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Prime Minister to visit United States

Ardern US visit news

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is leading a trade mission to the United States this week as part of the Government’s reconnection strategy to support export growth and the return of tourists post COVID-19.

  • Prime Minister to lead trade mission to the United States this week to support export growth and the return of tourists post COVID-19
  • Business delegation to promote trade and tourism opportunities in New Zealand’s third largest export and visitor market
  • Deliver Harvard University commencement address

The Prime Minister departs this evening and will be accompanied by Minister for Trade and Export Growth Damien O’Connor and business leaders from technology and tourism firms as well as innovative food companies Silver Fern Farms, Fonterra and Zespri.

“New Zealand’s relationship with the United States is one of our most enduring and significant. This mission will feature political and security engagement as well as tourism and trade promotion,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“A big focus of the trip will be supporting business linkages and technology partnerships with US innovators that have the potential to accelerate New Zealand’s sustainable economic recovery.

“The United States is our third largest trading partner and is our largest market for services. US firms are planning multi-billion dollar investments in cloud computing capability in New Zealand which will unlock big growth opportunities for digital exports to the world and we want to see more of that.

“We’ve seen very positive growth in our exports to the United States, with an emphasis on high value products, such as digital services.

“The United States is a sophisticated market where New Zealand’s clean, green and sustainable brand attracts a premium, both for our food and beverage products, but also our technology and innovation services.

“The US was our third largest tourist market for arrivals pre COVID-19, and with travellers planning their visits months before coming in the New Zealand summer now is the right time to be visible in the US market letting American’s know we are open for business and travel.

“The United States relationship is fundamental to us in political and security terms too. In a world of increasing challenges, we need to work closely with friends who share our values, so this is an important trip to be making right now,” Jacinda Ardern said.

The Prime Minister will visit New York, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle.

In New York, the Prime Minister will call on the United Nations Secretary General. She will meet editors of leading tourism publications, meet with investors hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce and attend a launch event for sustainable meat exports.

In Washington the Prime Minister will meet senior members of the Senate.

In Boston the Prime Minister will be the commencement address at the 371st Harvard Commencement ceremony.

In San Francisco, the Prime Minister will meet the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

“California is world leader in green technology. This technology will be essential to New Zealand’s ability to meet our carbon emissions reduction targets. My meeting with Governor Newsom will be an opportunity to discuss ways in which we can work closely together on combating climate change.

The Prime Minister will also meet top technology executives from Twitter, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to discuss investment, skills development for New Zealanders in the tech industries, digital cooperation and to further Christchurch Call objectives.

The Prime Minister will depart New Zealand on the evening of Monday 23 May.

Two-way goods and service trade valued at NZ$18.5 billion to the year ended December 2021.

Trade growth has averaged 5 percent per annum over the past 15 years.
Tourists from the US comprised 10 percent of total arrivals pre COVID-19

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  1. The best Jacinda can do is to get another show biz with Stephen Colbert who has little viewership due to his woke journalism.


    US trade is always protected and never a free trade. Even “special relationship” UK cannot secure a free trade agreement.

    The press statement is full of lies. China leads in green technology and not US. Most solar panels are imported from China, and the US solar manufacturers are not able to compete. Lithium trade is largely in Chinese hand. The reality is that we wasted 60 billion dollars on the Covid scam and left with debt and not capital. We are going to fail in meeting the net-zero target. We are burning more and more coal, and at the same time selling electricity below cost for aluminum smelting, which gets exported while southerners cannot afford to properly heat their homes.

    Baby formula shortage is hurting Americans. Yet, we wont be able to freely export milk products to US. The Abbot Inc lobby is powerful in US and they never let free trade on this. We may get some one-off quota for publicity purposes.

    The big Tech is already woke and so Jacinda feels home somewhat. Twitter, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, cloud computing etc. are present in Australia just to serve locally and with some presence in NZ. Our market size is small and it is just a pipe dream to think that Big Tech will establish any global services operating from NZ. The quality of NZ graduates in computer hardware technology is below par. No tangible investment in this field for decades.

    Even Chinese products exported to NZ and Australia are not the high quality stuff. We are treated as another Asian country like Thailand, Malaysia in terms of affordability of Japanese/Korean/Chinese products. US/UK/EU block gets the high quality end products and not us. This is mainly because our retail industry always imports the cheapest possible and sells for the maximum profit. Building materials, electronics etc sold in NZ/AU are cheap products whereever they are imported from. US does not make much for us to import from them.

    This visit is simply a show biz for personal gains, and possibly strengthen her influence on NWO agenda.

  2. Is he going to bring back a Monkeypox batch?
    Wuhan is once again in the thick of preparing a test for it. A downloadable paper showing showing the pursuit since 2019. Technically fascinating and a real challenge–but why do it?
    No wonder Gates chuckles.

    EXC: The Infamous Wuhan Lab Recently Assembled Monkeypox Strains Using Methods Flagged For Creating ‘Contagious Pathogens

  3. “California is world leader in green technology. This technology will be essential to New Zealand’s ability to meet our carbon emissions reduction targets.”

    Is that the same amazing technology that’s left the state with soaring fuel costs, massive taxes, rolling blackouts and water shortages? We sure could use some of those here in NZ!

    Oh boy, sign me up!!

  4. NZ troops to help train Ukraine soldiers

    NZ has lost its Mana and it has just become a puppet under JabSinDa. Some facts:

    Ukarine is NOT a democracy (rated below Russia by Western experts).

    Eastern Ukranian russian speaking population was sytematically tortured killing 14,000 in the last 10 years (UN estimate).

    NATO violated UN charters arming and training Ukranian neo-nazis since 2011. There is NO authorisation from UN for nations to join this. We dumped the policy of acting only with UN approval.

    Both Australia and NZ are concerned with the security pact signed by Solomon Islands and claim that this will affect their own security interest. How come NZ can expect Russia will accept Ukraine joining NATO and wanting to acquire nuclear weapons, as well as bio-weapons. Would US allow foreign forces in Mexico for example? We all know the American’s Monroe doctrine. NZ foreign policy is highly hypocritical in this regard.

    Russia tried all avenues to stop the russians in the Easter part of Ukraine being treated inhumanly and killed. Why NZ is silent on this for a decade and the treason of Minsk Accord passed by the UN and guaranteed by Germany and France for ensuring peace in the Eastern Ukraine?

    Ukarine is an artificially created state under the old Soviet Union. Only a third of the land can be really called Ukraine and the rest were carved off from Poland, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, a very large chunk from Russia. What is happening now is the result of a failed experiment due to American plots and corruption. If Poland takes its old areas back, will NZ accept it? Of course.

    Main stream media and JabSinDa are lying to us about the Ukaranian conflict. We had a ChCh shooter who had close connection with the Ukranian neo-nazis. But we are now sending our troups to train some of the neo-nazis. Really sad state of affairs to which we are pushed to by this government and other major parties.

    • Some under-secretary would have told NZ to increase its support to the Ukaraine or else the trip will be made a flap; wont be able to meet anyone powerful in the Biden Admin etc. Jacinda will have no choice, and she has to save her face in front of NZ public. It is likely that she will be pressurised to take a more pronounced anti-China stand along with Australia. Albo is flying to Japan for AUKUS and QUAD meetings, and stand with Biden for a photo opportunity. Greens hold the trump card in the Australian parliament, and Albo has to green wash in these meetings as well as agree for a full anti-China stand. Americans are pulling the strings on the two puppets of ANZ. By visiting US at this inopportune time, Jacinda is going bring more problems to our economy.

  5. Sounds like the PM is meeting all the cool kids. Newsom, Amazon (dunno if that means Dr Evil will be there), Microsoft, Blackrock.

    Birds of a feather

      THEY ARE CERTAINLY ALLOWING THE GANGS TO HAVE SEMI-AUTOS! (Guess this is job security for another gang, known as the ‘Police’!)
      History has duly noted that when gun confiscations occur, people will then be burned by the governments that have done exactly that!
      ‘How we burned in the camps!” Aleksander Solzhenytsyn.
      *”Had every GRU and SMERSH agent known that there might be a gun or other weapon behind the door that they were knocking on, with the real possibility that the agents would not be returning home the following morning, then the Red Terror would have never occurred!”
      (*a quote from a former SMERSH agent as told to Aleksander Solzhenytsyn at GULAG Perm 32 ).

  6. Make it a one way trip.

    Newsom is another WEF puppet.

    Anyway what’s wrong with a zoom meeting – I mean climate change and all…..bl**dy hypocrites. Makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Jen Saki’s replacement is not faring well as Press Secretary. NZ import Jabsin is a possibility. One way trip indeed.

  7. Mark Zuckerberg, Meryl Streep and other lefty wokes dominate Harward which is a major source of moral corruption. No wonder JabSinDa is part of this scam and invited.

    George Bernard Shaw warned on Harward Uni role in corrupting youth as follows.

    Dear Sir, I have to thank you for your proposal to present me as a candidate for an honorary degree of D.L. of Harvard University at its tri-centenary celebration. But I cannot pretend that it would be fair for me to accept university degrees when every public reference of mine to our educational system, and especially to the influence of the universities on it, is fiercely hostile. If Harvard would celebrate its three hundredth anniversary by burning itself to the ground and sowing its site with salt, the ceremony would give me the greatest satisfaction as an example to all the other famous old corrupters of youth, including Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, the Sorbonne, etc.

  8. Prime ministers are head of states and when they behave subservient to media to curry favour for popularity and personal gains, they are prostituting democracy for the favour of technocracy. Stephen Colbert is just an entertainer and woke propagandist, and he is actually disrespectful to a PM of a country trying to be funny. John Key did the same and was salivating for publicity in the US media. They do not have any national pride to keep and stand tall. Their brains can only recognise the Go After Yankd (GAY) pride.

  9. Excerpts the NZ Ministry of Truth press release dated 6-6-(2+0+2+2)

    Queen of the hermit kingdom JabSinjeong visit to US is a highly successful trip. Delivered a historical talk at Hardward, met powerless UN secretary general to discuss world peace and Ukaraine, appeared on the Stephen Colbert late night show and Amerian public fell in love with the Queen. Met Washington DC powerful polticians and soldified Go After Yanks (GAY) relationships. Showed her extreme kindness to an old man who is senile and cognitive impaired, and every woke praised her for this gesture. Experts all agreed that the five million dollars for the trip is a great investment for the future of our hermit kingdom.


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