ‘hot’ in a war, the U.S. will NOT be coming to our aid as it did in World War Two.
    It will be too busy fighting off a four prong invasion on it’s own turf, & the Chinese Navy will blockade both New Zealand and Australia!
    In fact, since Jabsinda and crew have now pissed-off Russia and China indirectly, I would have no doubt that the Ballistic Subs from both of those nations are hovering around New Zealand waters!
    And now they want to offer ‘Permanent Residence’ and ‘Fast-Track to NZ Citizenship’ to the migratory helpers who show-up to harvest the crops. Why?
    So that their populations can escape the coming communist influences in their own Pacific Nations, whilst building-up the NZ population should the need arise for the increased population to take-up arms defending New Zealand.
    Watch this space…and my periscope!

    • `to take-up arms defending New Zealand` ? not after they tried to Jab me, let the vaccinated fight for their right to be needle raped.

  3. The sheeple cant have semi auto rifles but we can help out in a war that has nothing to do with us,seems like the government needs some gun control

  4. And he touched her, clutched his greasy hands on her, lucky for covid otherwise he might have got all handsy with her daughter, what’s her name? who cares.

  5. What a hypocrite and a shameless liar? To quote a part “At a time when a UN Security Council member is violating the basic principles of international security, and the UN Charter, it is essential that New Zealand works with partners”. So far it is all good. UN Charter calls for not involving in the internal affairs of another country right? Why Jacinda is not pointing out US has been interfering within Ukraine for over a decade, organised coup, US politicians went and addressed neonazis, supplied arms, trained etc. She should also know that NATO breached its promise not to expand Eastward. When Solomon Island signs a security and co-operation agreement, Jacinda claims that it affects the security in the Pacific region even though these islands are 2000km away. Wouldnt be Russia concerned with its security is threatened when US installed a puppet regime in Ukraine and set up biolabs that researched Russian DNAs to create an ethnically targetting bioweapon? She wants to support a regime which is the most corrupt in Europe, neonazis controlling the government and military, money laundering for US politicians and so on. What she means by “stand up to Russia’s aggression”? Does she wants to take the same stand she is taking with Yeman atrocities or the onling illegal occupation of a third of Syria by US and stealing oil and starving Syrians controlling the wheat production? Or Does she wants to take the same stand when Iraqi WMD fraud was excuted by her ex-employer and war criminal Tony Blair?

    Jacinda has killed our independent foreign policy after making the mistake in the Vietnam conflict. Without UN authorisation, we cannot take sides but we did under Jacinda.

    • Very well summarised.

      Most western politicians are sold out puppets and Jabcinda is not only a lapdog to the US but a criminal as well. A complete SELLOUT!

      Most NZDers don’t even know the situation in Ukraine but the double standards by western governments is hypocritical and nauseating.

      NZ has not been independent country for a long time and picking a fight against China is going to have the boomerang effect very soon. It’s unbelievable how much control US has on 5 eyes to the detriment of its people. Look what’s happening in Europe; inflation out of control, food and petrol prices through the roof and these idiots still keep dropping their pants for US.

      Some very tough times ahead.

  6. Nothing is built.

    Nothing is back.

    Nothing is better.

    I couldn’t care less about two fake puppets, both installed through questionable elections, meeting to pat themselves on the back over all the “managed decline” they’ve caused. Shut up and go away.

  7. Leaders are supoosed to have strong foresight and lead the public. Ukaraine conflict end must be predictable even to an ordinary person. Jimmy dore explains this well in this video


    Jacinda has no foresight at all and bet on a horse that is going to lose. The main stream media propaganda with unverified fake news including “Ukraine is winning” was sold to manufacture public consent as they did for jabbing. Jimmy Dore rightly calls it as “criminal”.


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