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Prime Minister’s statement on Kiri Allan

Kiri Allan news

Full text statement of Chris Hipkins released today.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins met with Kiri Allan this morning to discuss her recent leave and allegations made against her.

She will return to work on Monday and resume her full duties.

“Kiri has had a rough time lately, both personally and at work, and I’m pleased she is in a much better space after taking some time off and getting some professional support,” Chris Hipkins said.

“Mental wellbeing should never be a source of shame or embarrassment. I commend Kiri for speaking publicly about her recent struggles and I’ve been resolutely committed to supporting her through that.

“Mental health challenges can confront any of us. It’s important we create an environment where people can speak openly about that and get any help they need.

“Kiri is a talented Minister who makes a huge contribution to our government. It’s important we have a diversity of views, voices and experiences around the Cabinet table and Kiri’s recent experiences only adds to that.

“In our discussions, Kiri did acknowledge that in her passion for her work she sets high standards and high expectations of herself and her staff, but staff and officials must be treated with respect, and there is clear guidance for MPs around that. Kiri agrees with me on that.

“Coming to grips with being a Minister can be tough, especially in the first year. When you add the fact Kiri has battled and overcome cancer in that time plus some personal challenges it’s understandable that she was feeling under pressure.

“Regardless, I’ve made my expectations to Ministers around their conduct crystal clear and Kiri has agreed to focus on the way she interacts with those around her and make improvements where necessary. I expect all Ministers to do the same.

“When she returns to work Kiri will receive extra coaching to support her to create the positive working environment both of us are committed to,” Chris Hipkins said.

Kiri Allan thanked the Prime Minister, her colleagues, friends and members of the public who have offered her so much support in recent weeks.

“It’s been a really tough time for me lately and I’ve really appreciated all the aroha that’s come my way. It’s helped me to get through and I know I can come out of this a stronger and better person,” Allan said.

“I’m absolutely passionate about my work and the difference I can make for my community and for Aotearoa.

“I apologise to anyone who has found my behaviour towards them unacceptable. I will also offer that apology personally to anyone who wants to talk to me individually.

“I want to create a working environment where we set high expectations and work hard to achieve them. But I’ll be working extra hard to make sure those around me know and see how much I appreciate them and value the work they do.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to work and focussing on the important tasks we have ahead,” Allan said.

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  1. Another display of gutlessness , incompetence and obfuscation that is the norm for this coalition of cockups.

  2. How many young people have the opportunity to go from KFC to becoming a lawyer based on the mandated and legal preferential treatment of a certain group of people?
    How many are on waiting lists for cancer who never get offered proper treatment?
    The MP in question needs to be stood-down, since her personal life and narcissism is actively interfering with her appointed portfolios!
    I remember just two years ago the High School students who had excelled in their NCEA scores lowered after engaging in that task. Or, their University Entrances blocked due to the NCEA scores that the MoE / school staff deliberately lowered to bar entrance into tertiary education. Those affected were Asian and European…
    BUT- other ‘minorities’ were afforded entrance…and quite a few of them were left wing in political belief and actions, or had ties to the 30+ gangs that keep NZ afloat with their monetary activities that are enabled outside the law.
    Certain people can leave school at 16, and then register at Uni for Law School with no previous qualifications or Uni Entrance Qualifications. Other groups in the majority in the NZ population have to have high NCEA and UNi Entrance scores just to be considered for Uni, and even then, the system cheats them out of their education by either losing their score outcomes, or lowering the same to a different grading standard.
    & Chippie was the purveyor of the Education Portfolio, and prior to him, a female Maori held the portfolio.
    Is it any wonder that many in Uni are quitting the schools here and moving on to the UK, Canada, the US and Oz?
    No wonder the Unis here are bankrupt and laying off staff-why should a student who received high scores in all of their school work want to remain here while a much less qualified ethnic group gets handed scholarships, grants and low-interest student loans at a cost to them while the ‘certain ethnic group’ gets tuition and fee-free priorities in education????

    • Turns out seemingly EVERYONE in NZ government has family with their snouts stuck in the trough of government contracts, including Hippy.
      Chris Hipkin’s mum Rosemary Hipkins is the contracted NCEA curriculum writer who replaced real science with “matauranga maori” in English, science and math.
      The taniwha beats Einstein…WOW!
      So they not only rort the system that they propagate. No, this nepotism widens the influence of these woksters and does unfathomable damage to our people.
      The question is: Why do these ‘people’ want to dumb down the population?

    • I am privileged for early surgery, fully funded, through my ethnic background (1/256th pure blood).
      I’m eligible to undergo open-heart surgery nekt week.
      Not sure if they do the gastric bypass and the tummy tuck on the same day.
      Should I be worried about the expertise of the young operating surgeon, who is of ethnic background?

  3. Shame he didn’t show the same compassion or awareness for the general public’s mental well-being during the vaccine rollout and their implementation of mandates

  4. I know many others in the Beehive who’d need leave due to having mental issues.
    Permanent leave.
    Or declare the Beehive as what it is, a mental asylum, including a closed section for the criminally insane.

  5. “Mental health challenges” once disqualified one from taking public office. With this mob they are a requirement. Who else other than someone with a seriously flawed intellect could back climate alarm ism, vaccine madness and smile benignly while the basic human rights of speech and bodily autonomy are torn up?

  6. If/when we get rid of these woke asswipes the first term of any new government should be to wind back everything they have done, destroy it! and then legislate so it can never happen again and THEN move forward.


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